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blindrain chapter 18 . 9/26/2010
Oh, man! You write really well.

Though I am ashamed to say that I was in stitches at some of the more...graver moments.

Okay, maybe not all of them. But the merry men underground - and the way their ladies joined them (not to mention how the brother of one of the afore-mentioned ladies described the scene) was...mirth-inspiring.


Good job!
The Nag chapter 18 . 8/11/2010
You still there?

Why haven't you updated?

It has been like ages since you last did!

And this was fricking awesome and you're finally getting somewhere!

Why quit now?

Please, please, please update
je m'appelle chapter 18 . 12/27/2009
-poke- Are you still there?

I really really hope you decide to update soon, because I've fallen completely in love with this story. It's so beautifully written, and the plot is so intriguing; I'm enthralled.
sh777 chapter 18 . 5/5/2009
This is quite interesting. Will it be finished?
siena chapter 18 . 10/11/2007
I hope you will post a new chapter soon!
Lyn chapter 18 . 3/13/2006
It's been a struggle for you to write this story,

but it is clearly a classic-one of the very best,

if not THE best. Your skill in writing is very

admirable...I hope the future allows you some

respite and an opportunity to add yet another


If not, I wish thee well.
Lyn chapter 15 . 2/22/2006
First of all, thank you for sharing your considerable

talent with others. This is a most intriguing story.

Secondly, it is also confusing, and this does not

mean the possible ending is in doubt. What is

confusing is-what is going on right now with

the characters, physically and mentally.

To begin with, please insert some marker or

line to separate scene changes. I usually read for

two paragraphs before I realize the scene has now


Also, there are too few hints as to what is

actually happening in each paragraph. It's like

a poor telephone connection where one can only

hear parts of a conversation, and although one

tries to invent plausible substitute words,

there is a danger the original meaning is lost

because the original words cannot be heard.

That is, (maybe I'm the only reader who

feels this way, but) it is difficult to tell

who is speaking at the moment and

it is difficult to tell what they are

referring to.

I don't need to be able to guess what is

going to happen, I just need to know what is

happening now, clearly.

Hope this doesn't sound too discouraging because

it is not meant to be.

Any story benefits from a re-reading at some

point, as one can then notice things that were

missed while producing so much material.

Like everyone else, I hope that real life

doesn't prevent you from concluding this story.

You have made it difficult, having endangered

so many of the strong and main characters

(who will rescue whom and how?), but hopefully

this story will be completed at some time.

I certainly hope I'm there to read the end!

Each paragraph, each scene should be clear

in the reader's mind as to who is talking,

what is being said and what the subject is.
Silivren Tinu chapter 18 . 12/29/2005
Well, here I am with the promised details! ;-) I already told you how much I love this chapter, and I've decided that I really need to re-read the story in order to be sure that I understand everything right. It's SO wonderful to read a new chapter of this story!

"A fear of almost anything could be overcome, if one had a strong enough will and a good enough reason, but he had seen a fear of fear undo the stoutest of warriors." - One thing I love about your stories that I perhaps have not mentioned yet are the deep or philosophical thoughts you put in them. I really enjoy it when I can learn something from a story, or it makes me think. This sentence is a wonderful example - I had to pause and think about "a fear of fear" for a moment, and it is completely true. I just love it that you think so much about things and put that in your stories. :)

Poor Legolas! He must be feeling utterly wretched. I liked the way he recognized Gimli at last. It always makes me chuckle that Gimli calls Legolas "elfling". *g* I think it shows just how deep their friendship is, as I do not think that anyone else would dare calling him so. I love it how you write them both.

"But my father always said that even when the Shadow triumphs, when sun and moon and stars disappear, when the world as we know it is broken and changed, the final defeat is to surrender ourselves." - Another one of those sentences I was talking about. ;-) A "merry band of rulers" indeed! It seems Minas Tirith is in for an interesting time!

I've managed to re-read a part of this story, and it seems that Gimli is actually more endangered than Legolas atm, though it doesn't look like it. *shudder* I don't think I like this "dark shape"-thing at all - this is just the right story to read while you are safely at home. I really can't wait to see where you go with that story, it is utterly fascinating! :) :) :)
bogumil chapter 4 . 12/21/2005
Hi, I think your story is really wondeful and I hope you will update it some time SOON, but I have one small notice to this chapter: Legolas is not the Lord of Ithilien - I believe this title belongs to Faramir only as Ithilien is his princedom. Legolas can be called rather "Lord of Ithilien Elves" or something like that.

And as for updating, it is cruel of you to say first that: "the story is going to move towards Faramir and Aragorn now" and then leave me for almost whole year waiting for a new chapter!:P Please do something with it...
thisislandgirl chapter 17 . 10/19/2005
Wow, this is a really great story, and very creative too! Please keep writing, I would hate to see such a great story go unfinished. Please update soon!
Deana chapter 17 . 8/13/2005
Awesome story! I hereby poke you to write more, just like Lita did! (POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE POKE) There, did I poke you enough? LOL ;)
sielge chapter 17 . 6/2/2005
This is an amazingly good story! And I hope that you will come and put the new chapter soon, because I will like to see why Aragorn is blind, hoe Merry is now with Aragorn and Faramir, what about Arwen and Eowyn and Legolas...

