Reviews for The Feeling of Flying
Cheeky Slytherin Lass chapter 1 . 5/11
Why the actual hell does this work? It's crack. I know it's crack. But I'll damned! You made it seem so plausible. Honestly, that's my favorite type of crack fic. The ones that are written in a serious manner give me life.

I'm amazed at how you gave them personalities. I could imagine the Basilisk as this dreamer type, curious and with stars in her eyes. Then Fawkes would obviously be this brave and bold adventurer type. So I loved that you made this such a huge opposites attract thing all around.

The exchange between these two was done well. It was written so beautifully and nearly had a poetic feel to it. That last line especially. You made me forget this was crack because I couldn't stop smiling over how sweet that line was.

This was overall such a nicely written drabble. I was intrigued and excited when I saw the pairing, and you didn't disappoint! Beautiful job. And now I want more of this ship.
SecretFruits chapter 1 . 3/25
Oh my gosh this is ridiculous. In the best possible way. Basilisk/Fawkes is definitely not one pairing I would have imagined.

I like how you described flying. You captured the magic and wonder I would imagine really well. And I like how it makes Fawkes feel confident – unique and also makes total sense! I also like how you made the Basilisk female. I guess you had to for a heterosexual relationship to work, which is I guess what you were going for, but it’s still a neat touch.

And finally, that last line. Aww! Never would have imagined aw’ing over Fawkes and the Basilisk, but you know…
The Crownless Queen chapter 1 . 3/22
Aah, I definitely need to write this crack pairing one day, I really do love it way more than I should *laughs*
Fawkes is honestly such a smooth bird it's hilarious, and that romance thing with the Basilisk shouldn't work, but it does. You write this with the perfect mix of humor and seriousness, and it's definitely the kind of crack fic I can get behind, because this was very good. Honestly.
This story flowed so well too. Your dialogue was smooth (and not just because of this ridiculous flirting, I still can't believe I read this with my own two eyes) and your prose was as well, and honestly now I just want more of this pairing.
Nice drabble!
Someone aka Me chapter 1 . 3/16
I'm cackling. What a fascinating ship.

And yet you've somehow given this crack ship a substance that I wouldn't have expected. I like the topic of the conversation — they're so different, but they're trying to understand each other, and I love that.

Poor basilisk doesn't even get a name :(

I would've loved context here but I understand that it's a crack ship so I didn't really expect much context.

I enjoyed reading it. More than I expected to. You took a weird prompt and you made it fascinating.
MissingMommy chapter 1 . 3/15
Okay, so my immediate reaction was wtf. Then I realized I couldn't throw a stone because I've written Sorting Hat/Fang and Hedwig/Fawkes (which I got no explanation for ya). And then, immediately following those two thoughts, I remembered this wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

But somehow you wrote it like it could be taken seriously, which is some serious skill there. This was an interesting thought though. What is it like to fly? I like how Fawkes goes through answers that doesn't satisfy the Basilisk until ending with "It's like being with you."

I know, not supposed to take this seriously, but how are they communicating?

This was definitely good for a easy read. I enjoyed it. Great job.
jennybenny2845 chapter 1 . 3/9
Woah! This is definitely a crack ‘ship! All the points for creativity go to you, as I’m sure not a lot of writers would ever attempt to think of this! What was your inspiration behind it?

The scene at the end with Fawkes “kissing” the Basilisk’s head made me smile! Super sweet!

I’m left with so many questions: How do they communicate? When did they become friends? I thought the Basilisk was bad. How did Fawkes feel when the Basilisk died?

Overall, I’m impressed that you pulled this off. Nice job!
DobbyRocksSocks chapter 1 . 3/5
I saw the pairing and nearly died. I have no words for FawkesBasilisk as a thing. I'm a bit confused as to how they're communicating, but that aside, this is actually kinda cute. Oddly enough, I'm kinda intrigued by a more built upon version of this story, perhaps with a bit more context.
Also, can we just talk about Fawkes pecking the basilisk on the head with his beak. I am amused.
As far as crack ships go, I think you can probably consider this a success, and I'm duly impressed that you managed to make it fluffy. Well done :)
Emiliya Wolfe chapter 1 . 2/12
I clicked on this because I was immensely curious about a Basilisk/Fawkes, and I think I heard some people talking about it in one of the Hogwarts common rooms.
I love the idea so much, and I wish that there was more!
I feel like context would have made this much more enjoyable, if you had said when they met (since Harry kills the basilisk as Fawkes arrives), whether they knew one another and Fawkes said nothing until the basilisk threatened the lives of the students, or whether they were old friends before Dumbledore found Fawkes (since he's probably a lot older than the wizard).
I love that the Basilisk is female. It suits her, and I like that it has a correlation with Nagini, though I wish that she had a name.
For a crackfic, it's surprisingly sweet, so thank you for this experience (and maybe write a longer version? :D)
Lamia of the Dark chapter 1 . 2/9
How do they understand what each other are saying, though? Can Fawkes speak Parseltongue, or does the basilisk magically understand phoenix language somehow?

Poor basilisk can't fly, and is way too big and heavy to be carried by Fawkes even if he wanted to try it. Giant snake is a giant snake.

[what would have been a kiss if he had lips] - So... he bonked her on the head with his beak? XD

This is not something I thought I would ever say about something with this pairing, but this was a really fluffy and adorable little story. You have it marked as humor, I'm assuming because of the crack pairing, but it doesn't really read as humorous, just cute and fluffy romance between two magical creatures.

I didn't spot any typos or grammar issues.
Qoheleth chapter 1 . 2/8
Dear Maisie:

It's a valiant effort, but this just doesn't sound like Fawkes. That is, it doesn't sound like an ancient, mystical creature of song and flame; it sounds like Rainbow Dash from the My Little Pony cartoons, only with a mushy side. (And, while we know that Rainbow gets along with phoenixes, I doubt she'd be any good at *being* one.)

accidentallybroken chapter 1 . 2/8
This is almost sweet.