Reviews for The Bloody Oracle of Kiri
BUmp 1332 chapter 38 . 4/13
I was wondering did she Mangetsu about her plan to leave the village ? so she can take his little brother because in the last chapter says she has one last week to leave so he can be prepared his brother things to take believe and I'm wondering she tell him or not about her plan to leave?
Starheart chapter 38 . 4/13
Oh my God love your story can't wait what happened next and to see more what she would do when she leaves the village have a nice day :) :)
6fortius9 chapter 31 . 4/2
(Yep, that's my accnt. Just PM if anything but too lazy to log in)
Haha, you're most def right about the relationship thing.
I reckon it's due to all the fanfare and fantasies surrounding the canon character (or fans wanting to date them, more specifically).

You deserve all the support for this story.
texiut chapter 38 . 3/28
So, I've read this story multiple times now and it's always so good. Thank you for all the work you've put into this! And I've just read through the other comments and the one from a guest just before this one, is such a great comment. I wholeheartedly agree. ~
Guest chapter 38 . 3/16
Hey there! I hope you’re doing ok. I miss reading this story so I thought I should give a review. If you’re taking a needed break or there’s something going on then take your time. I just wanted to let you know that I think you’ve done fantastically on this story. It was always exciting when I found out there was a new update. Thanks for being a great writer and stay safe.
softsoundjameson chapter 38 . 3/10
I’m absolutely adoring this story. Please don’t stop writing.
ProDogg chapter 38 . 3/7
Liked the chapter and take your time to update I’m a patient man
Bleach41 chapter 38 . 3/3
Loving this how this is going and I can't not wait what well Sute when she leaves the village and I cannot wait how difficult characters definition react to her fake death!:) :)
Danyele chapter 38 . 2/9
I just spend the whole day reading this fic. I absolutely love it. Looking forward to what comes next.
rose.chan27 chapter 38 . 2/5
I have passed by this story quite a few times during my Naruto fanfic binges because I was never a very big fan of si/oc stories that didn't take place in Konoha. Now that I've read it... WTF was wrong with me?! This story is incredible! I cannot wait until you update this! Thanks for sharing!
The curiosity of Tom chapter 38 . 1/29
I really like the story and I'm looking forward to your next chapter. While rereading this I had a thought though. Kind of a personal question but, are you the daughter of a serial-killer, since this is a SI? Or is it just creative liberties?
Visual Bliss chapter 34 . 1/26
Wait is the reason why the yorozuyo were so secretive is because they were all like Sute? People who remembered their life from before or (no basterds left behind lol) would eventually remember?
Visual Bliss chapter 28 . 1/26
The whole fight between Kakashi and Sute reminded me of Fate heaven's feel you know the part where Cu chases assassin but was basically lured into traps along the way until eventually getting his heart ripped out
Visual Bliss chapter 19 . 1/24
Ahh she didn't consider the possibility that the reason she doesn't know certain things is because she never watched shippuden? Well hindsight is 20/20 after all lol
Visual Bliss chapter 15 . 1/24
It was kinda obvious that she had mokuton considering her little tree sensory trick
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