Reviews for Unholy Terror
Ninja Violinist chapter 7 . 6/3
Interesting how one little thing could change so much! Although now I’m wondering what else could have changed afterwards. Anyways, great read and excellent writing
XYZArtemis chapter 7 . 5/23
Wow, loved the premise behind this!
Snovolovac chapter 7 . 3/14
Amazing as always, I loved it
29Pieces chapter 7 . 3/3
It's a happier ending than I could have imagined, reading the rest of these chapters! :D Gah, actually brought tears to my eyes, how hopeless everything seemed to be, but it's never so hopeless that it's over before they get another chance! :)

Terrifying, wonderful, agonizing, and comforting fic here. I love the angst and the feeling put into everything! And for the opportunity to hate on Malachi even more than I already loathed that bugger. The things he did to Cas... omg, shudder. I'm so glad Cas got to be the one to put an end to him, and that he was a lot more merciful and quick about it than I'm sure a lot of us think Malachi deserved.

Another awesome story, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
LadyWallace chapter 7 . 3/3
Wow, I wasn't expecting that pop of suspense at the end here, but I really like how you tied it back in canon (except in a better way in my opinion) I like the idea of Cas stealing Malachi's grace to save Sam and Dean, and that move also gave him a little of his confidence back too probably. But I'm sure he's still going to need a lot of healing, because it's true, you don't just get over torture like that. Both Sam and Dean know that well enough and I'm sure they'll be there for Cas when the nightmares come to visit.
Anyway, another angsty, yet awesome story ;) I look forward to your next ones!
SPN Mum chapter 7 . 3/3
I am so happy that Cas tricked Malachi and managed to steal his grace, then killed him! That jerk totally deserved it. Dean didn't know that Gadreel left Sam still needing to be healed more, but I can understand why Sam didn't want him to know. Sam doesn't want Cas to heal him, because he doesn't feel he needs it. I'm glad Dean understands he has a lot to make up for with both Sam and Cas, and I hope he won't take any shortcuts. They will need time to forgive Dean, and they won't ever forget what he did, but they can learn to trust him again. I especially liked the thought that Cas had at the end. :)
CharmedbyCastiel chapter 7 . 3/2
No. I’m not ready for this to be over yet I want to *see* Dean do what he promises. You *must* check in on this version of events, I need closure,

Great writing, as always though, even though you break my heart
Telentropy X chapter 7 . 3/2
Oh Cas! How horrible! Malachi died way too easily for what he did. I'm glad Dean woke up and faced up to what he did. And I'm glad that Sam and Cas are willing to forgive and give him a chance to try and fix the damage he caused.
hengrimm chapter 7 . 3/2
Okay, yeah, I *loved* this thing! I have to admit I was a bit worried that Castiel wouldn't become an angel again in the last chapter because there seemed an awfully lot to get resolved by the end, but, really, I shouldn't have been concerned: you pulled it off perfectly. So, yeah, with restored grace, this has become one of my favorite stories in your collection, believe it or not.

