Reviews for Partners?
Concolor44 chapter 143 . 6/23
You have an AWFULLY LARGE number of disparate plotlines to wrap up with only three chapters to go.
Detsella Morningdew chapter 44 . 6/22
Honestly, I think you have things the wrong way around. Vernon is a small-minded bigot, likely transferred to wizards on the advice of his wife, but Petunia is the one that really tried to destroy Harry. Not only is she the one that forced him into child labor, but notice how she is the only one that is explicitly mentioned in the books to hit (or try to hit) Harry. With a frying pan, no less. And if that pan is a really cheap one, then it's horrible, but if it's cast iron (which was still popular back then) it would probably cause permanent damage.

Though if I were Harry, I'd spare them specifically for Dudley, who, while certainly a jerk, doesn't deserve death for it. And I'd at least make a token effort for Vernon. Not sure about Petunia, honestly.
Concolor44 chapter 76 . 6/22
Okay, I've chuckled in quite a few places, but that last line is the first time I've leaned back and laughed over something in the story. Yeah. Must be nice. Most people don't realize how good they have it.
Concolor44 chapter 74 . 6/22
"Those men are idiots."
That's one of the best things any Harry has said in any story.
Detsella Morningdew chapter 2 . 6/21
Honestly, if it were me, this chapter would be first. Yeah, sure your first actual chapter was a good summary of what the main plot is going to be, but not only is this essential context that explains Bellatrix's behavior, it's a way, way more interesting plot hook that makes people want to know what will happen next.

Also, going in chronological order will reduce confusion.

Anyway, I'm not quite far enough along for me to give an actual review, so back to reading for me.
Concolor44 chapter 72 . 6/21
Gonna give Gabrielle the big head, pumping her up like that!

So. Three more DEs down. How lovely. And Moldyshorts has lost his ear in the French Ministry. How lovelier.
Concolor44 chapter 41 . 6/21
"Hermione, how would you like to change your last name?"
Concolor44 chapter 40 . 6/21
HA! That was fast. I guess when you go at it like rabbits on the regular, though ...
Concolor44 chapter 37 . 6/21
"How Not to be Killed"
Good plan. I like that plan. Where can I get a copy of that book?
Concolor44 chapter 34 . 6/21
Poor Pig! He'll be busy for a while.

Also, poor Hestia! She's about to get buried in unwarranted Howlers.
DPinAK chapter 146 . 6/14
Great story. Loved all the twists and characters!
Kobayashi Riku chapter 146 . 6/8
This story had me laughing over and over again with the hijinks within. Bite sized chapters are great for some late night reading. Equal parts sweet and hilarious, highly recommend.
Guest chapter 93 . 5/30
This chapter borders on seriously disrespectful to the late princess Diana
leonardmosca08 chapter 92 . 5/30
Princess Diana a witch WTF
leonardmosca08 chapter 67 . 5/30
All right that's a bit excessive I understand we're going with this I think your slight mistake too many women outside of story had potential when there was two or at least three wives now this is getting carried away it's not bad but you need to go back and rewrite this isn't a fanfiction this is a teenage boys wet dream story there's a huge difference my friend if you can go back and rewrite this it had potential at the beginning but then you just got cavity away and surprisingly I do understand
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