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Guest chapter 2 . 9/2
I like it picasso
Lusamine chapter 47 . 7/14
Love the story, especially the recent Cyborg Bulma and her growing obsession with immortality, which I hope will eventually result in something like Android Bulma in future chapters. Imagine if OT Future Trunks could see her then.
I also really hope Bulma gets a win here, even if Piccolo escapes somehow for now. I would also be fine with her and Goku teaming up for the final battle against him, as long as she is actually physically involved.
It will also be interesting if they learn about the Dragon Balls being linked to Kami and Piccolo before they end up killing him.
It would be very dramatic if they finally kill him and then had to live without the Dragon Balls forever and all deaths being permanent, or at least until they find out about Namek.
Humanity eventually all becoming Cyborgs would also be very fun.

Romance wise for later, I still support Bulma and Goku in this story, but Lapis could also be an option for her.
Guest chapter 47 . 7/1
Bulma here with the real facts, and also butt kicking! Man i love her character!
Also Goku getting benched is simultaneously smart and hilarious to me.
Yamcha: is a bro Me:dont ever change bro...
Congrats on getting married! Wishing you all the best! ( ⸝⸝⸝⸝) ‧ .。*゚.*
Brewer of Kvas chapter 47 . 7/1
Wow i cant belive the new chapter came out on my birthday*, great one as always

congratulations on your marriage

*I dont use fanfiction as much as other sites anymore
Guest chapter 47 . 6/27
Very good. Had hoped it was over by now, but I know the next chapter will impress. I think Devilmite Beam has been a hilarious joke the whole time. I'm ready for it to actually blow someone up though, since it's usefulness will fall off as it's stated to be too slow of an attack to actually hit any of the later antagonists.
xXWynterWolfXx chapter 1 . 6/24
Good lord, I couldn't even make it past a tenth of chapter 1. Word to the wise: descriptive writing doesn't equate to long, drawn out writing. Less big words, simplify the visuals of scenes at first and expand later, stuff like that.

This feels more like I'm reading an essay than a fic. I hope that wasn't what you were going for.
Guest chapter 20 . 6/21
You write so well, but you turn all my favorite characters evil. And it's not even the actually evil characters, like Yamcha!
Guest chapter 47 . 6/19
So glad to see this is still going. Loving the fight scenes in this latest chapter.
jdbravop chapter 30 . 6/8
sigh~ It's ironic to think that the Original Goku destroyed the red ribbon army by himself, but this one who, in addition to master roshi's training, has better ki control and also a chip installed in his vertebrae costs him so much, I thought we would they were insinuating that he was stronger than the original, I mean the original had a zenkai, I train a little with Karin and drink the ultra sacred water, but this one is already stronger than Gohan, and Tao Pai Pai is dead in front of Gohan.

Also please tell me that Uranai Baba is not helping the Piano faction with her predictions, because she would be a crazy woman, since that would mean that she is helping Piccolo's resurrection.

Anyway, this is already way out of canon, I agree that there are some "better" interpretations of how things should happen in Dragon Ball, after all, Piano was originally supposed to be born after Piccolo was released, and well if you wanted freeing Piccolo would have simply said that while they were looking for the dragon balls some member of the red ribbon army accidentally freed him or something, and then Piccolo allied with Dr. Gero to create more powerful sons or some such nonsense, or He could even destroy them or take advantage of them to find the rest of the dragon balls and ask for eternal youth as originally in the manga, but hey, I guess this method is also valid.

What shocked me the most was the rule or the fact that the dragon balls cannot fall into the sea, when at no time was anything like that mentioned or said, in fact it is even logical that they could fall anywhere on the planet, after all they are not something to be used lightly and the difficulty in finding them is what makes the desire worthwhile and everything has more or less a "balance" the fact that Bulma can build a radar is just something That breaks that balance.
jdbravop chapter 29 . 6/8
You should have read the Dragon Ball wiki before doing all that work instead of relying on your own understanding, ki is like chakra in Naruto, it is made up of:

Genki: A combination of physical and spiritual energy

Yuki: The value of the person. It is based on his emotional disposition at a given moment. If an individual is afraid of another individual, then he loses his Yūki, and consequently a considerable amount of his power.

Shoki: It's the person's mind. It is based on correct judgment and calm. If the individual abandons all prudence before another person, then he loses his Shōki, and a noticeable amount of power as well.

And all this according to the words of Akira Toriyama, besides I think you should have read Dragon Ball Minus, because when in this fanfic they described how Goku came to earth you said that he was naked and no, he had combat armor, Dragon Ball Minus is canon a manga made by Toriyama himself.

And lastly the fact that Bulma shouldn't be so surprised that aliens exist, after all she saw one when she was 3~4 years old and I mean Jaco, you should read Ginga Patrol Jaco that too made by Akira Yoriyama is also canon.
jdboss2 chapter 47 . 6/4
This has been an awesome read

I might have disagreed certain point with your politics/logic of your characters in revealing the Dragon Ball secrets to government
but this was awesome

I love the logic
I love the fact that you actually make weapons technology useful

I really want to see the scientist girl save the day not goKO

And good luck with your marriage
jdboss2 chapter 24 . 5/31
Until this chapter I've utterly loved the story

And by far this has been the best Dragon balls story ever by a long shot


WTF in this chapter

Why the heck would
The Ox king
and the blue wannabe king
willingly go before the dog king?

you had them strip for a search just to speak to people over a TV screen

why the heck would Balmer reveal any information about the Dragon balls
the moment they were mentioned by that lizard she could have so easily laughed him down and moved on

How the heck she planning on coming immortal now

Clearly the government will stop and take them for themselves

Cannot bloody believe

That is the point of disbelief that breaks immersion
and then for her to reveal things like
the radar
the time they are usable again and so forth
jdboss2 chapter 1 . 5/30
O fuck I love this
just like HPMOR

thanks you
Travisplo chapter 21 . 5/19
So, how did Red get shot, when he was not sitting in his chair, and Mai was blind-firing based on trying to hit his seat?
Mirok1 chapter 1 . 5/14
Good to know you're alive ;)
As for the chapter, it's awesome!
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