Reviews for Turned Tables: The Long Story
Guest chapter 37 . 2/7
This is the second time I have read this story. I still love it. I am also looking forward to reading your other stories as well.
Geochili chapter 32 . 1/7/2023
I'm a bit shocked at the lack of grief for the deaths of Carly and Norman overall, except for Martin. For everyone else it's a shoulder shrug. Considering the fondness with which you wrote them...their deaths seem hollow.
Geochili chapter 31 . 1/6/2023
I love this story and your writing and the stories you craft, but...

Chuck locks up more than my PC. I guess he failed the "Rolling With The Punches" class at The Farm. Hell, Julie was more together than Chuck for awhile there. IMO, if you're going to say Chuck graduated from The Farm...he needs to be a bit more competent and self-possessed than as written here. Otherwise, maybe Frost faked all his grades? I mean, how did he not blush himself to death in "Seduction" class? It's like if meek Chuck B. stayed at Stanford, graduated, and enrolled at The Farm. Sarah comes out of there as an assassin. Chuck rolls out as a Nerder Header with a super good memory... pretty uneven results for a program to make spies.
Geochili chapter 30 . 1/6/2023
Chuck picks at his past like most people pick at an itchy scab...until it bleeds. Julie has no place in his life. Why the fuck does he even need answers? What puzzle do those answers solve in his future with Sarah? It just leaves him exposed. This is his Achilles Heel.
Geochili chapter 28 . 1/6/2023
A shout out to us geologists! And I've determined I need to keep Dr Google's dictionary handy when reading your stories. Lol
Geochili chapter 25 . 1/6/2023
You weave excellent tales. Thank you for sharing.
BlendingIn chapter 2 . 9/24/2022
Chapter 2 -

The only real explanation for Chuck's coworkers in the Buy More, explained by Zettel:

"The store's staff was to be composed of agents and actors contracted by the CIA."

LOL! How else do you explain The Mystery Crisper, Lester, or Jeff?

You're the best, Z!
MicroGirl1225 chapter 37 . 2/9/2022
It’s like you pulled on one thread from the tapestry that is Chuck, until it was all unraveled, then wove it back together to make a new pattern—this time the juxtaposition of colors make every other color look a different shade. Magnificently genius and I loved it.
jennalowe chapter 5 . 12/31/2021
I always love your Sarah
jennalowe chapter 3 . 12/31/2021
You can probably guess how much I'm loving this story. I can't wait to read more.
Mpeter chapter 28 . 12/23/2021
The end of Graham. I honestly can say I won't miss him. Great story so far. I really like how Chuck and Sarah have gotten to this point.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/18/2021
First time reading this story….wow! What a start!
AChieftess chapter 37 . 12/17/2021
Masterfully done.
THANK YOU for an entertaining story.
fklong2d chapter 37 . 8/15/2021
Great story. particularly enjoyed the Clown mission chapters. It's obvious you research your topics thoroughly and U really liked the part where you described their clown act. Well done.

As always, I enjoy your writing and always look forward to new ones.

Keep up the good's awesome!

SWchuckFan chapter 37 . 6/19/2021
Freaking loved your story! The circus was some of the best stuff ive read. Characters were all awesome. Charah was really good from the beginning to end. Thx for sharing (yea i know im late haha). Nothing like a train is next!
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