Reviews for Tempestas the 189th Games
Greywolf44 chapter 55 . 5/29/2020
The games has finally ended and we got our Victor. Esme is a phenomenal character and she’s going to be a great victor. I enjoyed her journey through the story I’m happy she won since Ace died. She had a great arc to. She joined the careers becuase of Blake and she and Ace deserted them and the two had a phenomenal friendship before Ace died and I’m so happy that Esme won. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Overall, phenomenal chapter as usual and I can’t wait the final chapter!
Paradigm of Writing chapter 55 . 5/26/2020
Esme won! A girl I absolutely despised at the beginning of this story all that time ago, has won, and lord I could cry. Seldom do I truly get to read an SYOT where the victor is a character I’ve been eventually rooting for, cause often more times than not that isn’t the case. I didn’t expect this ending though... for Cassia to break like that, but she’s been through a lot, that sweet and poor girl was in for a world of pain and got to go out on her own terms. I am still reeling from the loss of Jerry, even if it was so long ago, because I’ve never had a tribute of mine make it as far as he did, but to then see his district partner win, someone who managed to win me over? Happiest feelings I can think of surging through my body right now; she was a wonderful character as a tribute and now she’s a victor! I made a good decision nominating her in the SYOT Awards cause I knew it, I always knew it. That was a lovely finale, and even if it didn’t end in a terrible fight to death, I don’t know if I could’ve stomached another demise like Weiss or Carolyn or Jerry or Nate at this point. We’re almost done, but you finished an arena! You have a lot to be proud of, and I am upmost proud of you too!

~ Paradigm
Guest chapter 1 . 4/30/2020
so is this dead or what?
BabyRue11 chapter 49 . 3/28/2020
I just now went over this. I kind of abandoned this account but I realized that I want to go back to it. But I’ve already made a new account so rip. Anyways, even though Nirvana died it was hilarious and even he was annoys me sometimes. I miss him too and thanks for how you wrote him. You’re a great writer. Sorry for being so inactive. Also poor Willow, I feel bad for how he used her rip.
Greywolf44 chapter 54 . 11/30/2019
Well, Ace was the one that died last chapter. I have to say, I enjoyed his journey throughout the games and I can’t thank you enough for the phenomenal job you done with him. I’m extremely sad to see him go, but he will be happy knowing that Tiffany will be ok. Thank you for accepting him and doing a phenomenal job with him, I’m going to miss Ace greatly. I really hope that Esme wins now. I can’t believe that Jerry tried to kill Esme but it ended up being his downfall. Jerry started out as a good kid but the games got to him and he killed people. I liked him and he was a interesting character. The battle between Nate and Esme was great and it was shocking when Cassia showed up. When she battled Nate, it was really heartbreaking because of their relationship through the games. I though Cassia was down until Esme killed Nate. Nate was a insane character. He went from an animal to being someone that cared for Cassia until he went back to his old ways. He was a good character for sure. Now it’s just Esme and Cassia. I’m rooting for Esme. Overall, phenomenal chapter as usual and I can’t wait until the next one!
Paradigm of Writing chapter 54 . 11/27/2019
So it turns out I had this review sitting here where I didn't hit SUBMIT, so it might read a bit weird, but whatever, as I scooped up the chapter the moment you posted it at like 1:30 AM, and then proceeded to cry nd you already know about the PM I sent you, so we're just gonna ignore that, lol, okay?
Ace died, exactly how I knew it was gonna happen, but that was the only thing I've predicted right the entire rest of the chapter, haha. I really, really didn't expect to also be right that I thought the victor would be either Esme or Cassia, because Esme or Cassia are now our final two, and when I meant I thought it be would one or the other, I didn't know it would literally be one or the other... you already know who I am rooting for.

