Reviews for A Marriage of Convenience
Priyanshu chapter 72 . 7/25
wow amazing
Priyanshu chapter 72 . 7/25
wow fantastic story
Priyanshu chapter 15 . 7/21
it's one of the best story i ever read, I'm glad bcz i just found this. It is amazing
Turn3r2255 chapter 106 . 7/16
Dang this was such a good story. It’s a very nice take on the arranged marriage Haphne fics, and the plot is really well thought out too. I really liked how the final 30 or so chapters ties in everything from all the previous chapters in such a concise and satisfying way. It’s also very engaging, and kept me reading.

This is probably one of the best Haphne and Harry Potter fanfics I’ve read so far.
rmcsquared chapter 106 . 5/22
I have just finished yet another reread of this fantastic story and even knowing all the twists and turns it still had me hooked and not wanting to put it down. I truly love your writing and eagerly await the next installment of your stories.

I will second a few of the reviews here and say I would love to hear a, shall we call it a second epilogue telling the story of the DMLE and Susan's efforts to end corruption in the Wizengamot/courts, it is probably the only loose end from this tale that you didn't really tie up.

thanks for sharing and keep writing

Kia Kaha
K chapter 106 . 5/17
I’ve said it before, but I will reiterate, this is one heck of a good story.
SonntagMorgen27 chapter 106 . 4/10
This story was amazing! Thank you so much for all your time! You and Shygui put so much work into this masterpiece! I loved the character development and all those little hints about the mysteries of Harry and Daphnes story.

Your writing style was extraordinary and the details especially about the trial were very interesting!
Guest chapter 69 . 4/4
Well, it only took 60 some chapters, but Harry finally decided to use his brain for once. Now I just hope the cousin/Williams & Ginny will both get the justice they deserve.
zugrian chapter 45 . 4/4
While I'm trying to enjoy this (and I love the Harry & Daphne stuff), Ginny is such an incredibly evil caricature that I really just wish someone (like Daphne) would punch her in the face a few dozen times.
Hadami chapter 40 . 3/1
This fic is so awful. It's honestly impressive. It's written well, but everything else is terrible:
-Harry being such a massive pushover is probably the worst part. He doesn't like conflict, but that doesn't mean he'll never stand up for himself. The people who wrong him (e.g. Cygnus') never face consequences. Now, Harry might get angry, but in the end he always yields to people's demands, irrespective of what he actually wants. That's so infuriating.
-Harry thought telling the press about Cygnus' blackmail was worse than ruining both his and Daphne's life. A month of being in the news is worse than being married to someone you don't even know? What? It's not like he wouldn't be in the news anyway.
-Ginny has the flimsiest motivation possible for being evil. She's upset Harry left her? He was fighting Voldemort. No one is that stupid.
-Daphne taking such pleasure out of getting married to Harry really rubs me the wrong way, seeing as she knows how heart broken he is over Ginny
-Hermione telling Daphne to remain in an arranged marriage! Like, what? Leaving would be the best for both of them obviously.
-Daphne's original obsession with Harry being brushed off like it's nothing

I really wanted to like this fic. The writing is well above a typical fic. In the end, the characters and plot are so awful that I can't bring myself to read anymore.
K chapter 106 . 2/20
A brilliant story. I’ve said it before, but it definitely bears repeating, absolutely brilliant!
K chapter 64 . 2/20
Still exceedingly good.
K chapter 46 . 2/19
Story developing brilliantly. Have you considered the word ‘conscience’ instead of ‘conscious’, as it fits the bill much better?
K chapter 22 . 2/19
Who the heck is Jame? Apostrophe in the wrong place. Still love the story though - brilliant!
K chapter 18 . 2/19
Great story, however, you lend TO and borrow FROM.
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