Reviews for Becoming an Uchiha
whereisgamatatsu chapter 25 . 6/12
Oh my, the ending! That was sneaky of you! I really expected this to end on a similar note as SWTE and AIFU. Sasuke and Hinata's relationship was so carefully and impeccably developed. And their banter towards the end, especially on what the Uchiha do, was just precious. They are too cute! I cannot get the picture of a cranky, unseeing Sasuke very aggressively doing the laundry out of my head, and I really don't mind. This has easily taken the top spot in my list of best in-universe SasuHina fics. I am really looking forward to see how their story will progress in Being.

You are a wonderful writer. I really wish I could treat you to dinner or five. You don't know how much your stories have helped get through several stressful and anxiety-ridden weeks.

Thank you!
whereisgamatatsu chapter 8 . 6/9
I've just finished the 8th chapter and i just wanted to say that i am thoroughly pleased with how Sasuke is like a big, cranky, judgmental baby.

I truly am a big fan of your writing. I am relishing every line. Cannot wait to see what happens next
Yuzuki476 chapter 25 . 6/9
Thank you for making this a sasuhina story.
Yuzuki476 chapter 24 . 6/9
Please update this awesome story soon.
Yuzuki476 chapter 23 . 6/9
Yuzuki476 chapter 22 . 6/9
It's going to take time for sasuke and hinata to accept.
Yuzuki476 chapter 21 . 6/8
Yep sasuke is whipped by hinata.
Yuzuki476 chapter 20 . 6/8
Why would the hyuga elders be angry with sasuke?.
Yuzuki476 chapter 19 . 6/8
What happened to sasuke?.
Yuzuki476 chapter 18 . 6/8
Yuzuki476 chapter 17 . 6/8
Great job.
Yuzuki476 chapter 16 . 6/8
Hinata and sasuke are warming up to each other.
Yuzuki476 chapter 15 . 6/8
Oh my naughty sasuke peeking on hinata.
Yuzuki476 chapter 14 . 6/8
I love this story.
Yuzuki476 chapter 13 . 6/8
Holycrap...seriously sasuke has a hard on for innocent hinata. Ohoho there's going to be hotness in this story.
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