Reviews for This Time, We'll Do Better
AJ Granger chapter 62 . 10/20
Gotta love show Tyrion. He's clever and an interesting character. I like him with the Starks and he's a good choice to go to Essos and Daenerys. Getting her help at an earlier stage is a nice idea. It also gives her a place to go in Westeros, even if it is unexpected. I'm rather hoping she doesn't get with Jon, but that's the incest thing raising it's head. It's nice to see Jon finally and to hear from him. Everyone separating out to different places is going to be tough. Good, solid chapter and sets us up for the next part of the story.
magnus374 chapter 62 . 10/19
This is an important moment, many things are changing and It's good to see them making plans.
This is book Stannis, he could bend the knew for Jon or Dany. He is all about duty and he could accept their claims to the throne. We can't know for sure but they are the only ones he could accept.
reppad98 chapter 61 . 10/18
A new chapter!
Oh, I'm excited about this time skip we've made. Sansa is in Winterfell and apparently settling in rather well, that's good.
It was so sweet to read about Sansa getting to know her new slash old family. I absolutely loved what she did for Bran, and it's great that Arya and Sansa are doing so well, too.
Oh wow, Sansa handled things with her family and Sandor very well. It can't have been easy to convince them, but she had the confidence to do whatever was needed. And even if their contact is limited, they certainly seem to make the most of it haha.
First we get to see Theon and now Jon! Looks like the plot of 'saving Westeros from its terrible fate' is moving again. I'm excited how Sansa will handle this!
Thank you very much for updating, I hope you update soon, and keep writing! ! !
miss-beauty-world chapter 61 . 10/11
This is going to be an interesting conversation
Guest chapter 61 . 10/6
I'm glad things are going well for Theon.
Guest01 chapter 61 . 10/6
Luwin is one of my favorite characters.
Junior VB chapter 56 . 10/8
¿Tywin está muerto?
Is Tywin dead?
AmeliaBlackwell chapter 61 . 10/8
It’s almost done..
AmeliaBlackwell chapter 61 . 10/8
I’m not ready to say good bye to this fiction;(
AJ Granger chapter 61 . 10/8
A good character to finally introduce. I'm happy to hear he hasn't taken his vows yet in this story. Sansa is certainly pushing things, but it's nice to see her go after something and use her head for how to get it. Nice to see Theon, too, albeit briefly and his description of Clegane working the northerners seems to fit well. I am excited to see the next chapter.
AJ Granger chapter 60 . 10/8
A great and insightful conversation between the two sisters. I love Arya so any part of a story that features her wins me over generally. I liked her conversation with Gendry and I am happy that she listened in and learned of her parents fears and what her mother has been doing to damage her relationship with Gendry, whether it's friends or more than that. In this story you manage to make Sansa a decent character and that's a nearly impossible feat so I applaud you there.
HijadeSandor chapter 61 . 10/6
Me ha encantado , gracias , no sabes las ganas que tengo de leer cada capítulo , y me dejas tranquila al ver que estos SanSan se unen. Gracias nuevamente y siguiendo
magnus374 chapter 61 . 10/6
As always it is a joy to see a new chapter. It was good to see that Sansa and Sandor could do some "playing".
reppad98 chapter 60 . 9/29
Time for this chapter and then I'm caught up again!
Oh Arya... This isn't easy on either Gendry or her, but Gendry is going to be blamed more if he doesn't comply. Still, at this point in the story, it does seem to them as if they'll end up marrying other people.
And oh, oh, oh, Arya, Arya, eavesdropping on her parents. And it's such a very interesting conversation, too, haha. She can do a lot with this new knowledge... Ah, and she's going to Sansa! I'm not surprised that Sansa confirmed it, and she might be right about paving the way. Gendry is a whole lot more likeable for the parents than Sandor haha. We'll have to wait and see...
Thank you very much for updating, I hope you update soon, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 59 . 9/29
Two new chapters to read!
Aha, so that is what happened during the fight. Gendry and Nymeria, eh? That could have a positive effect on how Catelyn sees them. And it would be a twist if Sandor died, though I doubt it haha. It would make Sansa's decision whether to stay or go home easier, though. And Catelyn certainly won't like Sansa's relationship with Sandor when she finds out...
Ooooh, that was quite an interesting talk between Catelyn and Gendry! I liked it a lot. I also liked how even when Catelyn has put her world back as it should be, she's slowly opening up to other possibilities, even if it's still in the depths of her own mind. That will make things easier when the time for change comes.
Poor Catelyn. Her whole world is being changed, and she doesn't know what to do about it. I do hope that in the end she can see that even these unconventional choices will bring happiness to her daughters. At least she has now seen that Sandor loves Sansa, even if she'd rather not know it.
Oh no, the moon tea is indeed an unwanted discovery. That probably means that a confrontation is not far off. Though, Catelyn does seem to recognize that a full on confrontation will chase Sansa away... But I doubt she'll stay quiet for long.
Thank you very much for updating (especially with such a long chapter), I'll go read the next chapter now, and keep writing! ! !
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