Reviews for A Prophecy Reclaimed
MoDaD chapter 1 . 4/24
Reviewed this elsewhere, but definitely worth repeating:

I have to give you credit for tackling what’s definitely a strong contender for the most conspicuously absent backstory in SWAT Kats lore.

This was a great read. I loved how well you fleshed out your new characters in so few pages, expertly weaving show references into an original story. I know in other venues you’ve hinted at a few of these ideas, but to see it fully developed is a real treat.

The biggest strength of this story is the world building. The origins of Megalith City, the immediate family of Callista, and the now even more creepy Pastmaster (should really rename him the Creepmaster at this point) are excellent. I appreciate the use of a fixed narrative perspective from a single character (Oriana), which can always be a challenge to do.

What I really like about your work is how you took a jumbled mess of unfinished and half thought out ideas that the show gives us, and you crafted it into a story that not only acts as a way to justify them, but to go a step further and give us a heartfelt tale of betrayal, hope and loss, too.

Well done.

The only nitpick I have is using terms like "physician" and "nurse" in a medieval setting as they seem a little anachronistic to me and kind of threw me out of the moment a little. In this kind of story, I guess I'm just used to seeing terms like healer, shaman, curer, or Ointment Wizard :)