I think, however, I knew Jerry and Nate wouldn't last because of the fact that Esme had such vivid memories of Cassia in her point of view that I should have seen the warning signs flash in my head, haha. Still damn surprised that I was like, Nate v. Cassia and Jerry v. Esme, and it sort of did happen! That's honestly still kinda hilarious. I have been wrong pretty much every step of the way for this story but I technically got the Final Five to victor idea sort of correct, although I might be wrong for my victor choice too, but hmm... we'll see. I really did think that a mutt was following her, then you mentioned blonde and I went, OHHHH it's Jerry!

Jerry's last POV. Took me a minute to realize that as I am writing and adding to this review. Man, listening to Jerry speak the way he had been talking gave me chills... it was quite a cooling interaction, that my little positive kid from before, all the way at his reaping for District 6 turned into a killer, technically helped kill Callum, honestly has no regrets and he tried killing Esme. That was the most existential crisis I've had in my life... do I want Jerry to kill Esme and then head to victory or do I still want Esme to win at the expense of my tribute? Luckily, you made the mind up for me, haha. I'm glad Esme is still alive, and I really do think that Districts 2 and 6 have been given the full treatment by your wonderful story, and how well put together all of these kids' arcs have been. I don't think Jerry would've won anyways simply from the fact he had been a bit far removed from the action for the most part, while the Careers have been full front and center the entire time... cause damn, I called it once, in a PM back in like April, when Blake, Talia, Caroline, and Willow all bit the dust, that a Career would come out on top, and I was right!

And yeah, that was hard to read. God. That was hard to read again.

I also knew Nate wouldn't live, but damn, that was a brutal ass death for Jerry, wow he went out in a damned blaze of broken face glory. I'm glad Esme didn't stay behind to watch that. I am also kinda glad that Esme didn't land a blow on Jerry in that way... I still think she was horrified at what Nate did, as he didn't run him through with the sword and kill him easily... a face bashed in? Ouch. Ironic though, Jerry killed Caroline the same way. I was very surprised at reading Cassia's horrifying body description. It was terrifying, honestly, about the vileness of her appearance, having been so beautiful as Carolyn would've taunted. I have to say, the journeys these tributes have taken has been unbelievable and that is a testament to your wonderful work. I was also surprised that Cassia had just given up in the fight, I was so surprised to read that, that she let Nate strangle her and he would've killed her... it took me a moment to actually realize what was happening.

Esme is so damn good. Like, holy hell she is just wonderful, I'm serious. Everybody better be ruling for this gal to win, cause I am. Nate was certainly a good little villain while it lasted, but Carolyn still has my heart in terms of villainy, unless Cassia turns suddenly.

I'm rooting for Esme, you already know that. I've been rooting for her victorship for quite some time, and it is certainly going to be a chapter to read, it is going to be wonderful and bloody and amazing. I'm so excited!

Man, seeing Jerry's name flash in the sky? That was a moment. You did an absolutely unbelievably amazing job with him. Thank you so much, Romeo, for accepting him, as he was my first tribute when I submitted him to you that I truly gave a damn about, and you turned my child into something out of this world. He would've been a bloodbath, but he made it all the way to 4th and I am eternally grateful. In case you ever do make another SYOT or something, I'll be the first to add my name to the list. He survived and beat Carolyn, Ace, Callum, Weiss, Poppy, Nirvana, Oliver, Willow, Caroline, Talia, Blake, Kalista, Harvest, Violet, Eva, Trav, Cole, Weft, Pricilla, and Flint... when he might've been in Trav's spot, and it humbles me, it honestly does.

My Tribute: N/A
Rooting For to Win: Esme
Like: Cassia

No need to have the other stuff, they're all gone, haha. Esme, take it home. Keep up the amazing work! Loved the chapter! Thank you again, bottom of my heart, for Jerry's wonderful arc and your wonderful writing.

