Reviews for the sting of shards shattered
galaxies in her eyes chapter 1 . 2/19
Oh. my. fucking. god. I'm sorry for the profanity, even though I know you aren't and don't care, but I am literally in tears after this because it's so beautiful and poignant and...holy shit, I am in seriously in love with this!

*takes a deep breath*

First off, your writing is absolutely amazing. In this, Ginny seems so much stronger than she ever did in the books — and that's the way I like her most. Because she has a temper, and she doesn't stand for those kinds of comments, and she isn't *just* a girl, and I really, REALLY like how you have portrayed her here. She came alive for me.

Second...can I have this Luna, please? There isn't nearly enough of her in the books, and I love Linny fics wholeheartedly. And her comments are so like her: they are a few words in a short sentence that may not appear like much on the surface, but they get the message across clearly.

Third, I love the tense in this. It makes it seem so much more real when it's in the present tense. I find it hard to write this, and somewhat hard to read, but I loved this so much that I got to the end and was going back to recall things to comment on when I finally noticed what tense this was.

There was one place that I saw a semicolon where the two sentences aren't really alike. "During her time at Grimmauld Place, they'd never let her into any Order meetings; then when it was her father in danger they'd treated her as if she'd fall apart." I think there should be a comma between "danger" and "they'd".

But overall, this was a fantastic story, and I am (once again) amazed at how beautiful your writing is despite the shortness of the fic. I'm running out of adjectives to describe how utterly wonderful this is. And I'm surprised that this doesn't have dozens more reviews. It totally deserves them, in my opinion.

This is definitely going on my favorites list. I am jealous of Shay's gift!
~ Alana
Cheeky Slytherin Lass chapter 1 . 2/11
Oh my goodness. I don't know where to begin with this because it was absolutely breathtaking.

You hooked me in from that first sentence. It was simple but packed so much power, and I just had to read on to understand. So brilliant job capturing your audience straight away.

I adored the way you wrote Ginny. You captured her as such a strong character, and her internal angst was done nicely without being overpowering. I could feel her pain over being treated like a little kid, having everyone act like she's fragile (youngest child club woo!). And you showed her development so well. I loved that she learned to ignore it by the end of the story. It was such a subtle growth, but it had a major impact.

Luna was written brilliantly as well. She didn't have many lines, and it was all through Ginny's eyes, but she felt natural.

The theme of glass, breaking, and being fragile was used well. It really set the tone of this story, and your repetitions gave it a poetic feel. I especially enjoyed Luna's line about how only broken glass cuts. This was such a gorgeous metaphor and it really does describe Ginny perfectly.

The moments between Luna and Ginny were absolutely heartwarming and fluffy. So sweet!

Overall, this was super enjoyable. Your style and word choices paint beautiful pictures in my mind, and you are just an amazing writer. Excellent job.
potahtopotato chapter 1 . 2/11
Ahhh, Ginny is amazing and underappreciated in fanfic and I'm so glad you wrote about her! The broken glass metaphor is amazing; all your writing is so poetic and your metaphors are on point.
ipsa dixit chapter 1 . 2/11