Reviews for Best date ever
TSB2017 chapter 1 . 7/28/2019
A few days ago, someone was recomending me this anime and they told me that it is a must watch anime and so i watched it. Today was my birthday, and for celebrating it alone was reading more Fanfics about one of my favourite anime, TWGOK and yes it became one of my favourite anime just like that. I do ship Chihiro and Katsuragi after i watched the 2nd season of the anime, and let me tell ya, for me, they are something. (off track) I can't explain the overall but the short version is that these couple is a Classic Romance couple type. Like c'mon?! A 'Class'ic (hehe, get it? cuz they're classmates) foe to friends and friends to lover type of romance is wholesome to me. (on track) Untill the 3rd season comes and goddess conquest begins. When they're on a roof top of the school, almost start getting intimate, and then the quote comes out of Chihiro's..Be gentle, this is my First Time".. to the part where Katsuragi ruining my ship by saying "I'm just fooling a girl, i don't even like you, you idiotsomething like that) to poor Chihiro., you can't say those words after what you've done. Playing with someone's feeling is F-ed up dude. And there goes my wry face to the rest of the episodes after that one. Looking for an alternative, Fanfiction it is, i thought. And then i stumble upon your one-shot. I was so glad on this birthday, that something was bothering me off completly vanish after reading a Fan Community Story. I went to your profile, and there are bunch of more of these fanfic you've made, like the one or more with 100k words, 20-ish chapter, and a few hundreds of Favourites. I was hoping you make this story longer (like a not one shot story but more like a chapter-ish story). But still, 9k words for a One Shot, that's respectable. And i love to see more of your work in the future! the way, i like your Katsuragi x Ayumi story. it's wicked.
El Sasori69 chapter 1 . 4/16/2018
Chihiro is not my favorite character, but air have to admit It was a good fanfic, good job as always
Fanatick chapter 1 . 3/18/2018
Great! Realistic fiction (well, within the TWGOK universe, anyway), and characters which are in character! And great humour too! I honestly have no complaints.
Sir Sleeps-a-lot chapter 1 . 3/16/2018
Aww, that was adorable... my Keichi shipper heart is soothe Come to think of it, this is probably your first time writing Keima and Chihiro, so welcome to the club! I know you ship Keima with all the girls, and it actually shows, as you captured a lot of what I like about them... Chihiro's both a mix of an ordinary girl who wants to look pretty in front of her boyfriend, and an oddball with her being more surprised that Kanon kissed Keima than the fact that Keima went to the past and did time travelling shit :P

It reminds me of The Gamer and the Guitarist, where Chihiro sees him crossdressing for the first time, yet the thing that disappoints her most is that Keima looks better in a skirt than she does xD.

But enough about that... I kinda liked the slightly insecure part of Chihiro she hadn't really shown for the later part of canon. Even if she doesn't exactly say it, I think she does feel a little inferior to the people around her.

However, she's achieved pretty great things, and she has some pretty good friends... quite a few of them who like Keima... and maybe once or twice, they can share him ;)

Like in a threes- *gets bopped on the head with a giant bunny* or how about a fourso- *gets bopped again a lot harder* or how about sharing him with every girl in Kaminomi...

And all on one day...

... don't tell me you're actually thinking about this, Chihiro...

Ugh, you are thinking about that...

Anyways, this story was very enjoyable... I love the references and world building to other parts of Kaminomi the majority don't even know about (Tooru, anyone?), or even small things, like Chihiro's bunny toy, which I have dubbed as Gyuu-kun (and no one can stop me) or even the entirely unrelated coding language which has currently been eating up my days, and is the reason I didn't review this sooner...

It's almost like you know me :P

In any case, thank you for the story, and I very much enjoyed it. I also look forward to KanonNomi's return.

In the meantime, keep being awesome!

Sir Sleeps-a-lot
ZelgadisGW chapter 1 . 3/13/2018
The funny thing is, this is literally the best date ever* for Chihiro (so far), despite all unlucky things that happened and it is also one of the best things about this story. What was also very nice was the boat scene that require the couple to synchronise and preserve together and the final scene, which was very heartwarming.

There are also some other things to enjoy, like Tooru's appearance, MHA reference, the fact Chihiro has Akita puppy and brother and sister thing.

I enjoyed the story and I still don't ship it. #Salt

*"I'm gonna take you on a date,
the best one that ever was!"
Ghost Man chapter 1 . 3/13/2018
*claps* Okay that was great. Gotta love how everything went, and seriously? Another 9000 joke? ;P

I like it. Good job. I think you should do another KxC centric story. They're so normal, but also out of this world!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/12/2018
I absolutely loved it , can’t wait till your other kaminonami series gets to her.