~ Paradigm
Greywolf44 chapter 53 . 11/24/2019
I’m happy to see you back! Also, congrats on the nominations, every award is well deserved and I hope you win them! Back to the story, we got a feast which should be very interesting. Esme finding the radio is huge and could help her and Ace if they use them right. I feel so bad for Callum. He got farther than I expected but he was a great character who will be missed. I can’t imagine what pain he was in, so it was for the best that Cassia mercied him. Ok, Ace’s whole POV was amazing and heartbreaking. Especially becuase he’s my tribute, I was so shocked that he was able to talk to Tiffany again and I can’t beleive it. I really hope Ace can pull off the victory, especially becuase he would have Tiffany and now a daughter to come home to. Ace, I know you can do it! The fight between Carolyn and Cassia was amazing and I really do beleive that she killed Cassia becuase I find it hard to beleive that Cassia could survive that fight, but we’ll see next chapter. I feel bad for Nate, he just watched Carolyn possibly killed the girl he cared about. Becuase of that, Nate’s back to the way he before he volunteered and that led to Carolyn’s brutal death. She was great and deadly, and I feel bad for him. Nate’s now a threat and he probably went insane, this should be interesting. Overall, phenomenal chapter as usual and I can’t wait until the next one!
TheAmazingJAJ chapter 53 . 11/24/2019
noooooooooo carolyn baby girl D:
Paradigm of Writing chapter 53 . 11/24/2019
Okay, so I basically, almost basically stayed up all night with you, for you, just to see this chapter get posted and to throw compliments your way in case you needed them. And hot dammity dog, you got a chapter out! That's incredible! We've talked some, and I am so proud of you in what is going on in your personal life and just hope you're doing okay, and you know that you always have someone to talk to if you need to, a random Internet partial-stranger.

The moment you PM'd me back - I did nominate you for what is up there for Tempestas in the SYOT Awards, as I hadn't done my nominations yet and I knew of the perfect story - my excitement and hype built. An update in six months, and we get to continue seeing what was going on with your absolutely penultimate cliffhanger last time which was brutal and visceral and hot damn wasn't this something. Hot freaking damn.

I must admit, as I am always having this happen now whenever I read your chapters, that Jerry opens the chapter a lot and my heart immediately wells up in my throat. You generally don't write their deaths from their POV - not often, but sometimes - so I know I can't be safe when I see Jerry's name and then his POV is over because he very well might die. He was a character that I put a lot of thought into, but you have molded him and cast him into pretty much, honestly, almost an anti-hero spot if his murder of Caroline was any indication, but I absolutely love him and the path he's been taken on, and it is honestly an honor to be a part of a story like this. So, final seven, Day 8, and the chapter title had me nervous as ALL HELL!

And ironically, besides Callum, my other guesses of death did not come true today, so maybe I should stop guessing lol. I read the chapter the moment you posted it, so yeah, it was definitely extremely late where I live, but I couldn't sleep because the anticipation was absolutely killing me, so I was beyond amazed and happy to see it. Let's see what we've got inside, yeah?

Jerry opening as POV again, and that is right, given the title I gave him, Setting the Chessboard, he always sets that chessboard open. Nate nearly crushed his fingers on one go around last chapter, and he got to see Ace's grisly wound, so there was that, for sure. His POV was also quite short, but I only anticipate that being there is something huge that is going to happen in his storyline between now and the end, which I am going to assume shall end in his death, but again, just guessing, especially if he wasn't the 6th place death, which he very well could have been.

Oh, Jerry, bud, I kinda wish that was true for me too... I wish you would wake up and the others were dead, as damn the Careers broke fast and hard and it was intense! But, alas, you have to fight to prove your victory and your worth. We're at 11 arena chapters, ending at thirteen, and I fully believe in him! There are some grammatical errors and typos, moreso in this one than later chapters, but obviously you've said as to why so I won't point them out unless you want me to later on. You really did betray Callum, my thoughts were right there... and actually, the alliance thing that he had did pretty much blow up in his face, trying to have all those tributes with him. Those tributes are all freaking dead, man, and he's alive and he is feeling so guilty to the point where he feels nothing. You did hit the nail on the head with it though, that I am not sure if my Kapper D6 kid is either insane or he's got his head screwed on so tight he isn't affected anymore... I'm really curious to see what happens next for him.

