Reviews for Mad Love
Historyman 14 chapter 2 . 7/14
Please update soon! I really want to see how things turn out! I want to see more of this connection between Madkat, Razor and Felina, I want to see what Madkat is planning in his quest, and how things will look for Felina.
Historyman 14 chapter 1 . 7/14
Well done! I love everything so far. (The New Madkat and his both obsession and need for Felina, Felina personal life, and all that, the little bits of worldbuilding.)
Bill Hiers chapter 2 . 5/3
Loving it to bits, Akane. You write Madkat so well. :)
MoDaD chapter 2 . 4/24
Enjoying this different version of Madkat. The subtle differences the host plays are nice touches. And, just the right amount of fan service in those scenes with our main characters. Adds just the right amount of fun to what would otherwise be a disproportionately creepy setup. Looking forward to seeing where this goes next.
SK-Raptor89 chapter 1 . 3/27
Awesome story I couldn't stop reading until I reached the end.
Youkai55 chapter 2 . 3/11
Poor Razor. Seeing Felina in that dress did something to him he was not expecting. He’s starting to like her more than a friend plus the connection they shared only enhanced his feelings. Plus her kiss! He’s in for one wild ride.
Feral definately knows what’s best for his niece, or so he thinks. He has no idea that Felina and Razor are starting something, very good for both of them.
T-Bone gets to protect Callie while this mess runs its course. Let’s see what occurs when they are in close quarters with each other.

Good job! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
MoDaD chapter 1 . 3/9
I like how you modified the existing canon - I think the additions you made into the "mechanics of Madkat" fit really well. I think you do a great job at building on all of those "unseen items" the show never really explored, especially in the back-and-forth between Felina and her uncle. Your version of Felina is a lot different than most depictions I've read; delving into her personal life and friendships really makes her a more multifaceted character. I am curious as to what will come into play, particularly with the theme of "can't defeat me the same way twice" the kat-in-the-box seems to be alluding to.
Erico chapter 2 . 3/9
What I find myself truly enjoying here revolves around two things: Your focus on the mental state of Felina, and the growing sense that there is some wild, subtle worldbuilding going on here...being done at just the right pace.

First off, Felina. When faced with a lunatic who is obsessed with you and who is nigh invulnerable, people will tend to freeze up. It's her own brand of PTSD, and now blooded by her encounter with Madkat, we can see that it leaves mental scars in how she curls up in on herself and blocks the world out. For as many tight spots as Megakat City gets into, I wouldn't be surprised if it takes an entire university's worth of psychiatrists to keep up with the needs of the civilian population and the Enforcers official therapy needs. Your alluding to that brings a sense of realism that helps to keep us grounded in an otherwise fantastic plot...because, let's face it. Madkat. Freaking lunatic.

Secondly, your worldbuilding. There are a lot of authors who make the mistake of 'frontloading' their worldbuilding exposition. Like we need a page of narrative to say, "This is the world. These are the countries in the world. This is who is at war with who. These are the characters. This is where they were born. This is where they went to high school. Blah blah blah..." But I don't see that here. Instead, you sprinkle a trail of bread crumbs along as you go. You indicate that there is more to Madkat than the show originally possessed; you're adding depth to him in a way that doesn't cheapen his original appearance. You're giving him a backstory, and showing that there is a link between him, Felina, and Razor we don't quite yet know the shape of. Madkat calls Felina the "Knight's Daughter" and he has a particular outright hatred of Razor, after sputtering the word "Wands." Whatever's coming, it's going to be good. And us as the readers will get the best of it...we will see the backstory revealed to us in the same time as the characters learn it. That's how you're supposed to handle background exposition. Sprinkled in. Not bombed at the beginning.

Keep up the good work.
Trekker77 chapter 2 . 3/8
This would be a great episode for SWAT Kats Revolution! Are you reading this, Tremblays? LOL.
Youkai55 chapter 1 . 2/18
I always thought Felina was quite lovely.
Too bad the series ended. I would have loved to see her end up with one of the SWAT Kats.
Keep going
Erico chapter 1 . 2/14
And so the madness begins...

I’m always keen on a good story, and this promises to be one. I look forward to seeing how things develop from here, especially since Madkat is now playing for keeps.

Nicky4 chapter 1 . 2/14
Interesting start. Its nice to see something from you again.