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TerriJ chapter 4 . 6/4/2018
Fascinating and unexpected
MarenMary93 chapter 4 . 4/18/2018
“C’mon, look at this handsome mug,…”

The way they got the nurses to cooperate, that was smart. Kudos!

And yeah, agree with Jack’s SOP when it comes to stuff like that.

AWWW, poor Jack with his not-so-deliberately-self-inflicted hangover. That must be one weird command to get. “For this op I need you to go drink a liquor store. Make sure you torture your liver extra hard this time.”

“Before I graduated you to junkie in London.” Graduated? Boze, are you sure about that?

Is it just me? Or do anyone else think that Jack’s voice might be weirdly sexy for the time being?

I’ve got something to say about the Krav Maga, but that ended up in a PM instead.


Oh… Jack…
Oh… Riley…
Haven126, please… AGAIN. Rip open my chest. Get my heart out. Start river dancing on it. Because this hurts.

-I needed that hug even more…
Damn… What are these? Tears? Yup…

The description of why Jack acts the way he does… It was beautiful, and hit hard, and… And I realized another reason why I LOVE Jack so much.

“Oh MacGyver…”
Fuck… That note messed with me… Especially the Riley part.
MarenMary93 chapter 3 . 4/18/2018
'Chateau de Unpronouncable' -You wouldn't believe how hard I laughed. From now on, I'll refer to anything wine related that I can't pronounce in the same fashion.
And that eyebrows line too. Oh dear... *Can't breathe!*

The "I don't want another partner." line, GIRL, can't you just freaking rip my heart out of my chest and start stomping on it? I really think that would be less painful.
-Well, that WAS my reaction... until...

WTFisgoingON? Please tell me all of this has been some sort of nightmare Jack has had after being shot himself or something, and that Mac, BECAUSE I'm ALMOST sure that's him at the end.
'None of that mattered. His eyes were a crystal blue, and Jack would know them anywhere.'
Have you tricked me/us for 3 (long and fantastic) chapters?
MarenMary93 chapter 2 . 4/15/2018
Okay, first part of this chapter... I truly wouldn't like to meet Jack in that kind of mindset. It would possibly scare the shit out of me...
(And... Samantha... I didn't place her until you wrote Cage. I'm serious, I was all like WTF, WhotheF-Is Samantha? I think it's safe to say that the character hasn't made a deep impression on me. Weird, huh?)

The second part...
That really got me. Basically made me feel like you had gone through something similar, because it was almost too... ... ... perfect.

The Jack goes off to get information part, I loved that.
I loved all of this chapter, but in different ways. Okay?

He was not gentle.
Okay. Okay. mhm!
(Dude, you're getting my brain to send mixed signals with that last one there. Because you've got the line 'he could have broken her neck...' very close to the 'he was not gentle' line. Only thing that saves it is the 'in just the right way')

Great chapter!
MarenMary93 chapter 1 . 4/14/2018
only reason I'm "okay" with this is because I've had my heart wrecked by shows like supernatural for more than a decade...
- and you peg me as the mean one?

You made me tear up a time or two...
But great writing!
Emma chapter 1 . 3/17/2018
You made me cry! The feeling of Mac dying makes me so sad! But, it was still VERY well written!
kuku25 chapter 4 . 3/8/2018
WHAT a complex story to pull off in a 4 chapter story! Your complex mind is mind blowing!

well, if I hunt you down and take you out of the picture, I am doing myself a disservice. I WON'T have more stories to read!