Please, update soon!
Alisha B chapter 17 . 3/16/2005
Hello! I started reading this story about two days ago, and let’s just say that I had trouble pulling myself away to go to class! Absolutely amazing work. Actually, I had been in a reading slump and hadn’t started any new fics for about a year now (has it really been that long?) On a whim, I looked at Thundera Tiger’s favorites list, and that’s how I found your story! I had forgotten how much I liked reading well-written pieces! Your characterizations are solid. I had a little concern with what you wrote for Arwen in this chapter, but I think I understand your reasoning and the direction you want to take it. I would just warn that sometimes authors can become a bit overdramatic when writing angst and grief which can lead to ‘unbelievable’ characterizations. Don’t worry! You have not done this, but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind. However, I will say that loosing Aragorn is a terrible blow for Arwen, and she is more than entitled to some ‘episodes’ if you catch my meaning. *g*

I’m really excited to see what direction you go with this fic. I’m worried about Elrohir and Elladan. (the twins are one of my favorites) I wonder if Elladan will look at the situation around him and consider that his brother is not dead… I mean, both Gimli and Legolas had their minds and souls GONE… Could it be possible that something similar has happened that keeps Elladan from feeling his brother? You haven’t mentioned either Pip or Elrohir since that incident, so I very well could be wrong, but I like to speculate like this. You know mind, do you? *g*

I’m also eager to see how you work with Aragorn and his blindness. You haven’t really told us if it is from a head wound or some other evil/magic... I would assume it is from the evil, otherwise our dear king may be blind forever. Hope you don’t keep us guessing too long! (btw, Nightwing6 has an absolutely AMAZING story about blindness. If you’re looking for a great read, I’d definitely suggest it)

Faramir’s character is perfect. He’s a very strong person, but is extremely loyal to his king. Sometimes people write his character as only ever standing in Aragorn’s shadow and never showing any personal confidence. You have a perfect balance of Faramir not wishing to take leadership away from his lord, but gladly taking the responsibility when the need arises. He still shows his strengths.

I really like the relationship between Gimli and Legolas. There is clearly a deep friendship, and while there is a healthy level of banter between the two, it is not overpowering. Too many times authors overwhelm the reader with it. That can leave their relationship very two dimensional. However, I believe you have written their friendship with all the complexities Tolkien intended.

Derinsul has a very strong personality, and at first I saw him as your good-guy conflict character. However, you have developed him beyond that. He has a depth, wisdom, and yes, temper that brings a pleasant change to the cannon characters. I enjoyed his aggression toward Elladan and love the idea that he will have to work closely with and help him run the city. I think they will have a great deal of respect for each other before this is over.

Since I generally don’t read stories centered around Hobbits, I really can’t comment on Pippin and Merry’s characters. I did notice that when Merry was in the caves, I was reminded of Sam. He seemed very hobbit like, but unfortunately I have no real fanfic basis to compare you too, but in my mind, you’re writing them very well. I’m excited to see more page time for them. Who knows, maybe I’ll turn into a Hobbit lover yet! *g* I know there’s a reason behind their emotional trouble, and I’m very interested to see where you take it and how it works in!

Hmm, who else. Ah yes, Eowyn! I really don’t have much to say about her. You have her as strong, confident, and deeply in love with Faramir. Exactly as it should be! There is still the warrior that defeated the Witch King, but there is a new woman who is now the wife of the Steward and lady of Gondor. I can’t find the words to describe the change, but you got it right. As this chapter shows, the warrior is still inside her and more than willing to come out when needed.

I would like to see more of Eomer’s character explored. Even though he is young, he is still a powerful king. Especially since Aragorn and Faramir are currently out of the picture, I would love to see him take more of a leadership role. Since he was in Minas Tirith, he really had no business telling Arwen or Eowyn what to do, but now he’s outside the city. Leadership is nothing new to him, and I think there could be some great opportunities to explore it. Hmm… but looking at the end of this chapter, he may end up with Aragorn and Faramir sooner than expected. Ah, I can’t wait to see what happens!

I also wanted to mention a problem with formatting, but I see you’ve fixed it with this chapter. Your spaces in between sections was missing, (I’m sure due to ff messing it up) but now there are lines separating them. For a few chapters it was hard to tell where the scene change took place, and I spend some time working it all out. You may consider going back and fixing them to avoid future confusion.

Okay. Wow. You are very lucky! I NEVER leave reviews this long. This probably ranks in my top 5 longest ones! Yay! Go you! Unfortunately, I lurk more often than not… I usually read chapters in between classes or projects so I do not review regularly, but I do try to make my reviews more than “This is great! You rock! Update soon!” I try to point out the good parts as well as places you could improve. However, that does not mean anything you’ve written is “bad.” It’s more like suggesting taking it from “good” to “great.” Therefore, I *will* promise to read every chapter! I’ll also let you know if something makes me stop. I feel it’s my duty as a reader to let the author know if I decide to click away. Not sure why I said that because I don’t see it happening to this fic! Well, you have kept me from studying for tomorrow’s exam for far too long… I must go do that now. From the looks of things, this story will be a *long* one so, I’ll nestle in for the long haul and enjoy the ride! Keep up the good work!
Nightwing chapter 17 . 2/20/2005
Hello, Etharei. Nightwing6 here, who cannot log in thanks to the death of my computer.

Just dropping a note to let you know I am still reading and enjoying this story. I am very stuck by its complexity, not to mention the riveting tension and mounting danger. You beautifully penetrate the thoughts and motivations of the characters.

Are you really just a teenager? If so, you take my breath away, for you write with the all maturity and clarity of an adult, and then some. Well done. I'll be waiting for more, whenever RL permits.
ArWen of sMirkwood chapter 17 . 2/17/2005
You've got me intrigued about what this plot will go to. Great work!More pls...
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