Reviews for Bad Girls with Big Hearts
Sandt21 chapter 70 . 1/15
I’m so damn happy you decided to bring back Bad Girls and Mistletoes from fanfiction heaven! These two stories are, most likely, the two single most important stories in the whole EEE fanfiction community! That’s not an exaggeration! They are soooooooo damn good! Again, expect that lengthy PM from me sometime this weekend.
Expatkiwi chapter 70 . 1/15
Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
Hashtag hero chapter 70 . 1/15
Mate, i have followed this story for a long time, and i was sad when it was taken down. honestly if you want to make a rewrite of it thats fine, its your story. im even more excited for it because i believe in you 110 percent! But please keep this up untill you do. I would love to compare both the old and the new. Looking forward to what comes next. 2020 was horrid but with what is to come with this story, i know its only getting better. Thank you
emptywell chapter 70 . 1/14
Very glad you decided to put this back up, I absolutely love this story and it’s definitely my favorite fanfic ever. It’s too bad you don’t like it, but I think all of your work is excellent and a faithful continuation of the show and it’s characters. I really would like to see you continue and finish Unfinished Business, since you’ve built up so much back story and mysteries around the characters, but I understand if you’ve just lost the interest in it. I just want to say thanks for your great stories, I read BGWGH in March of 2020 and it got me into fanfiction and led me to discovering many other awesome writers and stories. Thanks again! :)
fanggrin chapter 70 . 1/14
I wish I knew what to say to make you understand what I feel about this story... I'm on my second binge read in a row...
fanggrin chapter 69 . 12/9/2020
sweet baby Jesus I just binge read this in 24 hours I wish there were more story even a fraction as good as what I read here. good luck
AceOfSpades1980 chapter 69 . 12/1/2020
Where it all began for you, and led to everything afterwards. I just finished re-reading this, spent around 4 or so days, and now I can review it in depth as I did with this story's sequel. Oh yeah, can't forget, THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS YO! So, if you haven't read the story yet, do NOT read this review, you'll spoil it for yourself. Anyways, onto the review.

Obviously since they are the main pair of the story, it only makes sense to talk about Double D and Marie's bond in the story. I gotta say, you managed to give the perception of them, "growing together", let's say, very well. As, initially they don't really have any talks, but when Double D gets a hold of the diary of Marie, that's when things start to change. Slowly but surely they stop with the insanity of the past, and move onwards to having... actual conversations. I'll also mention that the little dream Double D has at Chapter 8 is pretty funny honestly. Anyways, once chapter 11 rolls around, that's even the actual conversation start to take their place much more predominately, and it sets the standard for their relationship throughout the entire story! Oh yeah, can't forget the shows of amorous intimidation from Marie here and there, haha. To mention another notable thing, I'll give this story bonus points for Marie having a bigger reason than the surface level reasoning for wanting to get with Double D, as when the reasoning for why a person wants to get with another doesn't make sense, or isn't very well explained, or isn't really stated... let's just say the relationship doesn't exactly seem very genuine, hahaha! To expand more on this stuff, I'll add also that most of the dialogue is pretty well done, occasionally there's a bit of... odd dialogue, but nothing too bad. As for the bigger details of the relationship, I honestly liked how you SHOWED Marie trusting Double D with her personal life, as it actually demonstrates that she actually trust him, and isn't just a random thing brought up... and never again was it seen! Onto Double D, while it is nice that he opens up to hearing out Marie, there is an inherit problem (that isn't limited to only this relationship) that I'll explain once I get to the cons, but as far as it goes for him, again, it's very notable how he took the steps to listen, understand, and get a better idea of what exactly was going on that made Marie act the way that she did. It really proves Marie correct on her trust in him, and overall the relationship is very well done!

Onwards to the other characters, Ed is, as usual, giving the occasional funny joke here and there, and caring for his fellow friends in their times of need, as shown in Chapter 44. His resolve with no longer being scared of May is shown in a similar manner to how Double D and Marie grow; they both initially don't really have any conversations, but as the story progresses forward, they stop doing that stuff, and voila! Cupid's arrow strikes. Speaking of May, it was nice seeing how she was accepting of the relationship that Marie had with Double D, and how she was willing to hear out how well he had been treating her sister, and accepting her for who she was as a whole. Either way you spin the dice, Ed and May both connect really well at the last 3rd or so of the story, and that's great!

