Reviews for The Optimised Wish Project
uchiha-rune chapter 46 . 5/29
At last, it is here
uchiha-rune chapter 45 . 5/26
Hey when’s the next part
Smajo chapter 45 . 5/13
This is in my top 10 fanfictions i have ever read. Cant wait to see whats going to happen next! Im cheering for Bulma so hard, the odds are so stacked against her, but i know she can do it, and i wana see her win so hard. Thanks for writing this story!
GymNatty321 chapter 1 . 5/14
this Goku seems like a mentally retarded child who never had a social interaction and is reading of a script instead of talking.

"Yes i see you ask for my name, but why should I tell you the grammatically correct spelling of my name? i also do not trust you since your a stranger and by definition strangers are people i meet right now without previous contact"

bro wtf is that, does anyone rly speak like that?
Ceps chapter 1 . 4/28
Your story's sucks ass just a few paragraphs in your version of goku is pathetic
Ziggrrauglurr chapter 45 . 4/22
Please never stop writing this.
Ziggrrauglurr chapter 44 . 4/22
The ending is the most epic moment, of all the most epic-est moments in the universe.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/7
Waaaait they ran away from mai a base line human after they knocked her out for a little while and didn’t get her gun?

I was hopping Bulma or goku would after putting her in the floor

Then goku would ram the vault door and Bulma would get the dragon ball?
Red chapter 1 . 4/5
Hey man, amazing story, I love it a lot.

But one thing, Whatever Bulma's scientific genius may be, wouldn't the highly advanced alien societies of the world be much better poised to make the biggest discoveries?

I just wanted to add this point, in case you might be digging yourself into a plot hole down the line.
Brickman chapter 45 . 3/28
The story lives! This chapter's feeling a lot more hopeful than the last one. Looking forward to seeing Bulma's plan play out.
Shadowj6480 chapter 45 . 3/30
Binge read your entire story and I’ve gotta say I really like it. You’ve turned a world with a bunch of crazy random world building and turned it into a consistent setting that keeps to its rules.

Bulma actually doing the scientist thing and studying Ki and Magic is great. You can really feel how excited she is about all that.

Goku and the way he thinks and fights is super interesting and feels a lot more creative than most fights I read. Most of which consisted of “something something flurry of blows, something something fired a beam which got deflected.”

The Tao Vs. Goku fight was super impressive and really gave me a Most Dangerous Game vibe.

You also did a great job showcasing just how much having super humans drastically alters the battlefield when most of the soldiers are just dudes with guns.

Piccolo’s personality is also great as well. The constant anger at all things that exist and his ruthless sadism shows how he earned the title of Demon King.

I look forward to seeing how Bulma has decided to even the playing field. Personally, I’m hoping everyone is now a cyborg and they’re just going to dogpile Piccolo.
Cosray8d chapter 45 . 3/26
Great fic!
However even if some characters seem to have a little more intelligence they somehow lose common sense in exchange (though most of the characters didn't even have it in the first place)
E chapter 45 . 3/21
Welcome back. Can’t wait to get to the fight haha
The technology is really cool but I hope Goku or Gokutech is able to stay well above tech alone.
Is there no limit to Goku’s strategy of being beaten and healed repeatedly? It would be weird if that turns out to be the most effective long term training method. I would expect him to reach a point of diminishing returns.
Fuck Names chapter 5 . 3/23
I just can't for the life of me take Mai seriously lol. She's just a kid for me after having seen Dragon Ball Super.
Fuck Names chapter 1 . 3/23
Interesting. Thankfully, I've forgotten almost everything that happened in DBZ so this will be awesome to read.
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