Reviews for Alternative Enderverse (Shadow of the Hegemon)
Guest chapter 1 . 2/5/2018
First I think you need to re-read the entire ender and shadow series and realize their time lines. I think you could get away with one crossover with a lot of work with many of the series you mention but all at once likely turns into a train wreck. The kidnappings and whole conflict and rise of peter as Hegmon was the birth of the starways congress IE a one world government. There are hints in the enderverse and late shadow series about possible subterfuge by the buggers and a yet unknown entity behind the virus. SHIELD or JL would have to be either underground or the result of the genetic manipulation experiments that produced Bean, but with the amount of Orwellian distopia I could see the prospect for underground vignlantie resistance groups, To integrate stargate command though might be pushing it from the tech bases being enteriy different with realtvistic travel vs FTL methods vs scope of the area involved in each universe 100 LY vs millions of LY in scale. UNIT might work as is.