Reviews for PMDD: Explorers of the Darkness
Jack Kellar chapter 23 . 4/11/2019
"That human will one day be reborn as a human [...]"

Wait, what?
Jack Kellar chapter 13 . 4/8/2019
This chapter and all the characters within it are cardboard as hell. What the hell was that?
Jack Kellar chapter 10 . 4/8/2019
Fucking Uncle Wayne.
Jack Kellar chapter 4 . 4/8/2019
So how tanky is Baldwin? Lucarios aren't known to be very sturdy, but a former leper and currently steel-boned jackal could shake the scales.

"Crowds would as water to her now."
This sentence is apparently missing a word.
Jack Kellar chapter 3 . 4/8/2019
Oh my god, I just realised... Kon is a Charmander, a pomemon with exposed fire on his body. He is The Flame!

So far this has been fairly on point (though I'm not very familiar with PMD, it's looking good and verisimile in my book, and meshing well with my beloved DD) so I urge you to keep going. If I have any criticism to help you improve, I'll post it.
Paladin Graith chapter 18 . 2/27/2019
“Darkest Estate”?

Not very original. But then again, with the exception of my only Crusader run (named DEUS VULT), I name my runs Dark, Darker, and Darkest by difficulty...
SnowLabrador chapter 3 . 1/9/2019
I liked it. There were a few spelling mistakes, but nothing too bad. I wish you both luck.
SnowLabrador chapter 2 . 1/8/2019
Liking it.
SnowLabrador chapter 1 . 1/8/2019
I'm liking this. Not too familiar with the world of Darkest Dungeon, but I'm enjoying it. You two are really good at working together, and I will be following this story.
Tejerina chapter 20 . 10/17/2018
Zoroark: Appears.
Luie: Dad!?
Baldwin: ... Excuse me what the fuck
Tejerina chapter 17 . 7/20/2018
Lmaaoo Darkrai at the ending of the chapter lookedlike a brat jshdhshs I'm dying
Tejerina chapter 15 . 3/30/2018
Ohno, the collector... the noob (me) destroyer... ;w;
Tejerina chapter 13 . 3/19/2018
... It was worth to stumble upon this by pure accident. It makes me want to give DD another try.
On a side note: That Charmander is a savage.
ChocolateTeapot chapter 11 . 3/16/2018
Nice chapter! I liked the meowth's nervousness (and Team Skull's). Rita receiving the letter was also neat. Their fear for the town after encountering the bandits was good too.
ChocolateTeapot chapter 10 . 3/12/2018
Good chapter!

Luke's reaction to Kon's desire for a church was neat. I also liked Luke talking about him getting a sibling.

I would not star out curse words. Either write them out as they are (IMO the occasional use of the f word isn't enough to demand a higher rating than T) or don't use them. If you don't want to use them, have him say something less vulgar or just go with a description (He swore.) rather than direct speech.

The scene where Luke thinks Kon is dead and his out-of-body experience are very good.
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