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A Den of Theives chapter 2 . 7/13/2013
I love this story! Especially the first chapter! The writing style is very powerful and Sanji and Zoro's interactions feel very realistic, as does the slow build in their relationship. I like how their actions surrounding the growing tension between them are deliciously flustered and awkward, it gives a feeling of authenticity.

P.s. I fell like an arse for having to point it out (and someone has probably beaten me to the punch), but the physics nerd inside has taken control :P.
Downward acceleration due to gravity is the same for all objects.
a.k.a. The spiders and Sanji would fall at the same speed irregardless of mass. In fact the spiders with their larger surface area would fall slower as they would generate more air resistance.
Weird but true.

p.s.s. Even as I write this I can't help but wonder why the laws of physics worry me in a world filled with massive spiders, transforming reindeer and rubber captains
utuki chapter 5 . 6/16/2013
Oh god what can I possibly say about this amazing story? There is just too much. There were times when i just had to put down my phone and just stare into space because of the beauty and sheer awesomeness of the fic. I woukd read this again and again. I love the way you word everything! Ugh cant explain my feels. It was rly funny too. Im really happy i came across this. Haha i know its rly late but still... So good!
wolfeclipse25 chapter 5 . 11/27/2012
Nice story!
crystalbluefox chapter 5 . 1/3/2011
Wow... this was a really beautiful story and so much in character. You did a wonderful job, and I for sure love this story of yours.

I can't wait to read some more from you.

Myrrhmaid chapter 5 . 9/7/2009
Ooh. I found this fic linked from Fleeting Fancies fanfic recommendations...

I agree with the reviewer there, you did a good job keeping them both as themselves.

I've read so many Zoro/Sanji fics that I can't even picture Sanji being in-character anymore, he always ends up more girly and fragile and unsure than he's supposed to be... but you didn't do that to him, you kept Sanji as Sanji.

Very nice, cute fic _
kurikim chapter 5 . 5/16/2009
I really liked this story. You took it nice and slow, which is definitely the way these characters should be handled in my opinion. :3 Very cute.
NextNothingNew chapter 5 . 8/28/2008
Best. Fic. Ever. Well, I guess that's a bit of a stretch, but it at least has to be the best Z/S/Z fic I've read so far.

Anyway, I was surprised at how much I found myself laughing and smiling along at certain points (particularly the "WHY DO I HAVE TO BE THE GIRL?" line) and I certainly loved the image of Zoro wrapping his arm around Sanji as the two stumbled out, laughing. Not to mention when they were hugging in the eye of the storm (eh, last chapter I guess, but still great)

Plus, I did like how Sanji was still Sanji, but also completely unsure of how to handle this. ("Hey Zoro, I sure would like to lick maple syrup off your stomach some time.")
LunaTaichou chapter 5 . 8/27/2008
This fic was absolutely beautiful - honestly :)

Thank you for your hard work so that it can lighten the hearts of others
GooglyMooglies chapter 5 . 10/23/2007
i lurved it.
severus-fan chapter 2 . 9/29/2007
I LOVE this line: Sanji hated the fact that he could no longer hear the sound of wind chimes without feeling out of breath.

Sort of sums things up, I think.

I'm relatively new to the One Piece world (I'm currently at the point where Chopper joins the crew), but I almost immediately fell into the Sanji and Zoro pairing. Quality fanfiction can be hard to find on this site since anyone can post pretty much anything, but I'm so glad I managed to find this gem of a fic. It makes me warm inside and I can't wait to find out what happens next. So off I go to read the rest, and I'm sure it'll be just as good as the first two chapters. :)

Amazing job!
dreadfulFOOL chapter 5 . 6/18/2007
Aww. That was adorable!

I'm like fan-girl squealing right now.
Firey Chronicles chapter 2 . 2/27/2007
Firey Chronicles chapter 1 . 2/27/2007
OMG~! This is the first one piece fic I've read and it's awsome~!
amethystic 5 chapter 1 . 11/18/2006
I love this series so much. You're such a great writer! D

mika chapter 5 . 10/17/2006
exceltent ficcie so frigging aweosme i loved all of it great job
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