Well, there's my answer. A feast. Oh my freaking god a feast. Jerry is smart, as per usual, seeing the opportunities, but it is so late in the game that I still honestly believe he'd be gutsy enough to try and take something he needed and fight off a tribute as there is no way he'd be able to handle any of the Careers. I just don't see it happening, poor boy. You've got me shaking, my arms and legs are trembling, and I can't wait to move on to someone else.

Hey! Ace and Esme! My favorite platonic pairing in this story. Immediately I got Katniss and Peeta vibes from what was said, Ace begging Esme not to go. He knows he's a goner, I know he's a goner, but it's Esme, and we love Esme and she's wonderfully written and created and has stolen my heart - ironically, to be someone that I disliked and thrown all the way up to here, yeah, that means something alright - and it is so heart-warming that she honestly might be in love with him, despite knowing he's got attachments, and the two of them knowing only one of them can make it out, and I think in a moment of love it'd be Ace doing that for Esme, having her survive and win. Something I've noticed in his character arc, with the wonderful way you've been writing him, is that the moments of strength that he is able to sap up and control and use has all been for Esme now. He does it solely for Esme and getting her to survive and it is a wonderful thing to witness.

At first I thought that Esme found just one of the Careers radios but no! You pulled a fast one on me... she found Jerry's radio receiver. That is sick, that is just wicked, and she's smart, she knows where it came from, technically, and she also knows that they were spying on the Careers - oh Jerry, what have I gotten you into? I've buttered you up like a fresh lobster to be served... - and she wants to meet the little bugger? She has to know they're alive, whoever used the radio, as again, Esme is a type of savvy too... she is honestly a special type of awesome that you've created and there's never been a tribute in any of the SYOTS I have rooted for as hard as I have rooted for Esme Layton and her wonderfulness that is her character, of which, yeah, I had to nominate, because look at what you've done with her! I knew I had Valencia and Peri up for an award with it too, but I wasn't going to be selfish, your story needed to be recognized.

Cassia, oh Cassia, oh Cassia, I still get the oddest sorts of feelings about her. I like her, but then she gives me odd damsel in distress sort of vibes, but then her and Nate had a sweet kind of relationship that seemed ever so sweet - Milor and Carrion in Slaughter were practically that, and every review I got was devastated at what I did to that sweet, sweet couple of killers lol - but she can fight, as she killed Cole, but she's tender... Cassia is quite the bag of tricks. She is definitely Nate's foil, because Nate has always given me a tumultuous relationship in my feeling of whether to like, dislike, or hate him, and for the longest time I simply liked him because he hated Blake, which I feel so bad for saying! xD

You are missing some commas at the very least, like, "If Carolyn hadn't wanted to play with Weiss Cassia would be dead," there should be one, as it was a bit hard reading these sections with the lack of punctuation. Also made me realize how much I didn't miss Weiss, because wow, I didn't like her, but she certainly added flavor to the story. I do find it kind of humble for Cassia to realize Weiss would've totally killed her without Carolyn's intervention, but I am sure she's not going to go kiss Carolyn's hand as if she's kissing the Pope's ring. I think seeing a Cassia v. Nate fight would be wonderful, given I am certain both of them are alive. Although part of me thinks Cassia is dead, it seems poetic given Nate's abandonment and the fact that he has certainly gone off the deep end that she'd confront him in that messed up state. They'll fight and go down Romeo and Juliet style, and then that'd leave Esme and Jerry to stab each other to death *puts head in hands*

Yep, her humbleness and realism as to her strength and training is why I like Cassia so much. And oh, poor Callum. I kinda expected that he wouldn't be doing so hot based on what Poppy and Jerry have done to him, but god, he's suffering. The poor kid is suffering. And ew... that sounds like a piss puddle. Oh god... god moses I hadn't fully realized what was happening to poor Callum... your sickly descriptions are the best part, you are just amazing at writing sickness and suffering - that is quite the weirdest ass compliment, but I think you know what I mean. Hmm... Cassia is getting back in the game, got a spear now - I am sure knives were her specialty - and god, she has seen some shit. I can only imagine how unnerving this would be for her. I can only imagine.

