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DigiEmissary chapter 14 . 8h
"I don't know why people slash their hands. You don't need to be dramatic about this; just a shallow cut on your arm or even your leg will do."

Yes! Thank you! This bugs me to no end. (Also this story is great, but this particular line really spoke to me.)
tammywammy9 chapter 25 . 8h
We're getting closer to the end and I am hanging onto the edge of my seat in anticipation. Loolong forward to the next chapter!
MariSoLovely chapter 25 . 21h
Omg you always stop on the most important parts please update soon
PhaedraZev chapter 11 . 5/7
Hermione is oblivious, but at least Dirk has some balls, both to ask on a date and admit that there's no spark. James and Barty ought to learn from him.
PhaedraZev chapter 9 . 5/7
It's almost comical that Lily sees Hermione, HERMIONE, as an emotionless person.
PhaedraZev chapter 8 . 5/7
Wooooooow Sirius is a fucking moron.
PhaedraZev chapter 7 . 5/7
I'm so glad she and Petunia are getting better. I wonder if Sirius is okay with James about this, if he knows -that is.
PhaedraZev chapter 6 . 5/7
BAHAHA! I was not expecting that ending. Though, man Hermione, you don't see how Barty and Severus are the same when it comes to Evans sisters.
PhaedraZev chapter 5 . 5/7
Just realized I haven't been commenting, but this has been fun. I'm glad she was able to (figuratively) knock some sense into him.
PhaedraZev chapter 1 . 5/7
Well colour me intrigued. Let's see how this goes!
Guest chapter 25 . 5/4
Loved the chapter, I’m so glad you updated, this story is better with every chapter you write
Guest chapter 25 . 5/4
Yeah, the diary being destroyed means no more horcruxes are left! Lucius does not know the diary was a horcrux. However, he was told it would open the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts. So, why would a muggleborn want it over a thousand other favors she could have asked Malfoy? If she knew of his hidden space, why hadn’t she told the aurors such as her husband about it so they could punish the Malfoys? Did she know about it because she was a seer, or was there a spy in Voldemort’s organization, or did an auror discover his hidden space on a raid but kept it quiet? Haha. Lucius should have a headache pondering over this. Also, did Lucius get a quick glance at the horcrux hunt board before Barty or Regulus hid it? If he did and saw the Deathly Hallows symbol on it (related to the horcrux hunt) and got the wrong idea on why it was on a board…. Lol.

I would die laughing if Lucius Malfoy parked himself on the doorstep of the Haberdashery and would not leave until he was admitted into the dark organization clearly being run from the innocent looking tailor shop. If the dark organization has the Head Auror and the main Blacks supporting it (clearly it can’t be started by three recent Hogwarts graduates, right?) and the Malfoys have no dark gang to hang out with anymore after being kicked out of the Death Eaters….Lol, Lucius might become like baby LeStrange in pestering the trio. If the Head Auror is involved with the gang, maybe he can get his vault gold and properties back from the Ministry if he falls in line with this dark organization?

Dearborn is an Unspeakable in the prophecy division. Oh, this is good. He would certainly think he knows everything about how time travel works or the limitations of time travel as an Unspeakable and dismiss what Barty said about Hermione in the dungeon as foolishness. Hopefully. Since he specialized in divination, he would probably see that when looking at Hermione Evans and the oddities about her, maybe?

Hermione working on cold cases as a consultant sounds like the psychic consultants that muggle police bring in for murder or disappearance cases. Mediums that receive images or speak with the dead to find bodies or killers. Since Hermione has the ring/stone from the Deathly Hallows, she could approximate what a medium could do in speaking with the dead and solve a ton of unsolved Ministry cases. Maybe add some arithmancy as well for accuracy. Lol. That is so going to convince Dearborn she really has seer powers, as her having a Deathly Hallow would be something the Quibbler would say.

Okay. Sirius overhearing that conversation was bad. If the “seventh month dies” prophecy about the killer of Voldemort never comes about because of the changes, it seems really, incredibly odd and does not make sense. Lol, It sounded like Lyanna telling Ned to keep baby Jon safe and hidden from Robert Baratheon or the heir to a noble dynasty being taken into hiding by loyal retainers. Take baby Harry and run from Dumbledore/raise him to know certain things…that sounds odd when the elder, still living Potters clearly would raise their grandson, the Potter heir, or why in the world would Dumbledore want to hurt the child. I mean, Dumbledore’s only Baratheon/Targaryen like rival was Grindelwald so….

Hmmm. I don’t see Sirius as loyal to Dumbledore above all else. I see him as mainly loyal to his best friend, James Potter, and Charlus or Dorea Potter for taking him in and raising him. Joining the order is good because it snubs his dark heritage/parents and he is there with his friends. So…I see him investigating this situation with James and perhaps coming to the wrong conclusions, but I don’t see him wanting James or his wife to go to Azkaban for whatever craziness Hermione is involved in. Talk them out of it/tell them to stop doing whatever it is, sure. If Hermione has a dark bloodline and wants to further the goals of her dark family/enemies of Dumbledore, well, Sirius was from a dark bloodline, he is abandoning their goals/beliefs, it should be possible for Hermione to live a normal life like he is trying. And, I don’t see him tattling to Dumbledore if he thought that could hurt his godson. Mmmm. I see a confrontation or intervention with James of his “findings” and James or Hermione falling over laughing about it. Well, unless his digging and discussion of the situation with others is overhead by Dumbledore or someone loyal to him. :-) Or, something could make Sirius emotional/irrational and he could do something foolish with what he "knows"...thinking his best friend, James, had spurned him and did not trust him might do that?
Paprica Salt chapter 25 . 5/6
that was a beautiful end note.
Guest chapter 25 . 5/3
Brilliant story, thank you.
Jessenia22 chapter 25 . 5/4
Best Hermione/James story ever! I love it and can’t wait to find out what happens next
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