Reviews for Relic of the Future
Nemoskull chapter 85 . 4h
this is so very much fun. its been 3 days and ive been reading it straight.
ddkeac chapter 152 . 5/5
Great chapter
Take as long as needed to recover
Stay well
dudepotatos chapter 50 . 5/5
I somehow always knew it would be Raven.

The plot thickens
gordhanx chapter 152 . 5/5
Okay good. So Emerald's up to speed on Oscar. That's at least good to know. What's less good is seeing that even after all these years, Ozpin still wants Ruby. The damn bastard just doesn't know when to quit, does he? What makes it more creepy is that given what we hear from Ruby, it seems pretty ambiguous if there is any Oscar still in him or just Ozpin playing the part. Both making for horrifying nightmare fuel scenarios. Still, I really liked having another scene of Ruby & Emerald together. It was nice seeing them be friends, with Em encouraging Ruby not to be embarrassed by what others think of her. Really goes to show how much she means to her.

Our beloved tsundere bitch Vernal soon catches wind of what's going on, and the newly made sisters quickly figure out a way to expose the old bastard. By going to Summer. I really loved seeing more of her motherly worry, as she quickly slips into protective mode when Emerald mentions something happening with Ruby. Especially when she realizes it's Ozpin. Glad to see, I'm not the only one picking up on the creepy undertones. And man, was it satisfying seeing her tear into Ozpin for his behavior. Or who she believes to be Oz. In actuality, it was Vernal using Emerald's hallucinations to appear as him…and, thus, accidentally learn all about him & Oscar. A pretty fun and clever way for them to finally know more about the full story. But it seems that's not enough. They want to know everything! Let's just hope they don't learn something they'll regret. Good chapter, though. Enjoy your break.
Guest chapter 152 . 5/3
Update bitch, update bitch, UPDATE BITCH.
Nemoskull chapter 38 . 5/5
okay, im pretty sure how this ends, and i gotta say its shit. i hope im wrong. its so fuckng predictable. but wait, there more!
Nemoskull chapter 8 . 5/4
this is so very very good.
Guest chapter 152 . 5/1

Oscar sus. Nice to see Emmy and Vernal again. Time for some sisterly bonding as the girls play detective. They'd better follow Dad's advice and be careful.
MSN-04 Sazabi chapter 152 . 5/3
Why do I get the feeling that Emerald and Vernal's plans will backfire horribly?
Guest chapter 152 . 5/1
Story too long, not proportionate to quality
dudepotatos chapter 42 . 5/3
I seriously rarely find gritty and grounded in reality fanfics such as this let alone RWBY ones. I'm glad I stumbled across this treat. Keep the good work up!
Guest chapter 152 . 5/1
Em and Vernal working together. Jaime would be so proud.

If they weren't planning on bullying an ancient immortal wizard.

Though it's for a friend so I guess he'd still be proud.
Guest chapter 152 . 5/1
Except that there is no way Raven will let them carry out their plan. Then again she might have to go along with the whole repeated conversation thing just to keep Oz from getting suspicious. But as for the whole them trying to get information from Ozpin thing, she will probably just MAKE Jaune fill them in so that they don't have to dig all of their graves by accident.
SilverRei chapter 152 . 5/3
This chapter shows that Emerald and Vernal are Jaune's daughters indeed. Smart girls.

Have a good rest, Coeur, you deserve it.
Sierratuere chapter 152 . 5/2
all warfare is based in deceptionkung fu panda 6:94:20
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