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samus18 chapter 64 . 9/13
Omg, poor Jamin. D: Guess he's on par with Matthias now. I hope Saoirse and the others can help him out. Reeeaaally interesting comments about the Blue Forest, and I can't help but wonder if Saoirse really *does* have other reasons for traversing that part of Dinotopia...hmm... :) This really does get more interesting with each chapter - really loving these updates!
samus18 chapter 63 . 9/11
It's such a relief that they're all safe in a house now - including Lotus and Kukka! I can understand the cadets feeling like their nerves are frayed. They'e been through a lot, and like the last sentence basically said, they all have to be missing their skybax partners a lot. I wonder how long it's technically been since they'd left Canyon City.
Funny that Taddeo seems to have been momentarily distracted by Saoirse, and I'm sure Fira's noticed. XD
Great update, as usual!
Guest chapter 62 . 9/5
I'm so glad Lotus is back and safe! The reunion between her and Tristan was absolutely precious, I'm glad you took advantage of the moment and showed just how much Tristan and the others care about her. It's incredibly sweet. :)
You have a real knack for balancing strife and relief, because I'd say the cadets and Lotus got help just in time. They've all been through a lot, and I'm probably just as happy as they are to have Saoirse and Kukka's help. And yet their journey must still be far from over, because they're destination is the Tentpole of the Sky. I have been wondering whether or not Lotus will accompany them that far. :o
samus18 chapter 61 . 8/28
I'm relieved that Tristan ran into another human, and one he knows, no less! That's gotta be such a huge relief after all that he and the others have been through. I do hope that Lotus is alright, although I have confidence that few creatures can match a struthie for speed. Hopefully this will prove true for Lotus.
The journey to the Tentpole of the Sky certainly has been a lot scarier than I thought it would be, which (in story land) is a nice surprise, especially as we haven't lost anyone.
Great update, I'm still loving every inch of this story!
samus18 chapter 60 . 8/7
Poor Mathias. It was really big of Tristan to encourage him instead of bringing him down when he was already down. Probably wasn't an easy thing to do.
I really hope that sweet Lotus is ok...That's some kind of scary predicament they're in.
samus18 chapter 59 . 8/4
Omg...this has to be just about the worst thing that could have happened to them, short of actually getting killed. :O The way you wrote the entire scene was so terrifying, and I do mean that as a compliment. You get the sense of being there with the cadets and Lotus - so scary! And how interesting that getting past the fence really seemed to save them...Wonder why the sabertooth would have respected that barrier...
They're gonna have one heck of a story to tell everyone when they get back to Canyon City!
samus18 chapter 58 . 8/4
*whistle* They're in some kinda predicament now, or I'm mistaken. How creepy that they (possibly) crossed over into sabertooth territory! Being lost would be scary enough, but throwing sabertooth tigers into the mix would most certainly make matters worse.
Very ominous exit from Fira at the end, too. Hopefully she won't stray too far...but I think the cadets are far from out of this yet.

P.S. This story is really so gripping that once again I can't help mentioning that this would be one heck of an addition to the Dinotopia book series. :) Not the shorter ones, though, more like the type that Alan Dean Foster wrote (the big epic ones, of which yours certainly qualifies.)
samus18 chapter 57 . 8/2
Wow - can't wait to see what the next chapter will bring! I'm sitting at the edge of my seat now...I'd be scared of going on such a journey myself, but the cadets, and Lotus, are brave to venture into territory that's possibly occupied by wolves and sabertooths. It'd kinda be like tramping through the Rainy Basin, but a snowy version, so to speak.
samus18 chapter 56 . 7/31
This stage in their journey took a very unprecedented turn, with Mathias attempting to be civil to Tristan, for once. I'm glad to see it, even if it kinda failed at the end because I can see them being friends if they weren't so competitive toward each other. I think I mentioned this many chapters back, but I repeat myself a lot, lol.
The last part of the chapter is super creepy - I love it. XD The journey is bound to get more intense if they're close enough to the Forbidden Mountains to hear dire wolves (hopefully they won't run into any bears or sabertooths; wolves are scary enough. Sure makes for a delightfully intense read, though!)
Guest chapter 55 . 7/27
Hello, I don't normally write reviews, but I need to write one here. These stories that you write are excellent, and I hope that you continue writing them. I hope you know that you can write very well, that the plot is well made, and the characters seem very real. I started reading these chapters during a very difficult period in my life, one that is not yet over. But I have always looked forward to reading your stories in the evening. I cannot put into words the joy that I feel when I see that a new chapter has been written. That is all, keep writing these.
samus18 chapter 55 . 7/28
Oh man, they really had a close call there - quick thinking on Taddeo's part, and the rest, too. Hopefully they're not so near the Forbidden Mountains that Jamin and Taddeo are in any serious danger from the cold...
Also, I really liked that moment of communication between Lotus and Tristan. :) Very heart-warming and precious!
samus18 chapter 54 . 7/24
The journey is certainly getting a little more intense with their approach to the Forbidden Mountains. Hopefully they'll make it through the cold climate without any bad accidents or having to turn back (if Fira's already having trouble now, to boot.)
Mathias was funny in this chapter - his reactions to Fira, and the way he gave her flowers, lol! I feel for Taddeo and his plight, but can't help thinking that Fira and Mathias might make a good couple, especially as they mature. They're both fiery go-getters. I mean Mathias does have an ego, but maybe it'll mellow out as he grows? Anyway, this is turning into a rabbit hole.
Loved the chapter, as always. I feel like I'm right alongside the cadets (and now, Lotus), on their journey. The imagery you write about certainly helps, too. Having lived in the mountains before, I can definitely smell the pine and feel the cold air. Just makes the experience that much better. :)
samus18 chapter 53 . 7/18
This was an interesting, colorful chapter, not least of all because of the addition of Lotus! The struthies have always been among my favorite dinosaurs. Lotus sounds like she'll be a barrel of fun, but again, I can't help feeling that there's probably more to her than joviality. ;) It's interesting about Tristan and the dancing lessons, too (I don't remember if it was mentioned before.) Seems like it kinda caused Mathias to back up a little, which is refreshing because he tends to have the upper hand on Tristan a lot of the time. Although I've gotta give you props for not really having either of the two come out on top more than the other.
samus18 chapter 52 . 7/15
It's so nice to continue this journey with Tristan and the others. And I have to say - along with Tristan - I never thought I would like Fira's character, but she is becoming much more likable with each chapter. And as small as it might seem, that slight characteristic you gave her of having an infectious laugh really contributes wonders to her character development (can't seem to neglect ever mentioning character development, but I can't help it.) It'll be interesting to see where this part of the journey is going to take them all. I have a feeling us readers are in for more than just a few surprises up ahead (call it a hunch?)
samus18 chapter 51 . 6/25
That was some heated argument between Tristan and Mathias, though I can hardly blame Tristan for getting upset. Mathias does seem to have a bit of a mean streak, or maybe it would be better to say he likes to rub Tristan the wrong way. The journey that these cadets are taking should undoubtedly get more interesting with these two in the mix... XD
Once again, I have to comment on how wonderfully different the characters are from each other. It's something I almost never come across in fan fiction, but it's expertly done in this story. Their personalities are all so well-defined, they come across as real, interesting, flawed people. I'm loving every minute of it.
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