I'm kinda relieved Callum is gone. None of the tributes in this story, honestly save for Willow, have had an easy journey leading up to their deaths in this arena. Blake suffered up until the end, Poppy lost her mind, Talia and Harvest were just devoured by mutts, Caroline died while holding a child, Weiss fought to the bitter end, Ollie freaking went insane... like god, there are so many mercy kills in this story because these tributes are so damn ruthless and vile to one another... cause now I am getting heavy, heavy Mortal Kombat vibes. It's a bit saddening that Callum never made an impression on me, he just was used round and round by people and ended up totally broken. I feel bad for him, but I still couldn't conjure him out of the Neutral category. I'm happy that Cassia gave him a mercy kill, I am happy that mercy is not a quality lost on her.

And oh? I thought that this was Jerry's handiwork, but I suppose Nate's violence could do it too. You are setting the stage up perfectly for a confrontation between he and her, as we haven't had a district partner brawl fight in this story, or at least I am sure we haven't; just a lot of Career fights but not one like Ace v. Weiss, Nate v. Cassia, or Esme v. Jerry... I'm anticipating one of the final two fights will happen between now and the end.

Oh, witnessing Ace slowly decay has been one of the worst parts of this SYOT, in the fact that I had never not liked his character, and here he is injured all the way back at the Cornucopia. I like that you have it so that the actions our characters take do have consequences, it is something so many writers seem to forget, at least in following the rules of Chekov's gun sort of deal. Esme doing what she's done... I think her doing that is one of the sweetest things I've ever read in an SYOT in my life, and dammit, I'd love, absolutely love to go back and add this moment to the 'Sweetest' section on the nominations... the moment would deserve it. Esme is a character chock full of life and personality and honestly, I see her as the victor choice and nothing else.

The conversation Ace had with Tiffany was... well, it promptly destroyed me. I think that it was what probably made you cry too, as to what you told me. And it made me cry. It made me absolutely bawl my eyes out with how sweet and special and lovely that was... and when Ace goes, if he isn't our sixth place, is going to destroy me. Absolutely destroy me.

Oh great. Carolyn. Just who I wanted to see. I like that every character is getting a POV in this though, as for the final seven and every character getting something, that's quite cool, actually. I've been saying it from the get-go for awhile now, however, that her, and Weiss, and Nate, just have oozing confidence out of every pore, but her confidence now, in having four kills under her belt, is a bit intense now, and Nate, who hasn't killed anyone else up to this point, I just know also really thinks the same thing, cause a Nate v. Carolyn fight is something I am anticipating, as I originally thought it'd be Carolyn v. Blake, but Blake died at 15th so there's that.

Yeah, her confidence here is starting to drain me a bit, where she's exhausting. Weiss was an easier fight because the girl was already injured, and now, Carolyn is armed to the teeth - having a lot of stuff weighs people down, in case she's not aware of that - and also, I don't think she's at the feast. Is she? And I totally forgot that the Capitol characters have no idea what happened for your Capitol storyline. President Crimson isn't alive anymore - sobs, heart is broken, sobs - and none of them know what has happened on the outside: Jerry and Esme due to the radio receiver might have very faint, very faint inklings, but I don't think much more than that. I still don't believe Carolyn is going to win, I feel it in my soul that she won't.

Oh dear, here we go. Here we go ladies and gentlemen, a fight Carolyn has wanted from the get-go, cause lord she is one jealous character, a jealousy that takes me aback. Wow. I am surprised that the feast is rigged, but given the fact that Aetius is back in the game and not Bastion, he's gonna make sure the tributes suffer like Hell on wheels here... which is surprising as I've never read about a feast where they really didn't have good items. Kinda glad I thought against Jerry going: it's a huge relief. Strapping myself in for the brutality that is going to be this fight.