Again, thanks for finishing and posting it!
Rye Scop chapter 4 . 3/3/2018
This story is so good! It definitely is worth reading, and re-reading...:)
parisindy chapter 1 . 2/27/2018
Gah! how did i not see this story!? yayyyy! *dives in*
Gib chapter 1 . 2/27/2018
I’ve been saving this one for a while now and finally got a chance to dive in. Of course I should have known I wouldn’t be able to put it down once I started.
First off, your descriptions are great as always. The foodie in me was salivating at your descriptions. Your warnings of “all of them.” Was accurate but I’d add a “do not read while hungry” for the first part. Lol.
As soon as the motorcycle showed up, I was holding my breath. No way did I think you were going to go all out and blam! A controlled pair. Holy crap. Btw, nice research on that, I had no idea it wasn’t called a double tap. Anyway, the medical side of me was thinking, “no way does Mac survive this” while the fic reader part of me kept thinking
Gib chapter 4 . 2/27/2018
Wow! How in the world did you come up with this plan. It was awesome and I totally enjoyed the entire explanation. Keeping Riley and Cage out of it and going with Jill instead was perfect. While Cage didn’t have to really sell anything other than being a bit concerned at Jack’s actions, Riley would definitely be the one to sell Jack going off the deep end, so awesome choice of personnel all the way around. This would have been such a great episode to watch and thinking back, I really enjoyed the fact that you didn’t make Jack give away any hints that he knew either waiter. As far as I was concerned, they were just part of the scenery and I didn’t pay any attention to them.
Absolutely loved the deck scene. I really enjoyed the short conversation where they were comparing places they’ve been and I totally laughed at Mac’s reaction to ever going up in the Eye.
Bozer just realizing that Jack was kind of a badass was a nice touch too. You are certainly hitting all the sweet spots when it comes to My favorite guy. :-)
Riley showing up and giving the guys their just deserts was a smooth move and I totally enjoyed Bozer’s take on why they had to leave Riley and Cage out of the loop. Having her listening in on the conversation and commenting about it was a total Riley move. You really nailed her and Jack. She didn’t completely forgive him but I think you left them on a bit more solid ground and I really appreciated that aspect. No way does someone with her personality just brush everything off especially when it drummed up less than pleasant childhood memories. And Jack’s guilt and sincerity really came through.
I love this entire story, but as for the characters, I really think my favorite part was Mac and Jack’s conversation about that other guy. I totally enjoyed that. It really emphasized how deadly someone with that kind of training can be as well as what it could do to a person. The thought of Mac being the one to save Jack was an awesome take on the characters. Where everyone always assumes Jack was the one to save Mac at some point (probably based on the unaired pilot) I like your version a lot better. You came in a whitewashed everything and painted a great picture. I can find the parts that you researched and all that work reallly made for an awesome character driven story. Great job.
Now, the end... Holy crap! You had a total gem going with just the original story and would have been perfectly fine just sending the guys to bed. But no, you had to go the extra mile and throw a perfect Murdoc move into the mix. That was genius, I absolutely loved it. I love being surprised and this was a whopper. Awesome job.
Your A/N’s: I so appreciate that you wanted to show Jack as a competent perfectly capable agent doing high-level spy work. You accomplished that in spades and I for one am totally grateful.
Also, I don’t think you failed at all trying to write something tear-jerking. The entire first two and a half chapters were totally read with a heavy heart. You didn’t give anything away and I really did think this was going to be a tragic fic where you really killed Mac. So to me, you nailed it.
And you’re right, If I would have found out you wrote this and then decided to throw it out I quite possibly would have hunted you down and no one would find the body. Lol. So very happy you stuck with this, I completely enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks a bunch for posting, I totally look forward to what you come up with next.
Gib chapter 3 . 2/27/2018
“Dalton... what the fuck are you doin’, man?” that is a very good question. I really enjoyed the way Jack noticed every little detail, waiting for something to happen or thinking of every possible thing that could. Always on edge but still calm on the outside. did I tell you I really am enjoying spy Jack :-) And what a great choice to have the person that ordered the hit on Mac be some random bad guy with a grudge carried over from a mission that was sort of just another day at the office for the Phoenix crew. With the addition of a small nuclear explosion of course.
If this intel is right and this Alexandre Masson does exist, he should start getting his affairs in order. No way does Jack let him live.
Damn, Jack did a number on the Phoenix guys. Glad it doesn’t look like he killed any of them. If he does manage to make this all right, no way would he be ok killing a fellow agent. Or former fellow agent as the case may be. You totally nailed Matty at the end of the chateaux massacre. I love it that she’s still sort of looking out for Jack, even while she sounds like she doesn’t care. I would absolutely love to see Jack in action, always do but working with Not Sarah and whatever organization she is with just doesn’t sit right with me. Watching him walk into that building was like watching him walk into a viper’s nest. You’ve got me sitting on the edge of my seat. No way does Jack go dark side. Not for these people anyway. There’s a catch right, there’s got to be a catch.
