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Guest chapter 22 . 1/26/2019
So someone finally opened the rescue closet after 2 years.
Heh chapter 22 . 1/26/2019
So someone finally heard them screaming from the respawn closet.
PoofyOhio chapter 23 . 10/20/2018
A RWBY fan fic with a lesbian relationship between Blake and Yang?! How original... though I guess to be fair you did make it happen in a rather... original way with the alchohol and downward(?) slope. Other than that and the rather large amounts of spelling errors this is pretty good.
YOUTUBERALEKGAMING chapter 21 . 5/20/2018
anyway great story sad ending at least rwby survived along with penny hell can i make a reference well not really a reference but it shows where they went when thay died
YOUTUBERALEKGAMING chapter 21 . 5/20/2018
i was like that fat kid from that vine when i saw the end o was like OOOOOOOH FUCK
A Grimm Host chapter 21 . 5/20/2018
Thanks for the cameo!
A Grimm Host chapter 20 . 5/15/2018
Please let my OC in the fic! His name is Jack Ferro and he's 6'9 and has a mix of a bulky and lean build. He uses a makeshift flamethrower, a pair of fire axes and an M60 LMG. He wears a gas mask even though he is immune to airborne dieases and smoke and gas. He also wears a fire proof suit that has metal plates in sewn into it on vital areas of the body. He carries a large backpack full of all sorts of supplies and has four separate canisters for his flamethrower. Two of the canisters are long and tall that are placed at the top of backpack with the other two being short and big and are hanging of the backpacks side. Jack has brown hair with red eyes that create red mist when he's angry. Please at least consider putting him in
YOUTUBERALEKGAMING chapter 19 . 5/13/2018
to be honest i. think i overreacted there but still i will be heart broken if this happens man
YOUTUBERALEKGAMING chapter 19 . 5/13/2018
you better not give a bad ending man no one not even you would want them to die besides if you let them die...then ozpin and every human on remnant will die from salem so... put me in it. i know how this could work my oc/persona saves lives throughout the multiverse he can bring back yang blake and ruby but the cost being his own life he would age 6 months for each life brought back either that or he can heal the infection trust me you can do that with a gamer ability but the thing is if you have them die then i would feel horrible please find a way for them to be cured using some bullshit about aura and genetics OR LET MY PERSONA COME IN GUNS BLAZING AND HELP THEM AT LEAST thats why he is called the defender of the multiverse because he constantly travels universes to try and save as many lives possible or damn right defend it
YOUTUBERALEKGAMING chapter 17 . 5/13/2018
why is this such an under rated fanfic its awesome i feel sorry for you man if you made this back in the left for dead days people would have loved this
SurotoFall chapter 18 . 5/8/2018
Infected? Wouldn't they already have turned?
And how does Ozpin know they are infected?
Also if they die I'm gonna be pretty sad
Unzealots chapter 18 . 5/7/2018
Hell yea finally where gonna have some bandits on the next chapter. I got the names for the 3 bandit gangs. The frist one is the chosen one Gang. A group of frantic people who worship the viruse as a gift of the gods. They uses special infected and regular infected to bring in new recruits to make them one as their own regardless if they want to or not. They also have the ability of the special infected but can still use weapons due to their speical gense that makes them not turn yet unless they died and becomes of one. Their base is at a graveyard area where a lot of infected gathers. Due note they are the only group the infected will not attack due to them already be infected and turn but still have some humanity left in them( Remember dying light final dlc ending?). The next one is Butchers Raiders. They are a group of cannibals people who thinks that anyone who do not eat human flesh should be eaten alive or dead. They are fast and strong due a strange mutation of a hunter and a jockey strand. They mostly carry meele weapons with very sharp blades or blunt weapons. Found in the frist and secound chapter with a lot of human flesh cut up or hanged. Not much infected too since they kill thwm so they won't steal their meal and of course eat them too. They also throw blood bombs that arracts wild or infected dogs to attack. Plus they have very sneaky attacking when the group lets their guard down but can be very impatient if their prey took too long. Finally the last bandit group is the Angel of death. They are seen in the last chapter fighting off the military. They are escaped criminals or terrorist or psychopath group that are trying to escape hy stealing the military choppers or boats. They are well armed and will fight ti the death. They also keep a lot of ta ks to use on the military to soften them up since they are the only one who can tame ? No one knows, but they can.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/4/2018
You make an omake about Vergil. Since he's Cajun, you make him give a feast of Cajun style food. Like fish, BBQ Ribs, Freshly cold lemonade that is not laced with drugs. Finally Cajun Biscuits and Fries.

