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Question chapter 11 . 7/27
Is this au goku just Sheldon from young Sheldon
Bear man chapter 3 . 7/26
That was cool of goku protecting bulma but killing him I thought he would warn the rabbit about how killing him turning him back and he gets scared of him powering up it’s the power of the great ape I thought this goku would become giant monkey and crush gohan but sees it and then scream hit his head and the great ape powers up showing off its energy to the rest of the world and everyone feels this powerful energy some wake up and look where it is others know it’s a giant magical some very important characters in the lookout and the king (not the dog the evil one who sends every murder out on the street and over thrown the world government) they sense the boys power and know where his tale goes but wait for him to grow and find them seeing where he goes from here both are worried about his power one hopes he uses it to protect the innocent and defenseless the other is excited and waiting to see if he will go against him or join what ever he chooses he will enjoy using to make him stronger (possible switch bodies or asorb him like his species cause why not) as goku sees darkness he sees the ape and fights it but it keeps standing then he gets the energy from the forest and those from somewhere close to offer and naturally they all did feeling someone needs there help and others hope they can help them back the god and devil think about it but they give their energy to see if the boy could prove himself to beat his real power and so he asorbs it and thx everyone powers up and beats himself and with enough he creates one energy ball just like his dad and throws it at the monkey destroying it but it’s energy is now only half the room is dark while the right is filled with light goku concentrates asorbs all of it making him be in peace and the apes is in him but in black and white flames but it goes away goku is back to his normal self crying to what he did but stopped he buried his grand fathers body and god blood on the white pong bandages his grandpa used and wore it on his head and swear to his grandpa he will never kill again and so gave mercy to this rabbit and being intimidated by his power and seeing a little bit of his own he threw the carrot and it turned back to bulma and you holding her bridle style but he turned himself back before she transformed and said keep your girlfriend bulma blushed golu was confused what he meant but he was listening ot the scared rabbit and said I ain’t dying yet and ran and the other crooks woke up and saw their boss run so they left and goku put bulma down and knocked them out and putting them in jail

So now he has a high power level of a ozaro so 500 or am I being to generous also the mercy thing would be better for goku for his character killing is vegetas thing even if goku is a genius I don’t think his heart would kill
AvidDragonballReader7 chapter 46 . 7/24
Oh, I regret ever reading this, for now I have to live with the thought of waiting for another update. It's hard to wait any longer. Ah, the pain!

Seriously though, this book has been an amazing experience. A very few of the fanfics in this site had ever made me feel this longing to read more, and your book has exactly done that. I'm truly in awe.

I'm looking forward for more!
AvidDragonballReader7 chapter 44 . 7/24
Gosh damn! This is so amazing! This Bulma is too cool!
AvidDragonballReader7 chapter 25 . 7/23
I'm just gonna pretend the Eresa of this fanfic is the future mother of Eresa that we know. XD
AvidDragonballReader7 chapter 16 . 7/22
What an arc. Totally love it. Hands-down one of the best stories I've ever read.

I wish I can put into words how much this impresses me. I just can't. Gosh, I admire this arc so much.

It's a pain for me to know that this book is still not completed. But whatever. I'm going to read the next arc now.
Rikoboi chapter 23 . 7/16
This is a nice way to close this arc. Staff Officer Black's and Bulma's cooperation was surprisingly interesting to watch, though I was hoping to see the Z fighters have a bit of a bigger "Main" role. I'm not exactly a fan of making Goku so doubtful and hesitating of his Saiyan nature, mostly because it goes against the "Bit of a dark side" that the summary implies, as him being distrustful of his instincts makes him actually more virtuous than in canon, where he is just innocent.

The closing conversation he had with Grandpa Gohan was pretty good and a solid way to bring into the story information regarding other members of his race without asking Shenlong or the like. You did a very good job with it and Gohan's character.
Rikoboi chapter 16 . 7/12
This arc was better in most aspects to the previous one, though I'm not a fan of the evil psychopathic Puar and the characters still did many illogical things, it's a clear improvement as it didn't feel rushed or anti-climatic to the same extent plus it was properly hinted at beforehand so it didn't come off as forced or sudden.
Rikoboi chapter 9 . 7/12
I'm gonna preface this by saying that, yeah, it's unlikely that the author bothers with reading this review as it's from a quite old chapter, but I wanna give some criticism without the intent of being insulting.

Gotta say, the entire affair with Mai was handled terribly from beginning to end. There were no real hints, she's not likable nor interesting enough as the flashbacks were delivered in the middle of the action and not before, and the outcome is so far from satisfying or "Appropriate"; Otherwise known as anti-climatic or undeserved, that it feels rather forced.

There's also how pretty much all characters are far from being smart in actuality. An example of why I'm saying that is, why didn't Goku just hide behind Shenlong? The immortal, giant, and very much just wanting and waiting for him to make a wish as soon as possible, dragon that is literally in front of him? Why didn't he use his pole to deflect the bullets or simply to get her from far away since it can stretch insane distances, as evidenced by it reaching Kami's Lookout? Why didn't Bulma and Goku actually aprehend Mai, etc?

Other than the inherent problems with Mai's situation, I wouldn't care about the characters being (Reasonably) dumb, if it weren't for the fact that they're supposed to be both logical and smart as the "Selling point" of the story.
Primus2021 chapter 5 . 7/6
In many ways this Goku is more annoying than any other Goku I've read about or seen, and I've watched TFS's Abridged, smh...
Brickman chapter 46 . 6/18
I'm not sure which was better: The leadup to the fight scene, or the "fight" scene itself. If this complete curb-stomping can even be called that.
serus black antihumannature chapter 46 . 6/15
good work
iikd chapter 44 . 6/10
why should i care about east city, way 2 much filler here
iikd chapter 9 . 6/7
that was intense, holy jesus. the first saga going out with a bang
Makimass chapter 1 . 6/4
"When I examine my own feelings about it, they are complex. My rational mind knows that it is just an inanimate object, and yet it is like a link to him for me, as if his own soul still resided in my house. I apologise for not making any sense." Wow, you really got the annyoing dialouges from the HP fanfic down to a T..

I appreciate fanfics that make Goku smarter than the canon but this is just an OC that looks like Goku, you took the fun personality out of his character and made him bland like I get that you want him to be smart but you don't have to make Goku talk like an English teacher lmfao..
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