Reviews for Step into Darkness
AussieSweet chapter 19 . 7m
I wonder if Harry will make friends with the Slytherins. If he does, it, probably, would be easier for him to communicate with Hermione. Also, they seem to be very loyal to Draco, so they could be good allies to Harry.
AussieSweet chapter 18 . 18m
Three years in exile... That's sad. Poor Harry! Does that mean he will be all alone for three years as well?
AussieSweet chapter 17 . 30m
What about their exams? Where will they do them, if at all?
AussieSweet chapter 15 . 19h
Catch a knight bus again? The question is, where can Harry go?
AussieSweet chapter 13 . 20h
I wonder who, aside from Molly and Sirius would corroborate Dumbledore's lies?
AussieSweet chapter 12 . 20h
Harry, actually, made a pretty fair point about Sirius's and Hermione's heritage. Both Molly and Sirius shouldn't make assumptions. As the saying goes - don't tickle a sleeping dragon :)
AussieSweet chapter 11 . 20h
At least Harry remembered that Hermione was always his friend and was always there for him. I hope he will write to her, to assure her about his feelings.
AussieSweet chapter 9 . 21h
I thought they agreed to tell the ministry the truth. Why didn't they?
AussieSweet chapter 8 . 21h
Wait! Shouldn't the trace only be able to find an under age wizards or witches of they used their magic outside of school?
Savanna95 chapter 6 . 22h
Sweet Draco is lovely
Savanna95 chapter 5 . 22h
Savanna95 chapter 4 . 22h
So bloody excited to see Voldemort’s reaction to Hermione/Hope
Savanna95 chapter 3 . 22h
Really enjoying this
Savanna95 chapter 2 . 22h
I love me some protective Severus Snape, and an amiable Lucius Malfoy!
Savanna95 chapter 1 . 22h
I’m meant to be studying and told myself I’ll just read the first chapter... I’m already hooked.
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