Reviews for Does Fate Allow a Second Chance?
UnLike Us chapter 34 . 3/4/2016
Hi, new reader. This is not the first story of your's I read and I think I enjoyed this fic as much as the last one. I liked the you original characters, both the minor and the major ones. One of my favourite minor characters being the man who was Vincent's fan and confiscated his gun. I thought thy all had some depth to them which showed in the way their behaviour and interactions. They had all their own egos and motive that drove them to actions and weren't simply handy villains and transports. Extra credit, of course, for seeing this fic to the end and editing it agin afterwards. Thank you for sharing your work!
Fetherhd chapter 33 . 7/7/2010
Like all of your tales so far that I have read...this was beautiful...Thanks!
JessicaJ chapter 34 . 12/17/2009
Even fantastically written author's notes! He he, chuckle chuckle.
JessicaJ chapter 33 . 12/17/2009
I liked this story a lot- though it wasn't the same as into the Dark, for me.

Elira sounds like a nice person, although per fault of my own I kept imagining her as Tifa!

All the best,

JessicaJ chapter 23 . 12/16/2009
I actually find myself at this point hoping Elira will Choose Leo. He seems like the kind of guy you don't come across that often.

Poor Leo.

Stupid Vincent.

Its refreshing by the way, now that they are outside of Neo-Midgar at last.
JessicaJ chapter 9 . 12/15/2009
Very interesting...

Vincent has been up to something. Though I think perhaps It wasn't directly his fault...

On to the next chapter.
JessicaJ chapter 6 . 12/15/2009
Wow, I didn't expect any sex this early on in the story! You usually leave it until the very last moment.

It seems that Vincent is a little more... willing to give in, in this story.

JessicaJ chapter 5 . 12/15/2009
I come to you for reading, when in fact I have many a book lying around, unfinished and untouched.

You have a way with words, I know. Excellent chapter. I am excited to read more, naturally.

I couldn't review one of your stories again, although I love it more and more each time I do read them.

You're grave epitaph for Lily 'You give, I give. We come away rich.' Beautiful. It really touched me.
JessicaJ chapter 4 . 12/14/2009
This certainly is intriguing. I wonder why Vincent suddenly opened up. He is such a mystery, after all, so I shouldn't be so surprised.

Elira is a nice name, though I have to say I dislike its' shortening to Lir. Sounds alien
JessicaJ chapter 3 . 12/10/2009
I've had this story of yours added to my favourites for a long time now. I only ever read the prologue.

Now I'm sorry I left it so long.

I always enjoy your writing style. Its so clean cut, yet it just pulls you in, hard and fast with a good yank, and there's nothing you can do to resist it. I often find all I can do is sit and read it all, until my eyes have about eroded.

I felt a pang of disappointment, at Tifa and Cloud are married with two kids. I never ever thought they belonged together. And even though I knew this was going to be a Vincent/OC tale, I guess I still hold on to my own hopes!

I look forward to later chapters.

JessicaJ chapter 1 . 2/17/2009
An interesting start, very film-like, I could almost picture the camera angles as they panned out to see the new 'improved' city. You write so beautifully.
xvegas-on-acidx chapter 2 . 10/7/2007
Absolutly breathtaking. Now you have talent, I have no criticisms, and I'm a harsh critic. I have only read the first chapter but I already know that this is one of the fics that stand out on this website. It's becuase of authors like you that I continue to search through the mountains of crap on this website in hope that I might find a gem. And I have found a very rare gem. You uses of language is exquisite, the pace is realistic, your own characters very believable. Elira is very engaging, I feel like I could actually get to know her, there is not an ounce of Mary Sue syndrome to her. The balance of this story is fantastic which makes it very readable. I am thoroughly savouring a rare (decent)Vincent fiction, and I will continue to review.

Lots of admiration

G x
Masque Revealed chapter 33 . 3/17/2007
DUDE! THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! I have nothing to read now though. Kind of sucks. but anyways, HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU!

Haha, and the story.
Fallen-Yuki chapter 33 . 3/11/2007
It's absolutely amazing. I loved it! _
Fallen-Yuki chapter 9 . 3/10/2007
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