Reviews for Of Elder Scrolls and Huntsmen: Dragon Rose
infernalpermafrost chapter 6 . 6/28
... ok. when exactly are you going to write the team JNPR version? I'm dying to read it, this is already my third read through of this
Lordgoth chapter 94 . 6/20
You made too many evil people and creatures in Skyrim misunderstand and good.
Amir2000 chapter 94 . 6/19
This. Was. Awesome!
You are an amazing writer, and as soon as I'll figure out how, im definitely going to donate you some well earned cash
doesthiscountasausername chapter 94 . 6/18
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Itharax chapter 94 . 6/18
Caught up and loved these chapters! Once again, fantastic job. The way you wrote the three dragons made me think you’ve either been playing/watching a lot of Elden Ring or other SoulsBorne games, you took inspiration from them, or I’m crazy and am completely wrong. Point is, I could see a lot of possible references/inspiration with how the wolf/canine bosses fight like Sif and the Red Wolf of Radagon. Especially with the blade fighting going on and the movement described. Even if that’s not the case: still HIGHLY enjoyable to read. Bravo.

Have a great day!
Guest chapter 94 . 6/18
So who wants to bet this is a secret society forged from the encounters with team JNPR. Because their is no way that no one didn't figure out the signs of when world ending disaster strikes. Now from what I can tell they are benevolent. Now I really want to see a JNPR prequel to see this ground come into formation.
Dasgun chapter 94 . 6/18
Dragonborn2704 chapter 94 . 6/18
oh, hell yeah.
the greatness that is this story returns once again.

Weiss: i take my eyes of you guys for 5 minutes and you end up in another life threatening situation.

Kinda fun to imagine if/when RWBY return to Remnant and deal with Salems's bullshit they are just simply not impressed, because she really does not hold up in comparison to what/who they have had to fight during their time on Tamriel
Dragon Man 180 chapter 94 . 6/18
I wish I could use Soul Blade in the game, sounds pure awesome! Very nice dragon battles, even if the one killed will be revived since Ruby wasn't there to grab his soul. Still, they caught a malicious dragon and I can't wait to see how his trail goes! And then on the Blackreach!
Guest chapter 94 . 6/18
I wonder if they'll ever be able to make or get something that will help them stop being vulnerable to soul based attacks. Side note, it'd be cool to see necromancer ruby
Guest chapter 94 . 6/17
Have you played final fantasy 14? It'd probably be right up your alley
Aren serathy chapter 94 . 6/17
Would’ve been interesting if a redguard was present to witness this battle. To see a dragon using a Shehai like an Ansei of old? Wars have been started over less!
raw666 chapter 94 . 6/17
Well, well. Is that more original content or from amod in the end? Regardless, great job in the future. Great job, and keep up the excellent work.
Also, did they resolve the magi quest?
fatgunn chapter 94 . 6/17
Amazing! I am always so excited when I get a notification for this story!
bayhon282004 chapter 94 . 6/17
Welcome back! Hope life is treating you better.

Wow this is a lot to take in. Looks like Ruby is starting to dabble on the Necromancy potential of the Thu'um and someone has taken notice. Who is "Malnie?" Why is she dropping names of people in Tamriel's ancient history like she knows them on nickname basis? Mannimarco and the Underking dropping by soon?

Also great move on introducing a dragon that wields a massive soul sword in this story. You play any of the FromSoftWare games to get this inspiration?

Awesome return to form Boss! Can't wait to see what happens next! :D
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