Reviews for games of the head, games of the heart
Sun struck chapter 1 . 7/26
Wow, wow wow! I loved this; this was such an interesting idea and you wrote it in such a smooth manner! The plot was pretty intriguing with sinister Ginny and kinda hopeful Tom was definitely interesting!
magical medicine chapter 1 . 6/11
oh my fucking god. i have never particularly liked the hunger games, but now i think i may have to get back into it. because damn, this was beautiful.

i love the present tense. it made the story feel like it was happening as i read. i love the way that the sentences cut off with dashes, like thoughts that one cannot bear to finish. i love the way that ginny finally won, because i read too many ginny/tom fics where tom always wins.

this was absolutely marvellous. i loved everything about it.
halcyon epochs chapter 1 . 6/9

i like hinny, ok. but ginnytom is tied for second (with ginnyluna).

vic, this fic was all kinds of emotions. it was slightly gory, but anyone who has read/watched the hunger games knows that.

i love the way he describes her. it's almost as if he immediately recognizes her as a badass. and i love how his interest in her builds up to the end- and then it comes crashing down.

ok, so i'm gay for ginny and you. this fic was all kinds of wonderful and i love you and it.

wonderful job!

(i'm sorry, this seems like an emotionless review.)
ipsa dixit chapter 1 . 4/29
oh, look at that, i'm reviewing you! /offended i didn't get a beta thank you smh
but what can i even say? i always love all of your fics. maybe one day i'll go through them all and say exactly what i love about them but the gist is:
everything you write feels so fresh and new and i love just,,,,, HOW you write. your style is amazing.
i love your characterisation of both ginny and tom. you made them WORK in this and you made their relationship believable. aND YOU MADE THEIR RELATIONSHIP PARALLEL TO CANON. i guess it's more perpendicular but.
A: the fact that their roles were reversed? that was amazing and i loved that you made ginny so badass. i love badass!ginny. i also like that you had tom be the weak one BUT he was in line with his canon self; he was still all 'i'm going to totally win this' and then he gets in over his head and LOSES TAKES THAT
B: THEIR RELATIONSHIP IN GENERAL. you made it work. so well. i don't even think you know how amazed i am with you? the two of them is a slight guilty pleasure of mine and this was just. GAH. i have zero (0) words. i guess i just like that it was a more believable relationship than other fics (for all ships) write?
your writing is gorgeous and i love it and you. i wish you'd come back :(
isaacswolfsbane chapter 1 . 4/4
This was so good omg! I envy people that can write AUs like this because I struggle so much. You've managed to mix the two fandoms perfectly and provided just enough information that someone who doesn't know The Hunger Games could understand it, but also it's not overloading you with information for the people that do know it.

Tom was a really good choice for someone going into the hunger games, and I loved how you edited the Horcruxes to fit the world of Hunger Games, too. Ginny was a perfect choice for the ultimate victor, too. She's definitely ruthless and firey enough to fight her way to the top. You wrote them both perfectly, too. The characterisation was incredible.

I low key ship Tom/Ginny so I absolutely adored the slow build up and the bittersweet ending they had. It was a really nice, slow realisation of Tom coming to terms with fucking up but also that he liked her, and then for Ginny to turn around and shoot him straight in the heart with no hesitation is such a perfect ending for him.

I loved the little details that you took straight from canon Hunger Games like the orange backpack, it was a nice little extra detail for those of us that know the fandom.

Great job :)
galaxies in her eyes chapter 1 . 4/2
oh my god. victoria. you —
argh, this was absolutely gorgeous. (but really, did i expect anything less from you?) i don't like hunger games. that was what made this not stand out for me when i glanced at the summary (while i was browsing all your fics). but this just blew me away.
i haven't read the books in a loooong time, so i've forgotten most of the details. (maybe all of them, idek.) but this...i think i could have read this even had i never read the books. so. well done with that.
you crushed my heart with this. seriously. the ending was beautiful and poignant, and gods, my heart is broken. are you proud of yourself now?
i like how you used ginny's full name to show that they weren't close, even if they kissed, even if they teamed up. and i like how he couldn't do it right off. and i loved how she won, and wasn't actually sorry, because i read way too many fics where she's weak and never wins in fights.
so thank you. thanks for leaving me with a shattered heart. i swear i'm never reading anything else of yours ever again. i can't take the aftermath. thanks for writing anyway, though :p
~ alana
Someone aka Me chapter 1 . 4/1
ooooooh see okay I usually hate this ship but this is so AU that I'm kind of feeling it. I love love love hunger games AUs. Having Ron as a participant from another district was a fascinating twist and made for an interesting interplay between Tom and Ginny. I loved that Tom recognized Ginny as a threat straight from the start, because he sees how fierce she is. And I adore the fact that, in the end, Tom is the one who hesitates, and Ginny is the one who doesn't. Tom got sentimental, and in the Hunger Games, that's a death sentence. And he knows it. I love that both of them see right through each other, and in a way, that's what draws them together.
It's a fascinating plot with some great character interactions. I still wouldn't say I ship it, but I didn't hate the ship in this context, which is quite a compliment from me about tom/ginny. Your writing was beautiful, and Ginny's sass at the end was absolutely fantastic.
Overall, I really enjoyed reading it. The flow was amazing and by the time I reached the end I couldn't believe it was over. Excellent fic. Very well done.
empyreale chapter 1 . 2/21
i loved this! :D i'll admit, i'm definitely not the biggest hunger games fan, but this was a lovely au. my only critique is that it wasn't longer! this could have easily been drawn out into a multi-chap and i would have loved to see more- perspectives of the different characters, maybe some more of tom and ginny's battles? it had so much potential and was a lovely fic, i would have just liked to see more. an elaboration on what exactly the 'horcrux technology' was- what it meant, how it works, what's to become of it now. i did like ginny's character in this, though i'll admit it was a bit ooc from how she is in the books. same with tom- i didn't see him at all to be the type to let love blind him. i completely understand that you've got to alter some things from the sake of the au, but i did find them a tad too much out of character. that aside, though, i adored this! i'd love to see more of this au from you, but even despite that- its a wonderfully unique concept and brilliantly written :)