Reviews for Brú Enda
T149Man chapter 7 . 5h
This story made me feel strong emotions!
Dezzal chapter 2 . 8/23
This harry is to much of a weakling,
Kittyinaz chapter 7 . 8/23
Great story! I literally have no words to describe this incredible story! Thanks for sharing!
Kushka chapter 7 . 8/20
Great story
Misrable33 chapter 7 . 8/17
Wow what story. Awesome
A Reader chapter 7 . 8/17
Wow, ok I did not see that coming. You managed to to tie up all the loose ends in a seamless way. Great work, thank you for sharing your story with us.
GabrielsDoubt chapter 7 . 8/4
lovedthis. very intriguing
Roostertheking chapter 7 . 8/4
Wow... Very interesting plot... Loved it... Going to go read another of your wonderful work...
Araytigre chapter 7 . 8/2
Very nicely done! Bravo! Thanos is now history, with Gamora the last of "His" children, although I was somewhat surprised as I had thought that she had escaped him by now, but whatever (lol). A fun read though. Thank You. TTFN
F077 chapter 2 . 7/30
Me encanto el capitulo está muy bueno
F077 chapter 1 . 7/30
Muy bueno el capitulo
HappyxZoro chapter 7 . 7/30
C'était génial merci
TOWTWUKER chapter 7 . 7/29
So... Picture old death as that of the goddess harmony from final fantasy dissidia?
SkipRock chapter 7 . 7/29
And once again, Odin is portrayed as unaccountable to what he is directly responsible for.
rmiser1994 chapter 7 . 7/29
great bonus chapter! Tony is amusing as always hehe
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