Characterization and angst were excellent as usual and while, yes, it wasn't exactly a happy ending, it worked with this story and the season it takes place in; most importantly, though, it offered some hope and, really, I think that's all anybody wants. I loved Dean manning up, finally owning his mistakes, and doing what he can do to make up for them - because, of course, there's no undoing them. I loved how he listened so closely to the doctor's instructions, already running through how to implement them at the bunker. I loved how he took control of Cas's pain meds, unwilling to be the failure that his alternate self was regarding Cas's well-being that led to that Cas being hooked on drugs. I felt bad for Dean for how hard the silence was on him, but I loved him for making an effort. Either I missed something or Sam is still really pissed off at his brother based on Sam's reaction to the whole soup discussion, but I imagine Sam is also feeling hurt and betrayed and that'll take time and effort - for all of them - to work through. I loved Dean in big brother protective mode, extending that especially to Castiel, willing and *wanting* to take Cas's place so Malachi will let Cas and Sam go. And, naturally, that was the thing - his need to protect the Winchesters - that lent Castiel the strength, the adrenalin he needed to overcome Malachi. But now he has the burden of becoming a barbarian like the other angels; he doesn't really have a choice, though, if he wants to help his angelic brethren *and* the Winchesters. What Malachi did to Cas the first time he had him before Bartholomew's people stepped in is *horrifying* - even worse for Castiel is that the Winchesters heard and he just can't handle it right now, their sympathy, their concern, the trust is so broken between them. I loved Dean not only reassuring Castiel that he did NOT deserve what Malachi did to him but also how he wanted to talk to Cas about it now, not letting it fester, not allowing Cas to continue thinking that. I loved Sam for zeroing in on Castiel's statement of being "useful" and how he reassured Cas they wanted him and he *didn't* have to be useful, he just had to be there. I loved how all 3 of them want to be 'family' again and how they all see it's going to take work but they're also all willing to do what it takes.

I really enjoyed this story, but I have a couple final things I wanted to bring up:

First, you probably don't want to hear this, but I really hope your muse takes an interest in pursuing this SPN AU. I would love to see this AU continued in another story, further developing this alternate to canon. With Dean 'nutting up' and wanting to repair his relationship with his brothers, I can't imagine him chumming up with Crowley let alone leaving Sam and Cas to take on the Mark of Cain so that changes the rest of the season and also the next. It would also mean that Sam wouldn't ignore a dying-by-stolen-grace Castiel and the boys would actually be there to help him in his time of crisis - I know, right? Imagine that!

Lastly, I had to chuckle (I guess that's the way to say it) at the interchange between Castiel and Dean about the Impala only because I have a similar conversation in my story!

Thanks so much for posting this wonderful story and sharing it for all of us to enjoy!
Pony chapter 7 . 3/2
Sudden but satisfying ending. TFW is at its best when all the members are in accord. Hopefully, they'll move forward from here.

Thanks for the H/C.

~ Pony
29Pieces chapter 6 . 3/2
How are you gonna fix all this in only one more chapter!? *sobs* But thank god Dean is on board with helping out, and not just by finding a quick fix. These guys have gotten so used to just making a deal and the current problem goes away (usually by creating another one!) that it does seem they've almost taken things for granted. Like.. you just can't always do that.

But they're willing to fight for Cas in the long haul, so yay! That's what I love to see! :D Geez, poor Cas will need more than some physical therapy though, he's so psychologically run down by this point :( When he was thinking about how he'd live on the street with his new handicap, I just wanted to cry.

I'm still not sure how this is going to end up resolved, but if there's any story I trust to manage it, it's one of yours!
kitsune911 chapter 6 . 2/27
Only one? This story went by too fast...
hengrimm chapter 6 . 2/26
This chapter, in particular but not only Castiel's POV, hurt my heart. I had to let a few hours go by after I finished reading it before I could write this, to give my heart a breather, to step back so I could process everything. So, obviously well done on the emotional, atmospheric, and characterization aspects of this chapter. Also for all the little details that held me firmly grounded in that hospital and especially in that near-oppressive hospital room.

Castiel's thoughts, his turmoil in trying to deal with all of these human emotions, were heartbreaking. For him to think "he was a prisoner all over again, just with a different kind of jailor" and "... he didn't have a voice. He had been stripped of everything..." and most horribly of all "And that would be the last straw to finally break him, to know that it wasn't just a misunderstanding that had the Winchesters hating him, but that he'd well and truly earned it" is shattering. That he believes those things - that he *could* - is overwhelming, especially that he feels guilty for getting hurt and feels his care is so burdensome that it justifies the Winchesters *hating* him, that he would actually deserve it. That's on *both* Sam and Dean, that they could've allowed Cas to ever even entertain these thoughts; they screwed up badly along the way, to plant those seeds in his head.

