Reviews for Relic of the Future
royalburrito999 chapter 32 . 5/19
royalburrito999 chapter 28 . 5/19
I'll have one adam redemption arc pls
Gwynbleidd99 chapter 176 . 5/18
Aw man I'm a mixture of happy and sad to have reached the end of this- sounds weird but I've been on and off with it for years haha, strange to think how much time has passed since I started reading your stuff! This seemed like a difficult one to write with how much there's been to tackle and decide on the fly, but you pulled it off damn well and it's been interesting and gripping to read. Its fun seeing Jaune bond and develop friendships with characters we'd never expect and the time period is so fun because who doesnt want to see more of summers generation- especially since the plot and development here is 5 times as good as the actual show sadly haha. And Jaune/Raven being squeezed in was satisfying for me, I loved their dynamic in this. Onto the next one!
CoastwardCross8 chapter 176 . 5/18
Fuck man, truly an amazing story. I’m glad I got to read this.
Fiddlestonks chapter 176 . 5/7
Wish there was more fanart of jaune and emerald
DarkLinkBlade chapter 176 . 5/1
Another fantastic story. So far I’ve enjoyed both this and the one where jaune is a blacksmith hiding that fact with a trinket. Here’s to more fantastic stories!
sahhhhhh chapter 176 . 4/27
The ability to evoke so much emotion from me and everyone else who reads your stories is truly incredible and appreciated, thank you again to everyone who worked to create this story and all others
sahhhhhh chapter 176 . 4/27
despite som of my issues early in the story, this is a GOAT level story. Like your 4th all time great one too, love all the writers, editors, and anyone else involved with these stories, thank you
sahhhhhh chapter 170 . 4/27
GOAT chapter
sahhhhhh chapter 112 . 4/26
Yesssss, the Hazel/Jaune fight was great esp w the added build up from last time and the payoff
sahhhhhh chapter 92 . 4/25
Nah i cant read anymore, everything Jaune does works out poorly for the sake of plot and at this point his terrible decisions and actions feel too forced for me not to eye roll and cringe at.
Like he says "im an idiot im so sorry" after his fuck ups every 3 chapters bro, and we're barely halfway in.
sahhhhhh chapter 90 . 4/25
Jesus christ man, i really enjoy reading this story but fuck does it have really suspect writing at times, like come on bruh, really? he transferred the power like that? are u being deadass?
sahhhhhh chapter 74 . 4/25
This romance is a lil bit rank LMAO, bro is pushing 30 dating a barely 18yr old that he's known well since she was 13/14, i get remnants diff to earth but man this is gonna be a lil mad to read
sahhhhhh chapter 68 . 4/25
Also it feels like every decision Old-Jaune makes has 1 positive effect and like 10000 negative effects that end up making shit more difficult later on, like it feels like bro cannot do anything right and has insanely bad fortune and general decision-makingthe opposite of plot armor, at ALL times
sahhhhhh chapter 68 . 4/25
Bruhhhhh Hazel never fuckin dies yo, in almost every story his ass lives til the end even when it'd be so breezy to kill him, shit is infuriating.
I get why tho, not really any people you could replace him with, or any of the 4 under Salem really, guess thats just RWBY being mid with a lack of depth moreso than your writing.
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