Reviews for the ways we made history
galaxies in her eyes chapter 1 . 2/20
This was absolutely adorable! I love the way that Molly knocked Arthur down. (I'm a sucker for meet cute stuff like that.) The way she freaked out was so like her I thought. And even back then, Arthur was the voice of calm.

I really liked how Lily complained about James so much; it was so in character for her. I like how you managed to talk about other characters some. And the way that Molly mothered people despite being the same age as them was so precious and heartwarming.

Arthur was so cute; his stuttering when he asked Molly out was honestly so sweet, and Molly's thoughts just then were funny and so in character for how I imagine her, even if we don't see nearly enough about her likes/dislikes in the canon. The proposal was roundabout, and oh, so endearing.

And the last two lines were just the cinch for this amazing story. I love how it doesn't go into detail about their married life and so the readers can then imagine to their hearts' content about what happens next. Loved this!
~ Alana