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Dark Angel Of Sorrow Returns chapter 95 . 9/6
Awww, this was cute! I am so sorry for how late this is, and I've no one to blame but myself. Nonetheless, I can say that this was adorable. A fic where we see two people coming together with the teasing and kissing and whatnot just makes me smile. My heart is warmed at the last moment because I'm a sucker for mistletoe scenes. Overall, I enjoyed this and I have a smile on my face because of this story.
we'restarsandwe'rebeautiful chapter 85 . 8/4
i loved this!
Screaming Faeries chapter 94 . 7/20
This was a great win for me. I love meetcutes. So many of my own plots and stories I've read are set within Barty/Reg's relationship, so this was really refreshing to me. I kind of liked the beginning scene with Regulus's previous drunken girlfriend, it was a really good premise for Barty/Reg. I wish there had been more of them together! Good job.
prairie jumps chapter 93 . 7/17
lovely fic! i love jily and you wrote them perfectly.
galaxies in her eyes chapter 93 . 7/18
love, you write so well i'm jealous. this was the cutest thing ever. eVER, i tell you!
delia cerrano chapter 83 . 7/1
delia cerrano chapter 80 . 6/29
Okay I'm confused! Why was she relieved? Because at least James loves Sirius and is loved by him so she loves James so much she's happy for him? I didn't think fate could make mistakes so why was her red string to James but his was to Sirius? Sorry being too serious and picky besides.
delia cerrano chapter 78 . 6/26
And? Another sentence or so wouldn't have hurt.
The Crownless Queen chapter 77 . 6/26
Omg I love it! So sweet - and I love how you sort-of reversed the Chat Noir/Ladybug love square dynamic. Lily being mischievous and flirting as Ladybug was great, and it makes so much sense she'd be the one to fall for the heroic partner persona.
Nice work and thank you so much for this!
belle parole chapter 42 . 6/12
oh nice taylor swift ref what
Hi What The Fuck
i'm torn between laughing because this is ridiculous or being concerned that you wrote this at all or being amazed because you took this ridiculous concept and actually made it work somehow?
lend me your secrets, please, audrey. you are a queen
oh my.
belle parole chapter 44 . 6/12
ahahaahahahhahhahahahhah i remember this
so yes i totally read this like a rap and i want lin manuel miranda and the Crew to make a musical of grindledore
i love the buttercup imagery 3 i love buttercups a lot and it's a small part but big enough to be the title and idk idk
also can dumbles and grindels pull their heads out of their Gay Asses and kiss?
belle parole chapter 55 . 6/12
ahhhh hinny is what is pure with this world and i am here for this ron and harry as best friends and ron setting them up. so here for that. i was a little confused because it's a little sudden that it's an au but. i got past it
oof a little spag thing - at the start you said that he's giving advice to the wrong person - should be asking from, i think aha
belle parole chapter 63 . 6/12
OOF i love this scenario, so a win off the bat
also draco and harry, another win
also. audrey. another fic i need a follow up on because i want this to be a 2k fic of them getting together because i fucking giggled at this and how cute draco is and maybe it's because i just reread simon vs but i just. want all the fluff. please write more drarry. or direct me to where you've written more. thanks
belle parole chapter 10 . 6/12
i am SO HERE for this au. like. you don't even know how HERE i am? i love dean and seamus and the pure fluff of this? also it's def an angst-bait because it's like 'oh everything is wrong' but then everything is fixed, so /shrug
delia cerrano chapter 73 . 6/12
Huh is right. Is he sure he wants to get involved, even a little, with a veela?
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