Carolyn does know how to get under someone's skin. It's just a question of whether or not I feel that she's going to get five kills out of the cast here, which I don't think is going to happen, as I don't think I've ever seen that happen in a story before... that means someone's intervening and someone is going to end Carolyn's life... god she is such a great villain, I love to not like her.

I thought that immediately it was Cassia who died. But no... that can't be, she couldn't have been hit that hard in the head? She has to simply be knocked out, and since you have someone as the missing spot for sixth, I really think it is Ace that just succumbed to his wounds... or Nate killing Jerry, as there's no way Cassia died, she'd be one notified of going downhill, right? Yep, Carolyn's arrogance doesn't save her now, doesn't spare her. She should've done a spear/trident hit Jesus style to the side just to make sure, but I bet she'll be haunted by that forever.

Oh. Someone took her pack. A pack that, ironically, Carolyn didn't really need. She's also injured now, with the spear wound to the ribcage... and she's stupidly going to leave Cassia alive. Damn, excitement building!

Nate. Nate, Nate, Nate, he is going to be our final POV of the chapter and this is going to be unbelievably violent. I don't know whether or not to call him a coward. I really don't know. He isn't in love with Cassia like I was led to believe, but I don't know if that exclusively means he's a coward or a bad person for not helping her; the Careers were over at that point, and it is every man for himself, something I have to try to keep in my head whenever reading or writing pairings because they're lovely and they're wonderful but they never last.

We're gonna have a Carolyn v. Nate fight, just like I predicted a few paragraphs up. I am smiling to myself at this point. Jerry stole her pack, didn't he? Oh my god, Jerry stole Carolyn's pack! Esme was with Ace when he was on the radio, and possibly died, and Jerry stole Carolyn's pack oh my god I could just squeal with joy! And oh my god my heart froze in terror. I don't know if I want to read how violent this is going to get, because our imaginations are devilish, wicked creatures. He's good, he's smart at this game, and he believes Cassia to be dead, which I think furthers the point that we know Cassia isn't dead. I'm trembling in anticipation.

It was a front. Nate has been hiding in plain sight as the villain this entire time, when I thought it was Carolyn, Weiss, or Blake - always the Careers, damn, why is it always the Careers? - but it's him. Nate's freaking monstrous red ledger makes me believe he is going to make it to the final two. Neither he or Carolyn speak victor to me, but again, I maybe wrong. I just know Carolyn is dead meat here. He is still very upset at the minimum about Cassia's potential demise.

Oh my god. Oh my god this is the grossest fight I've ever read in my life. She ripped out his eye. She just ripped out Nate's eye! Have you been watching Game of Thrones? Was the Mountain and the Viper on TV and you've seen it since this idea came in your head? That was one of the grossest things I've ever read, and Nate reciprocated the favor, oh my god disgusting!

She's gone. She made people suffer, sure, but I still felt riddled with disgust and hatred and pure EWWWW with that. I can't possibly root for Nate anymore. I denied the signs despite them staring at me point blank in the face. I feel gross myself, and wow, that was indeed the most violent thing I've read, and I had a tribute burnt alive, one thrown onto a mirror and the shard pushed through their head and out the skull, cleaved in two with an axe, head bashed in with a rock... ugh, I am shivering. Nate is terrifying. He's an absolute monster... oh my god, just oh my god I am going to say that over and over again.

I am gonna miss the Capitol storyline. I am sure you'll have a tie-up for it, but I am trying to get over my repulsion and it isn't happening fast enough. Blegh.

My Tribute: Jerry Kapper (D6M)
Rooting For to Win: Esme (D6F)
Love: Esme (D6F)
Like: Ace (D1M)* / Cassia (D2F)
Hate: Nate (D2M)*

So, down to the final four, technically five since we don't know what the sixth cannon was for. Ace fell down to Like as I don't think I love him, not as much as I do Esme. And Nate, well, it's self explanatory. Villains are great, especially when I didn't see him hiding in plain sight, but that fight was unbelievably disgusting. That fight destroyed me and I am so glad I haven't eaten food yet, I've been spending all my time on this review since I woke up and read the chapter.

