Reviews for Until Dawn
CrackinAndProudOfIt chapter 1 . 3/19
This is fantastic, Laer! I could 100% see the Wilde influence you mentioned in your first A/N—that almost conversational narrator in some parts creates such a perfect tone early in the fic. It’s...whimsical yet melancholy, and it works brilliantly.

I love the tension you’ve captured between Gil-galad and his as-yet-nameless Captain, as well as the contrast between their strained relationship and Gil and Elrond’s close one. The exchange about ‘Highness’ is soooo perfect to show that.

The repeated image of the parapet also really stood out to me - described in so many different yet striking and atmospheric ways.

And of course Glorfindel’s ‘tale’ is brilliantly done! That Julius Caesar line is gloriously, tragically perfect for Gondolin, and it captures such a sense of bitterness and regret on Glor’s part here.

Really well done - I love this one!
sullhach chapter 1 . 3/18
Hmm, it's really interesting to learn more in this story, but i didn't made up my mind about the who-is-who question...
I can’t get all facts together, the hero without helmet could be Glorfindel, but the king then had to be Turgon, and he wasn’t lured by gems and gold, and Gondolin wasn’t exactly destroyed by dragons.
The luring thing would be true with Elwe Thingol, but there were dwarfs, no dragons, and who could be the hero?
The dragon would fit to Nargothrond, but neither Finrod nor Orodreth were lured by gems and gold, and Turin didn’t fight a balrog...
But maybe i am only bad at deductions...
greetz Sullhach
mistAndStarlight chapter 1 . 3/10
Wow, thank you! :) It was interesting to read... and having committed a smaller mistake than fighting fiery demons without helmet (I merely started reading a story without finding out its characters), it was interesting to understand what was going on, and who was who, in the process of reading. :D