Reviews for Flames of Resistance - Currently on Hiatus
paulaa90 chapter 17 . 7/9
So Harry is finally starting up the DA, about time. And with Dahlia's help hopefully things will turn out better. I also loved the conversation between Dahlia and Aberforth, it was nice to see father and daughter together.

paulaa90 chapter 16 . 7/9
I have been looking forward to Umbridge's 'interview' with Snape since the beginning of this story, and it did not disappoint. Poor Dahlia, I feel so bad for her having to deal with Umbridge.

paulaa90 chapter 15 . 7/9
Poor Professor Trelawney. Umbridge really is a horrible person, but we all know that her prediction does come true! Umbridge is in great danger even if she doesn't realize it yet.

WolfWoman86 chapter 17 . 6/27
Wonderful! I liked her presence in the DA meeting, the clarity she brought in asking for help was superb advice.

Aw, yay, more Sirius & Dahlia in the next chapter!
WolfWoman86 chapter 16 . 6/20
Gods, Dahlia is me when I go to work. *laughs*

Heavy, but really good. I like the inner reflections. There is more depth with Dahlia than reading as she merely goes through the motions of OOTP. Great chapter!
WolfWoman86 chapter 15 . 6/13
Poor Trelawney indeed.

Umbridge is so vile. How she could know the things she does about Dahlia & Snape, and then abuse said information with such curt remarks... *shakes head*
paulaa90 chapter 14 . 6/1
Well at least Dahlia was able to hold her own against Umbridge's 'questions'. I'm looking forward to when Umbridge questions Severus and how he will react to it?

It was also nice to see Dahlia and Severus at least have a nice moment together.

WolfWoman86 chapter 14 . 5/30
I love how Dahlia handled Umbridge & her questioning, especially when she challenged whether Umbridge could handle the DADA post.

The moment with Snape was sweet. *suddenly remembers what happens at the end of Half-Blood Prince* (Like you, I can hardly keep myself in the present. *lol*) That will be interesting, for sure.
paulaa90 chapter 13 . 5/24
Well at least Dumbledore is telling someone about the Horcruxes, instead of waiting until he is dead. Hopefully someone can put it together that Harry is a Horcrux, and how Voldemort is manipulating him.

I'm also looking forward to the DoM battle, specially if Sirius is going to survive? Dumbledore and Voldemort's battle. and Fudge seeing Voldemort.

paulaa90 chapter 12 . 5/24
You know every time I read about Dahlia's oversize clothes it really makes me wonder what Umbridge is up to? I'm starting to wonder if she is doing this so Dahlia will have some kind of accident.

I wonder what Umbridge has against Dahlia, is it because she is half Veela or just a general dislike?

WolfWoman86 chapter 13 . 5/23
I love the set-up here and, as we discussed, I agree with Dumbledore knowing...well, everything.

With Voldemort being her father, Dahlia needs to know who & what she's dealing with just as much as Potter. Maybe even more so.
Purplestan chapter 13 . 5/23
I don't understand why he tells her when he tells Harry. How does daliah knowing make a difference?
Purplestan chapter 12 . 5/16
What's his secret?
WolfWoman86 chapter 12 . 5/16
Aah! Cliffhanger! How could you?! *laughs*

Seriously, though, this chapter was great. You can tell in the writing you feel revitalized after your break. *nods*
Twilight Veela chapter 11 . 5/9
It won't let me review this chapter since I already reviewed Chapter 11 before you deleted the AN. So, I'll just do it this way. ;D

Umbridge's quill is awful. I never did understand why Potter didn't say anything to anyone about it.

At least in your version, I don't have reread Potter's angst throughout OOTP. *lol* It is quite refreshing to read the events from a different perspective.
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