Onto Eddy, which I'm a bit conflicted on. On one hand, the parts where he is messing around with his friends and doing random things are well done for the most part. Heck, he had a couple funny jokes when Double D told him about "Maryanne". However, once Eddy finds out it's Marie dating Double D, he becomes idiotic. You see, the thing is, how does Eddy not see that it's clearly not a good idea to try to break them up? I mean yeah, jealously is one thing, but he really goes off the deep end. To add onto this, he doesn't learn that what he did was wrong... UNTIL HE ALMOST LOSES ALL OF HIS FRIENDS! Like, how many people do you have to lose the trust of until you realize that you're in the wrong? Once Ed had told him that what he did was just wrong, he should've understood that he was in the wrong, and not make more excuses. So yeah, the conflict that Eddy makes on himself makes himself EXTREMELY unlikable, and I found myself facepalming at the fact that it took Lee, and a literal reversal of the situation to get him to confess. I would say this is a negative... and while I'll say a part of it is, a part of it also serves to give him a bit more character and persona, as he learns that being jealous and having envy has 0 purpose in the long run, and it will only be a negative, NO MATTER WHAT.

Now, with Lee, oh goodness. Funny enough, she shares many of the same problems that Eddy does once she discovers Marie is dating Double D. However, I think she has much more reason to doubt it, as her past childhood experiences with that Dennis guy abusing her, on top of Tabby, her mother giving her the basic impression that men aren't exactly helpful outside of a couple things, and so on. As for what she does, it's kinda hard to write anything notable, as she honestly is pretty unlikable for 1/3 of the story, as all she does is boss around her sisters, be really intimidating with everyone, and even going out of her way to put May IN PAIN in chapter 23, like WHAT!? Granted, I'm sure it could've been worse, but... how are you this unsympathetic... goodness. Anyways, in chapter 27 it's when Lee finally stop with that over intimidating attitude, and actually feels... human, you could say. Although, a problem with the chapter I have is the joke near the end, where it doesn't feel very fitting, as (this a subjective thing FYI) after hearing the details of someone's VERY concerning childhood... the last thing I would be doing is cracking a joke. Regardless, once that chapter occurs, afterwards, Lee really starts to change, and holds back a bit on the toughness part, to welcome Double D to be with Marie, and even going out of her way to make sure that Eddy doesn't permanently break them apart. Which is very caring.

As for Eddy and Lee as a pair, man, it looks like a mirror match at this point with all the similar aspects; bad childhood due to an abusive person, persona changed to adapt to this mental state that they had, and being the leader within their respective groups. Similar to Marie/Double D, and May/Ed, the two of them open up about the other's past, understand why they act the way that they did, and in turn begin to stop that wall of tension, and grow together. As with the other two pairs, it's very nice, and good to see, as honestly these two were basically made for each other if you ask me, both in this story and in the show. Regardless of all the stuff that they did before, their ultimate reunion in a more serious and romantic way is really well done.

I'll talk about Tabby and Rod next, as the other cul-de-sac kids don't exactly do a whole lot, with the exception of Kevin, but he doesn't have much to write about personally. In my opinion, the dialogue with these two characters in excellent, and what I really like about this tension that they are in is that... neither one is meant to be blamed more than the other. I mean, yeah Tabby started it by exaggerating what she saw when Rod was simply helping a fellow woman who was drunk, but at the same time, Rod made it worse for himself, Tabby and his daughters by NEVER talking about the situation, and simply accepting the circumstance. Coming from personal experience, NEVER leave conflicts unresolved or in a state of limbo, as that will comeback and hit you with the sense of regret faster than you can say "Oh shit! That was a stupid idea!". Anyways, back to my original point, while yes one could be held more accountable than the other, thankfully that isn't the case, as that would be a very boring and predictable situation, instead we see that they both regret their actions, and neither one thinks that they were the better one. It makes them both realize that they are going to need the other to help out their daughters, and that it can't be a one man or woman situation. Chapter 63 is the perfect example of this, they are not doing bad dialogue like: "YOU ARE THE REASON THIS FAMILY IS RUINED!", and blah blah blah. Instead, we see them talk about their past in a mature, responsible manner, while acknowledging the things that they both did wrong back then. Plus, my last point of the other realizing that the need the other to help their daughters is proven by how, when Tabby eventually realizes that keeping the tension is no longer going to help her, Rod or her daughters, she instead attempts to resolve it, and which she does, and they both get married too, making it a heartwarming reunion. It's very nice!