Eve huh? Lol, I knew this place was a snake pit.
“Already got the best one there is...” Nice job! Basically says Mac is still Jack’s partner but doesn’t give too much away and still had me guessing if by some miracle he was still alive.
I have to say, I’m not overly sad Not Sarah got what I think was coming to her considering she didn’t seem like a very nice person, but I was sort of hoping for a bit of a showdown. Of course, I also appreciate the efficient deadly Jack too so, yeah, that was pretty awesome.
And then you go and have Eve take him out with what is essentially a basic self defense move. Nice touch. Just goes to show it doesn’t always have to be some next level 20th degree black belt type that gets the best of our guys.
The way you described Jack not being able to breath was perfect. The panic really jumped off the page.
And even without “His eyes ere a crystal blue, and Jack would know them anywhere.” I knew right off the bat that it was Mac doing the talking. I could hear his voice. The words you chose were all Mac and that was awesome.
So, not only can Jack breathe now but so can I. :-) So happy you didn’t kill the kid and Jack didn’t go dark side. Looking forward to seeing how you put all this together. Thanks a bunch for posting.
Gib chapter 2 . 2/27/2018
Can I tell you how much I totally enjoy angry deadly Jack. The entire first sequence was awesome! I love the clipped clinical responses, the way he took out the “bad guys” and Cage’s reaction. Matty I expected to be pissed but I think I liked Cage’s reaction the best. I’m not sure if it was intended but I get the feeling Cage just figured out Jack is one deadly dude and it scared her just a bit.
And then you made him human again. I so didn’t want to see him lose it and jump into the bottle, it was one of those parts that I wanted to look away but just couldn’t. Sort of like watching a train wreck. I totally understood it and it was great, needed to happen and you totally rocked the entire scene. I felt so bad for Riley having to deal with a drunk Jack but I was proud of her too for taking a stand and trying to be tough. Of course, you brought it full circle and made her human and real. Her panic was so palpable, I didn’t see her as a strong confident woman, I saw that scared girl and that was written so well.
And what’s this, a new player? Someone Jack knows and apparently is either too angry still or he really doesn’t like this lady. Making her look like Sarah was a nice touch. One of my favorite lines in this part was “Jack lived in the real world, where raised guns were already primed...” Thank you for that! The show writers could use a bit of that realism. He’s always cocking his weapon, and don’t even get me started on the number of clips he carries in his vest even though he’s not carrying a rifle.
Anyway, rant over.
I like the way you work in Riley’s thoughts about Mac and what his wishes may be after his death, all while she’s working. It really does make her more human. I know I keep repeating that but it’s a great tactic.
Jack taking off for El Salvador... Love the twist, and super happy you didn’t leave him still wallowing in his house. Looking forward to some Jack badass ness because I have a sneaking suspicion it’s coming. Or he’s going to get himself in trouble, maybe both. When it all boils down to it, he’s a good guy with a deadly skill set. Here’s hoping his moral compass stays pointed in the right direction, because even though he’s been suspended at this point, no way does Matty let an out of control Jack run amok. Something’s going on here. Still holding out hope that Mac isn’t really dead but right now that’s not looking too promising. Yep, I think I’m still in denial. lol.
Not Sarah kind of makes my skin crawl, I’m thinking Jack’s in some very dangerous company. And I love spy Jack, he’s so smooth, thanks for that.
Loved the fight, it started so fast, I wasn’t expecting that and damn if you didn’t make a sexy fight scene, that was awesome! And, I’m guessing “He was not gentle.” Is left up to the reader’s imagination or interpretation. Lol. Nice job, thanks for posting.
Kailene chapter 4 . 2/24/2018
I don't think I have the words to say how I feel about this story. It was Great, or I loved it doesn't seem like enough.

I got to end of the first chapter and my heart just stopped. Because, No, nononono, she didn't just kill Mac. I had no clue it was all a rouse until the end, and only when Jack mentioned the blue eyes.

And, god, Jack... You tore my heart out with him and how broken he was. Looking back at it, knowing the ending, I have to wonder if at times Jack forgot that it wasn't real. And that scene with him and Riley... I think like Riley, I need time to get over that, because, man, was that hard to read.

And the very end, with the candle, brilliant add.

And I agree with you, and have made comments (nicely worded) as such on twitter to the Show runners, that Jack's background is forgotten about at times. I love his joking and his devil may care attitude, but he was a CIA agent on top of being trained Delta, which makes him pretty bad ass and capable and knowing a lot of things.

And I also have to add, as an aside, that I can picture so many timestamps to this as they all recover from this..
Long Live BRUCAS chapter 4 . 2/22/2018
I would so pick Jack as an attractive agent.

Mac did a good jog acting dead. And wow go Jack. You were great showing your more than just shooting people. Even though you still did that.
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