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t20n00 chapter 5 . 2/25/2018
This opening show's chapter was absolutely beautiful in every way! Every contestant that has been introduced so far are looking really interesting in my opinion! From shy to tall, deaf to mute, and weird to sane, this team will surely stir up some drama! John seems really cool to be an outcast and he's already possibly hooking it up with Nina! In this competition with many tough competitors, Kevin seems to be one of the kinder and softer contestants as expected. Arnold just seems to talk a lot and introduce himself to so many people which could lead to something down the road in my opinion. Rhys seems to be the very analytical kind of person which is kinda normal for a gambler. I really hope Nina can last for a while along with Freddy the Falcon because they can have so many successful story lines with some others. I'm finally learning more about Kelly as she's kinda talking down on herself which seems depressing. Oh my goodness, Viola is already unleashing her sass on Chris, but she does have a softer side though. Nicholas seems different than he was in his audition tape; he is rather intimidated by the taller people and isn't talking too much. Jenna also seems normal and also rather quiet like Nicholas as well so I can't say too much about her except feeling sympathy for her neck scar. Janna on the other hand, I feel really bad for her because she can't talk and can only express using sign language or actions. Wow, Theresa really made Chef express his soft side and I can see her being in so many different story lines already. Alex is also seemingly normal, but I could see something happening between him and Arnold. I feel really bad for Neil, he's already scared by Chris and even Theresa's shirt! Lastly, Ellie is definitely living up to her bubbly personality, but it's only the beginning though.
WarriorAuthor1127 chapter 5 . 2/25/2018
Even though neither of my characters were introduced, I gotta say, I loved this chapter :D it gave a great insight of what we're in for this season, and all in all, it sounds AWESOME :D

Take your time on chapters, no need to rush, I don't mind the wait :)

