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theonewhosalts chapter 6 . 10/20
Hopefully his mystical monkey power adds some needed strength to move that body. BUT FUCK HIM! The bastard got what he deserved. WHAT A RIDE! Woah. The highs kept getting higher and at the end it was intense. Between Tara finally making her move, Kim wanting to potentially kill Ron and Bonnie doing her best to keep their game going. What a whirlwind.

Also, I didn't write this in the chapter it happened but I loved the "Thank god me and KP wear baggy pants" line. Because it makes you wonder how often that came in handy lol
theonewhosalts chapter 4 . 10/19
I was waiting for Ron to say "Well the mess in the kitchen says otherwise" to her comments about the cooking lol. I'm enjoying the confusion that Bonnie and Ron both have on what exactly is happening each time they meet up. That even with the intended motives of blackmail it is becoming more complicated quickly. Like you decide to run but then realise you're not actually sure where you're running to. Anyway I'm glad I stumbled across this! On to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 55 . 10/5
More Anne!
Devon18 chapter 55 . 10/5
More please I want to finally see him get with Kim
oghren chapter 55 . 8/21
Another interesting chapter, and I'm glad this story is still going on. It'll be interesting to see how both Shego and Betty will wiggle there way into the group. That and whether Shego's brothers (when they're hopefully introduced) will react when they find out she is dating Ron. Overall great job and keep it up.
Bigomajinn chapter 55 . 7/23
Just keeps getting better cant wait for more!
DipstickMadden chapter 55 . 7/15
Love it! More please
Guest chapter 55 . 7/10
I hope that the next chapter comes out soon. Love this story. Please add Warmonga to the group.
Guest chapter 36 . 7/9
I say let Warmonga join the harem. Ron needs the alien. She is a good strong woman.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/5
I vote for Warmonga
Guest chapter 17 . 7/5
Vohn Russwell chapter 50 . 7/2
Guest chapter 55 . 6/27
Have you ever thought of doing a crossover with the Marvel universe I think a good storyline would be if shego was the Daughter of the goddess Hela. It would explain why unlike her brothers she cannot turn off her and glow And look normal. They look alike as well both have dark black hair and are pale have green Energy based attacks and also are experts in hand to hand combat and Hela Can channel all the energy or bodies in your hands for an attack known as the hand of glory it wouldn’t be hard to sell her being the true mother of shego.
FanFictionReaderIne chapter 55 . 6/25
Now I have to say, when I saw you updated this fic, I just had so many good memories with it that I had to go back and read the entire thing from start to the current chapter! It’s great to know that this is still one of my most favorite fanfics of all time! All the characters are so natural and the dialogue and story progression are all fantastic. I especially love how natural the formation of Ron’s group of lovers came to be as the chapters went on!

Now for this recent one, I’d definitely say it’s the same awesome quality of the other ones! The dialogue is fantastic as always, I’m interested in seeing whether or not the break-off from Josh will affect Kim at all in the future, how long until Shego joins Ron’s harem, and how his members so far react to Yori’s sudden entry!

As always, I’m waiting patiently for the day Kim finally joins Ron’s group of loving individuals, but I’m excited to see everyone else join in, such as Joss and Betty!

Thank you for an awesome chapter! Can’t wait for the next one!
Smiling Lemon chapter 55 . 6/22
Hahaha the ending got me good. Also yes Ron's got miss go wanting so sexy fun but another time. For now we need to see what the harem has planned for their big play date.
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