Reviews for A Marriage of Convenience
wujuninja chapter 70 . 4/17
Harry is fucking blind
wujuninja chapter 68 . 4/17
I hate this Harry
wujuninja chapter 64 . 4/17
u gotta make it up big time
wujuninja chapter 64 . 4/17
this story is so sad the guy is worse than Voldemort
wujuninja chapter 57 . 4/17
writer women ladywhy you do this to me. reading this hurts
wujuninja chapter 43 . 4/16
wow you can really write romance I am just surprised never areas such a good romance fic
wujuninja chapter 26 . 4/16
love made Harry blind. how can he not match the dots how I really hope he finds out the truth
wujuninja chapter 21 . 4/16
fuck this Ginny, just die
stealacandy chapter 106 . 4/5

Your story still hasn't answered an important question - how did Williams get his hands on the photographs, if - according to his testimony, and presumably borne by the evidence - he beat a hasty retreat the morning after his last tryst with Ginny.

Also, why Anthony, who is usually very sharp, didn't ask him about the photos at all - not how he got them, nor why he sent them to Roper with a letter explaining they were evidence Daphne had a motive to kill Ginny.

Also, you promised me we'll see the results of the goblins investigation into the rental contract forgery - but never delivered. Nor did you write about the results in the Ministry of Magic - and especially the DMLE, the Auror Office and the judiciary - of the Roper corrupt conspiracy.
Which is a shame. This story deserves another 10 or 15 chapters to round it off...
Overide22 chapter 68 . 3/24
There is a psycho bitch who has it out for us, but my marketing director wants her to be the face of our new ad campaign. Sure why not, what could go wrong.

NO. Daphne and Harry as portrayed in this story are not dumb enough to just go along with that. Anything that happens from now on in this story due to this decision is stupid.
Maximuschampion chapter 106 . 3/19
Great story!
Linda chapter 106 . 3/7
I really love this story and very sorry Im done reading it
surya25addanki chapter 106 . 3/5
This is awesome
TheHallsOfMandos chapter 1 . 2/24
I've read most of your stories and I've enjoyed every single one. They have a lot of fluff and are generally just heartwarming to read. However, in my opinion, this is the best story you've written. You managed to write a story with elements of romantic drama, mystery and law to great effect. Not only is the story captivating, it is also immensely satisfying to read. And your writing, as always, captures the emotions of characters beautifully. Wonderful work, and thank you for writing this.
Majerus chapter 106 . 2/12
Very satisfying, after being very hair-pulling at times :D

Thank you for sharing your (and Shygui's) time and talent.
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