Anyway this seems really good so far so keep up the amazing work and I can't wait till next chapter :D
ShadowJcreed chapter 5 . 2/25/2018
I don’t know, but that last A.N. sounded a little sad so I’ll just say this don’t feel pressured to make updates really quickly or you’ll go crazy. I know my own story has been driving me a little crazy. What with me being in school and balancing a job. So your readers will be patient we wouldn’t have applied if we knew you couldn’t do this. I’m going to take time for the next chapter of my story because believe me when I say this site or app can affect people in a good and bad way. So write when you have time and don’t forget this is all about having fun with your creativity. Lastly I can’t wait for Justin to be put on a team I’ll read the next chapter when your ready and good luck.
TheGamingMonkey2002 chapter 5 . 2/25/2018
The Grand Griffins, that's a pretty dope name if I do say so myself! Take all the time you need with updates, I'll be patient and I'm sure everybody else will too. Keep up the good work!
AZW330 chapter 5 . 2/25/2018
Great chapter! I love how you portrayed John, and everyone really. You're a really great writer and I can't wait to see this really get going. This is gonna be a great story!
t20n00 chapter 4 . 2/25/2018
Alright, here's the last review before I'm all caught up! The European Hrvoje is surely an interesting character considering that his tough personality, weird name, and love for the Balkans all blend in easily. I don't see yet how Atlas is a hipster or sharp-witted since he's rather a huge prankster and even inventor, but I'll see. Let's hope James doesn't annoy everyone with his jokes because honestly, he seems like a comic relief character. Luke does have a lot of potential to be the main antagonist, but also become an easy threat. Poor Neil, I hope he conquers his fears like Cameron did, but he's gonna get hurt and used for sure. Alex is possibly another Zoey; he's very kind and is gullible, but deep down, he has that optimistic mindset and even secret alternate personality. Moises is so awesome with his skills, I really hope that he lasts long. Onto the girls, Kelsey is like Justin, quiet and mysterious personality, but with a different game approach. I feel really sorry for Theresa; let's hope that she can somehow get a happy ending despite being a villain. Jewel is rather mysterious is a good way this time since she's random and kind of adorable! Benjamina will definitely make some enemies with her old-schooled mature personality in a group of young adults. I hope Ellie can leave an impact as a very short girl and maybe be a rising hero that hooks up with Nicholas. Saralin might be the most physically tough competitor in this game; no one can take a taser shot like she can! Like Theresa, I really hope Jenna can get a happy ending even as a smart villain. Lastly, Phoebe being an intern is surely gonna cause some major story lines between her and Chris and to a degree, Chef. Now that I'm all done with the reviews, I can't wait to see your next chapter! All of them are my favorites even though my reviews may say otherwise.
t20n00 chapter 3 . 2/25/2018
Wow, the first half of this cast is already guaranteed to bring in a great ton of diverse personalities and drama! John seems way too cool to be an outcast, but then again, this is only his audition tape. For Kevin, I really hope he does achieve his goal of finding a girl friend in this tough competition with dangerous surroundings and cut throat competitors. Arnold seems like that guy many other guys will grow to hate because of his personality, but yet will attract many females. Rhys may be considered an under rated threat due to having tricks that will get him far. Nicholas is surely gonna be a short male Eva, but I don't think anybody would take his anger seriously except for some people. Justin is a rather mysterious character, but I think he could be like Gwen on the heroic side. Hudson is another definite under rated threat that could make some cool interactions with either Rhys or John. Moving on to the females, let's hope Nina's falcon can do some cool running gags or even cause some eliminations! Kelly seems like a snarky person due to her brothers, but like Justin and John, it's only rather mysterious. Savannah could arguably become the new Izzy, but either way, this Darkrose Island seems perfect for her! Viola's sass could probably cause some potential drama, but then again, it is rather hidden for her along with how being a waitress could serve any benefit on Darkrose Island. Janna being silent and her backstory on that could trail her to being an anti-hero rather than another mean villain. Piper seems rather confusing, but based on her mysterious personality, she could be very awesome in relationship story lines due to her romantic label. Lastly, Sara's whole acting gimmick won't really make her another Heather, but will surely make her a good villain
t20n00 chapter 2 . 2/25/2018
Well, looks like Duncan or the other cast members aren't coming back! It's also kind of surprising that very kind people like Geoff or Owen also refused to come back. That just shows how crazy and sadistic Chris really is when he managed to get two very nice people to decline on coming back. Ignoring the cast list since it's already finished two chapters later, let's hope our Total Drama canon characters return somehow in a cameo appearance and help out the fresh new contestants.
t20n00 chapter 1 . 2/25/2018
Hey Apenad, I apologize for not reviewing any of these chapters! I forgot about them and simply only Favorited and Followed your story, so my apologies! Anyways, since this is the shortest chapter so far, what I can say is that Darkrose Island will hopefully be more dangerous than Pahkitew Island and Toxic Wawanakwa combined. I'm glad Chris and Chef decided to make the return to a large cast rather than another short season. Speaking of the two guys, let's hope karma will finally catch up to them especially Chris. If Chef gets away like in ROTI, then I'm definitely okay with it.
0 Green-Eyed Goon 0 chapter 4 . 2/16/2018
Cool, it's rare when you get to read a story with an OC intern(or maybe that's just me?), so odds are Phoebe will most likely have her hands full this season. XD
Oh, and Benji's audition tape came out better than I thought, awesome job, dude! I was hoping that part about Gran-Gran crushing on Chef would sound funny, maybe that could b ea running gag or something? It's just funny to imagine Chef blushing.
Again, a lot of these guys sound pretty wicked, like Hrvoje(how do you even pronounce that?), Atlas(I see a lot of head butting there), Neil(Scaredy cat, but a cute one) Theresa(Little confusing), Ellie(She sounds adorable!) and Saralin, now there's a REAL toughie! Anyways, terrific all around, I can't wait to see all these guys in action now, so the first episode will be sure to rock. :)
ShadowJcreed chapter 4 . 2/15/2018
I have to say I’m glad my character was accepted even though I agree I could have made a longer audition. I also have to say that I can’t wait for the first challenge. This looks like typical Total Drama cast a group of diverse and occasionally crazy people.
SongBirds-Lullaby chapter 4 . 2/14/2018
So we've finally got the cast altogether, that's good. Everyone looks quite interesting and it's nice that there seems to be a good amount of diversity so it should be a fun ride.

I'm looking forward to the first proper chapter where the cast gets to meet one another and we finally get to see more of Darkrose Island and what exactly our characters will be dealing with.

Anyway, happy writing Apenad.
Bloodylilcorpse chapter 4 . 2/13/2018
Great Cast! Everyone seems pretty cool, I can't wait for the first official chapter to start! I usually wait a little bit until I see some character interaction before I can decide upon favorites, but I do see a few that catch my eye! ;)
Marianor602 chapter 4 . 2/13/2018
Can’t wait for this story the cast looks awesome
TheGamingMonkey2002 chapter 4 . 2/13/2018
Okay, this whole thing is going to amazing and I know it! All the characters are so diverse and interesting! Also good luck on your job Phoebe you'll need it. I can't choose who I like anymore, they all so great! Probably wilk wait until further in
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