Reviews for We Have To Stop Meeting Like This
Kristi chapter 3 . 2/27/2018
I like how you call the Ray "Ray" when it's his POV for the chapter, while you're calling the other Ray by his last name only. I guess the Rays could refer to each other and think of each other by their last names only, but it's really weird to me that any man who's close to another man (as a lover or close friend) would not call the other man by his first name, or a nickname, as RayV calls Fraser "Benny." That's why I don't follow the fandom crowd and have no objection to RayV calling Kowalski "Stanley" instead of "Ray" or "Kowalski." Kowalski should realize that RayV gives nicknames out of affection, and "Stanley" or "Stan" could be RayV's special nickname for him. I would not have Fraser calling Kowalski anything other than "Ray," unless Kowalski indicates that he has embraced "Stanley" as his first name.