Reviews for Turned Tables: The Long Story
RC1701 chapter 37 . 8/6
Another great story! I feel a flash-forward like the one in this story would've been a great addition to the show's own ending. Something that left us in no doubt that Chuck and Sarah prevailed, while still leaving it a mystery how they got there (just "one magical kiss", or would it've taken a little more than that?). Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. I sincerely hope this and "I, Assassin" are not your final contributions ever on this site, but if they are, then thank you for these and many other gems!
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 37 . 8/2
Haha, cute. Of course it’s birth day. :) Everyone feels very in-character.
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 36 . 8/1
Things I loved about this chapter:

1. The moment when Chuck jumps over the back of the couch, lands on the cushions, thus bouncing his tranq gun up into the air, where he catches it in midair and squeezes off three shots so fast that it surprises even Sarah. YES. Chuck being an awesome spy always makes me cheer. :)

2. The whole file-burning ceremony that Chuck arranged.

3. The moment Sarah looked at the picture of Agent Walker and thought, "She'd been older then. She was younger now." So. Perfect.

4. The clean break with the spy world and the general ending. Some of it was neatly tied up, other parts of were left partially unresolved. And it was great how Chuck and Sarah were going to visit their old circus. It was a nice full-circle sort of closure.

This was a great AU! Thanks for sharing it!

(Thanks for the unexpected acknowledgement! I'm so glad I could help! :)
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 35 . 7/31
Ah, the villian, monologuing up the wazoo. Thanks for making Roark so completely over the top. Nice job with the action sequences. Still looking forward to finding Stephen!
HulkWillSmashForYou chapter 37 . 7/30
I finally got around to read it. Captured Sarah's character growth and inner struggle perfectly, with a great spy plot to go with it. Looks like I finished this write on time, so I can start I, assassin
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 33 . 7/26
Ilsa’s story was powerful, the idea of her holding a gun to her own head, so to speak, and forcing herself to go through what felt like a rape. And then being unable to escape her “rapist” because she couldn’t forgive herself for what she had done. I imagine the Ilsa/Casey car ride was a silent one that didn’t bring any resolution to either them, but I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the two of them actually make some progress.

“I’m a one-assassin man.” LOL!

Also, thanks for bringing Sinan to my attention. I went off and enjoyed reading a previously unexplored corner of Wikipedia! :)
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 31 . 7/18
Really nice moment with Sarah, the Renault, the alley, and Julie’s comment. Sarah is going to have to face her “my default is death” / “I want to be a mother someday” dichotomy. Well played.
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 30 . 7/18
Yeah, okay, that was officially awesome and kickass. I loved seeing Sarah in action! And good gut-punch with Castle. And I like Chuck’s quick thinking with Marcel. And good job depicting how he’d get her room number.
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 29 . 7/18
I loved the Sarah/Carina scene at the bar. Great stuff. Also, nice job building the tension in the kitchen as they prepare for the party.
Tenblood chapter 37 . 6/13
Fantastic story, this is well written and that postlude was amazing! Thanks for sharing this!
michaelfmx chapter 24 . 5/29 I bet Sarah's suddenly not thinking that her family is so messed up after all. I have to tell you that I didn't see all this coming. I figured that this chapter would have a lot of mission related content, but the Miley stuff just smacked me across the face.

As sad as it is, I kind of found your approach to Chuck's parents rather refreshing. This really was a new and rather unique take on what happened to Chuck's dad and consequently his mom. It's sort of the effect of having the Intersect, just without actually having the Intersect. The drug addiction is a tough road to go down. I haven't read the other reviews for this chapter, but I wouldn't be surprised if that issue was a talking point. And the guilt that Mary must be carrying around because of that must be staggering.

Chuck seems to have forgiven Ellie for now, but I have a feeling that conversations isn't over yet. Not much of an interlude, but great chapter. Caught me by surprise. Well done.
Newfanfikker chapter 36 . 5/28
Thank you, thank you, thank you. And one more time, just because it feels so good to say it. Thank you.
Thoroughly enjoyable and particularly thought provoking.
baldcoder chapter 37 . 5/27
Great epilogue! I like the focus around the delivery room. Emma at the end was pretty funny. Thanks for sharing this story with us!
sevenrez chapter 37 . 5/26
I wish we all had not experienced Agent Walker returning and locking Sarah away. Oh well we cannot change the show. We can enjoy some awesome versions of it. Thank you for the Postlude. It was of course lovely and funny.
sevenrez chapter 36 . 5/26
This is bittersweet! As always I enjoy reaching the end of a great story but I am sadden at the same time. I will miss the updates. I absolutely love Sarah in this story. Her growth was so fluid. This has become my favorite from your collection. You also captured that awesome chemistry that these characters have. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this with us. You are wonderful and I wish you luck with you future endeavors.
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