I absolutely adore Sam for staying with Castiel, for rarely leaving his side, even when Cas just can't deal with any of it and starts hating himself for wanting Sam to leave. I love how Sam keeps touching him, gentle or firm, guessing what Cas needs to ground him to the here and now, to pull him further and further away from what Malachi did. And thankfully, Sam is not obsessive, meaning he can take care of Cas and still take care of himself so he doesn't relapse; but now he wants to take care of himself, so he's able to take care of Cas. I also love how Sam got Cas to finish his broth, though it was a bit unfair; *of course* Cas would do anything for either Winchester.

I was happy to see Dean, as he said, "nut up" and do and think about those things I brought up in the last chapter; that's certainly progress. I loved his talk with Cas, though there were more gut-wrenching revelations there: "'This is not your fault,' (Dean) said fervently. 'You didn't deserve this. You *don't* deserve this. Not as punishment, and certainly not as some kind of penance.' Cas quickly averted his gaze, and Dean felt his heart fracturing that his best friend could even think that. And worse, believe it" in addition to the guilt Cas feels and his fear of being abandoned by the Winchesters (which Dean for obvious reasons doesn't quite get, at least not yet), which led to the painful conclusion that "... Cas needed a lot of help - and not just physically." But it ends with him committing to help Cas, sharing a common cause with his brother, which just might be a start to get Sammy to forgive him.

Lastly, I want to bring up something I find contrasting and frustrating; it's nothing bad, it's just how I see this and I may be the only one who sees it this way. (And it's nothing against you, it's just Sam's character.) Anyway, it's like a tale of 2 Sams, for me at any rate:

We have awesome Sam who gave us this: "'We *help* him. We take him home and we help him heal. And, yeah, it's gonna be long and hard, but you know what? Maybe Cas needs that. Maybe he needs to see, for once, that we're there for him, in for the long haul. Because God knows we never have been before.'" I cheered when he said that because yeah ... it's about time one of those numbskulls figured *that* out.

And then we have the Sam who really needs to use his words, so he can communicate his thoughts better than his emotionally constipated brother. I found a great example of that here: "'And we need to talk about what we're going to do.' Dean shot his brother a bewildered look. 'What do you mean? We take him back to the bunker.' 'I mean because he's gonna need help.' Sam swallowed. 'A lot of help.'" Okay ... here's something I thought I would never, ever say about Sam ever: I love Sam, I really do, but I wanted to smack him upside his head for this gem (that's more in line with how I felt about Sam before you three!). Because to me this implies that Sam wants to hire a nurse to take care of Cas, probably in some convalesence home since they couldn't bring one to the bunker, while Dean and Sam get on with their lives; it implies Cas needs too much help for him and his brother to give. Granted, Sam eventually spits out what he means, but it's statements like this, left hanging before he finishes his thought, that devastates Cas and makes me want to pull Sam's teeth out. One by one. While he's fully awake and not sedated. Just saying... (There's another great example in "Take Me Home" too where I wanted to *smite* him.)

Oh, and guess what? The spell-checker quit working again so sorry for anything I missed!
LadyWallace chapter 6 . 2/26
As much as I would love for Cas' healing to be a quick fix if Crowley agreed to heal him, I have to side with Sam on this one. Dean can't keep going against people's wishes even if he sees it as being for their own good. Cas needs to heal physically as well as mentally and both are going to take time, and it's probably actually cathartic in a way to heal them together. Plus giving the brothers a reason to truly care for him long term is going to be a long step in Cas' mental health so he knows they're not just going to drop him again.
I really love how you write Sam and Cas' 'conversations' too and how Sam can understand him even though he can't talk right now. And how Cas is still looking after Sam's well being too, insisting he eat and all. :) I need so much more Sam and Cas friendship!
I'm sad there's only one chapter left, but I look forward to seeing how you conclude this story too :)
Telentropy X chapter 6 . 2/26
Finally they're on the same page and Cas is gonna get some much needed tlc. About frigging time, Winchesters.
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