Also why im commenting about food? Welk i was eating Popeys food and this idea came up, so yea... I blame food for commenting this.
Unzealots chapter 16 . 4/24/2018
Hahaha well so much for sugar zombies but at least some if my ideas made it. Anyways I was playing a few some custom left 4 dead games with custom zombies i notice one thing. Why not enhance the zombies we have right now. No they will no appear in chapter 6 and instead of the usual the helicopter crash they will have to hold up an incoming horde of zombies inside the final part. This idea will let team rwby and l4d2 survivors to finally meet the other people for a few more days until Ozpin manage to bring them back. During this time this will be last safe military haven with other people. Sadly it will be attack by zombies and of course the grimm that you added. Only this timed fused and infected making a more deadly threat. During this time team Rwby will experience a massacure of military and other people die on front of them while trying to try to save many of them as they can.

Now here where i will brance off.
In one part Ozpin will take the Rwby character and leave the l4d2 survivors and the other people left for dead because their parents want them safe. This will lead a very mental scar in their brains as seeing the people that help them left for dead without saving theit goodbyes to them. Not only that become a self loathing person from of not saving them making their parents and Ozpin questioning them of thier choices. Plus they hope they can pass on but it will not as it will cause massive depression and what if and blameing their parents and Ozpin for not saving them. This is kinda dark I know, but dose offer a bitter sweet ending.

Another one will be, that both Rwby and the l4d2 survivors both manage to escape to Remnant but could not save the people that trap by both zombie and grimm infected horde. This ending is still the same but the cast of l4d2 survivors question why they couldn't save those people that are trap in that place as they can see children being killed and family just committing suicide to not face a slow painful death or people depressly trying to escape only to be killed by other people trying to escape of the infected horde. This will make rwby a great depression but will recover evently because at least their new freinds made it with them. Though they will still question their Parents and Ozpin why they couldn't they save them, they will eventually figure out that not everyone can be saved. This is some what a light hearted ending but at least the l4d2 cast is still alive. But only scared but will proved their mentality and learn that is much one person can saved but not all of them will see the light of day.

The other ending is that Ozpin manage to open a gate way and allowed atlas robots to defend the rwby, l4d2 cast and the people around them to evacuate the area to the other world. Though this is a good ending but not without a cost. Even thougj they manage as many peoe as they can they still face people could be turn into zombies. This will leave a post ending where one random survivor from the other world escape and became infected and infect the people of Remnant starting another zombie apocalypse and make the team rwby cast thinking was it was a good idea to save those people even though their infected, in which Ozpin says that what happen now is not their fault and they will try to contained or cleanse the peoe who are infected. This ending wilk make Cinder fall use this infected people and maybe try to i fect the other kingdim with this virus. How it gose it's up to you.

The last one is dark but hear me out. They all died together by making their final stand againist horde. Ozpin tries to reach out to them but the machine that will brinf them back malfunction and broke down due to mechanical issue and other stuff. Ozpin anf the parents of team Rwby will see their beloved children die together as they kill as many of them ad thwy canbefore tbeir bodies gave out. But Ozpin manage to get the machine working again but sadly can only bring one person back because the machine will explode if he tries to push it more. The survivor will be Ruby who lost her step-sister, her team, her new friends and finally the people she couldn't saved. This will Scar the Young rose for life as her brain couldn't take the mental image of death every way. This will cause to go into a coma for a month due to her injures, exhaustion, and her brain mentally shutting down. She will wake up eventually in a few years, but will leave eventually leaving no goodbyes or where she going. Most likely train her self to become stronger and had her emotion all gone due to not trying remeber their death. Also she will awaken her powers and will become a merciless killer on anyone who she deem evil in her eyes without remorse or pitty. She will also block out any human or Faunus interacting but for food, lodging or for information. She will eventually face the fall mother but thats for you to decide.

This is most darker part I ever type but I hope you give me your opinion on it. But this is of course if yoy want to pursue this idea. If so P.M me about it and if not just flat out ingore it and I will not judge you of not doing it.
Unzealots chapter 15 . 4/13/2018
I see what you did their. Having their dog zwei csn be very useful to them. It alert when a horde comes, or retrieve items that hidden to hard to reach places, of help them fight off infected. A good addition to the team. Anyways since my bandits will be used later on a different campaign mind as well throw in a few Ideas. We all know that Sugar Mill chapter has so many witches that infact their almost at every corner or blocking a certain path. So I mind as well give another infected but this is just an uncommon infected. It's called the Sugar infected Worker since witches in their lore are attractived to Sugar. These sugar workers will do same thing that infected do but with slight twist, when they die they release sugary substance blood that will attract witches but very antagonzie that being near them of if a stray shot will make them go berserk. If left alone they will go to the fallen corpses of the sugar worker and just sit or stand there. Due note that this will not last long and will wonder off on their own but still staying near the area. Another thing I want to add(if you wsnt)is when they get to the gas station as and infected survivor that is lock inside the safe room( If you remeber that church guy than you know what im going here).He/She will not let anyone in until they prove their not infected and will ring the alarm bell alerting all infected and special infected. Due note He/She will turn into a special infected but will be more sturdier since they are stilling wearing what their using before theu turn. Anyways hope these ideas will give a better story out come. Morw will come once you update.
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