Now, onto the cons of the story. The first con I have, which I lightly mentioned back in the Double D/Marie part, is, the way that people reveal each other's secrets has an inherent flaw. That being, why didn't they tell their actual best friends before their partner? This applies to Double D because, keep in mind, at the point in time, Marie has been his girlfriend for not even 24 hours, and it's really only been her sharing secrets and personal details about herself, and Double D hasn't yet at all. The flaw with this reveal is that Double D has very little reason to tell Marie, at least in comparison to his BEST FRIENDS. That really bothered me, as to me, it seemed that Double D had doubts about considering Ed and Eddy his true best friends, due to their history, and besides, it's not like he has never been in a personal situation like with Marie, he was in the same thing almost in Big Picture Show! So, this is the only con in my opinion that weakens the story a bit, but hey, it's all subjective at the end of the day.

The next con is more of an error that is fixable, but looked weird when I was reading. In chapter 47, May gets the idea to use the fact that Double D would've never said anything about James if his love was real. However, the next chapter, it says that Lee is going to do the original plan that was May's, even though she was never told this idea by May herself, or even thought about it? Not a big con per say, but it was weird to see though.

As far as I read through, those are the only notable cons I could find. Sure, occasionally the tone of chapters switches a bit too fast (and at very inappropriate times sometimes), but it's nothing to knock points off at all.

The final thing to mention is, something I really enjoyed about the story is, well... the chemistry everyone shared! One of the most important parts of romance stories, and this does it quite well. For example, Double D and Marie have the chemistry of the former being more intelligent and caring, while the latter has the part of being more alluring, but also wholesome at some points throughout their conversations. Of course, in the sequel "Miracles and Mistletoes", everyone's chemistry got to be explored, as in this story (except with Double D/Marie), everyone was basically getting started, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, that's all the input I have for this one, and I'd rate this story around... 9/10! Well done dude! (Also, I forgot to add my specific rating for M&M when I reviewed it, but that would be 9.5/10)

CrescentMoon Moonflower chapter 69 . 10/7/2020
Best story thank you for writing and finishing such an amwell writen and fun read.
Expatkiwi chapter 40 . 9/2/2020
I watched the movie "Cutting Edge" and it reminded me of this ice skating chapter. I'm thinking of having Ed come out with May ice skating (1st time for Ed but he turns out to be a real natural). May shows off a few moves and tells Ed about how Lee can do axel jumps. Ed replies "like this?" and does a double axel. May - gobsmacked - asks him how he did it and he replies "I saw it on TV. Looks easy enough!". It gains the attention of a coach and they end up doing pairs figure skating. What do you think?
The Wasp1995 chapter 22 . 3/15/2020
I have no idea how this doesn't have more reviews but major props so far on this story!

I love Edd x Marie but it's hard to find quality content for them despite it being a popular pairing. Great writing (a few minor errors but no biggie) and the characters are spot on.

You've made Marie and Double D's coming together very believable and befitting a proper arc for the blue haired Kanker. Lots of fluff and cute moments of course and that's also been A

Overall, though the story was finished two years ago, I am enjoying this very much and you will be seeing more reviews in the coming days.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/3/2019
man man u good, u will do best as a story writer
Expatkiwi chapter 60 . 9/17/2019
Yeah. Just like with Tabby, middle school (we call it Intermediate School back in New Zealand) was the worst for me bullying-wise. Forty-Three years ago and I still have bitter memories...
Thomas Ellington chapter 54 . 9/5/2019
The house tour Tabby and the girls took kind of reminds me of Boogie2988 exploring his mom’s abandoned house. I’m just glad the Kanker family was able to fix their house up.
Crissillis chapter 69 . 8/21/2019
My god that is ‘one’ of the best fan fictions that I had ever and I’ve read a lot job well done you really wrote an awesome story And I look forward to your future stories.
Expatkiwi chapter 38 . 8/6/2019
Actually, May can be pretty smart at times. In "Hanky Panky Hullabaloo", May took Eddy and Ed to task over mixing certain chemical compounds after Ed and Eddy blew up their work station in Chemistry class. Double Dee was very impressed with May's knowledge.
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