Reviews for Saiyan Chronicles: The Chosen Child
SaiyanMiqote chapter 7 . 1h
NinjaFang1331 chapter 11 . 3h
Excellent update and Shiro showing some good fighting with Jaune’s body. Excellent wotk
Lightningblade49 chapter 11 . 4h
Next they'll have sneak into the underground fight but there going to stand out like a sore thumb...
dandyrr0403 chapter 11 . 5h
Thanks for the update! The fight is great! Shiro/Jaune Aura Amplification is similiar to how Izuku Midoriya uses Full Cowling! And Rob Lucci and Katsuki Bakugo has challenged Shiro! I like Shiro's character more than Jaune, and his ambition too! How will Team SPR and RYBN react to knowing about the underworld!? Keep being awesome! Hope you'll update again soon!
SaiyanMiqote chapter 2 . 5h
I love it
SaiyanMiqote chapter 1 . 6h
I like it 10/10
blake015 chapter 11 . 6h
twisterblake2015 chapter 11 . 6h
Well Cana from fairy tail is here and it is interesting and curious to how she got their as well and more intrigued went Jaune harem finds out that his dark half at the underworld tournament out and curious to see how it all turns out as well.
wweTheBeast2015 chapter 11 . 7h
Blake2020 chapter 11 . 7h
Awesome chapter
Greer123 chapter 11 . 7h
Thank you for the new chapter. I am also glad to see that Jaune is still improving and his fighting foes that can push him beyond his limits. Hope you are doing well.
fresh prince1 chapter 11 . 8h
kinda of hopeing to see the crazy monkey technique from the original dragon ball when he fought cana since it would have been interesting to read about.
Shadow Joestar chapter 11 . 8h
KO awesome chapter, looks like everyone is getting closer to finding Jaune at the Underworld Tournament and probably his Shirō personality as they’ll see how awesome he is in a fight!
Gamelover41592 chapter 11 . 8h
epic work on this chapter and they are getting closer to each other
The Real Hell Fire chapter 11 . 8h
I’m kicking this story out of my favorite list
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