Reviews for Keeping A Friend
ficwriterjet chapter 1 . 2/11
Aw, very sweet. I loved it. It's the perfect spot in the show for a spanking. I loved that it was Sherlock's idea, and that he draped himself over John's lap before John even knew what was happening. :) And of course Sherlock was able to talk John into it, because they both know Sherlock deserved it. This was my favorite line:

"Would you like me to educate you on how to spank properly?"

LOL! I can certainly picture Sherlock saying that while over someone's knee, because he has absolutely no self preservation. I also really loved that when Sherlock said it was enough, John didn't stop, and even told Sherlock he'd be using that method again since it was so effective. :) Perfect. Thanks so much for the story.