Jerry is somehow still alive, probably stole Carolyn's pack, and I think he's in the best position right now. I do believe Ace was our 6th place cannon, but since no one alive injured Ace, Esme doesn't have a vendetta against anyone. Having two districts with both partners alive, possibly, is surreal with Nate/Cassia and Jerry/Esme. Cassia isn't dead, as we would have for sure believed so, but unconscious and injured to all hell, Nate is now blind in one eye, and Esme, while violent, and while I am rooting for her to win, doesn't speak to me as a cold-blooded, sudden killer just out of nowhere, you know?

With me thinking Ace died, I think we will have a Cassia v. Nate fight, and Nate won't win it because Cassia is tired of getting her ass kicked around, plus she thinks he abandoned her, plus he's blind in one eye and is injured several times over. Jerry is going to do something, or try, and probably get mud right in his face for it, which I am fairly certain about it, and then Esme v. Cassia, both of whom are seeming like good choices for me. Oh, I am on the edge of my seat.

You came back with a bang! A damn good one! And yeah, there are typos and some grammar problems but your characterization, plot suspense, and violence was through the freaking roof! Did you write this entire thing in a day? Be proud of yourself, cause damn, it was awesome! Wonderful chapter! Wonderful job! Can't wait to see what's next, and I hope to god Jerry is still alive and kicking. Keep it up!

~ Paradigm
Booklovin'03 chapter 52 . 5/14/2019
OMG OMG OMG this chapter was so intense! I thought for sure Cassia was done for but then Carolyn came in! I did not see that coming! I’m so happy Cassia lived but everyone seems to think that she’s gonna die! I hope she continues to fight! But where was Nate? We’re they right and does Nate not care about her? This was the most amazing chapter! GREAT JOB!
Team Shadow chapter 52 . 5/13/2019
Weiss-This section is more intense than my body can handle at the moment. Romeo imma need you to not stress me out so much on this lovely monday afternoon XD
Carolyn-wow, that was...intense. Carolyn is truly insane. my poor bby had to get caught in the middle of it 3:
Jerry-Ayyy good to see he's still kicking. Weiss was right about Nate. I wonder how things are gonna play out now.
Esme-This is a cute moment, but I'm sort of surprised to see Ace giving up hope so quickly. frankly either one of them will go next, it's only a matter of time
Cassia-there's def gonna be some tension when her and Nate reunite, if they reunite. usually I have some predictions for what could happen next, but i literally have no idea whats going to happen next here.
Callum-oh callum, please don't die on me yet, please don't I really like you.
8th-Weiss Forge, killed by Carolyn Aquana: I had faith in Weiss for making it far, I even saw her winning. Unfortunately, some things aren't meant to be. as long as carolyn doesn't win I'll be much more content XD
Fantastic chapter! Update soon! Any of these last tributes can win, I wonder who will pull out on top.

Rooting For: Callum Lennon (D3M)
Love: Nathaniel Mattingly (D2M)
Like: Jerry Kapper (D6M)
Neutral: Esme Layton (D6F), Ace Platinum (D1M), Cassia Slander (D2F)
Loathe: Carolyn Aquana (D4F)
Greywolf44 chapter 52 . 5/9/2019
We’re close to the end only 7 tributes left. Cassia and Weiss’s fight was phenomenal and it was also sad since we know Nate left Cassia. Carolyn’s entrance was shocking and her fight was also phenomenal. Weiss was a great character and a real contender and I’m sad to see her go but she did phenomenal in the arena. Ace’s injury is still present I really hope he can make it out. The twist of the mountains being volcanos was shocking and I can tell they’re about to erupt. I think Cassia or Callum will be the next to go because they’re heavily injured and if the volcanos erupt, they won’t stand a chance sadly. Overall phenomenal chapter as usual and I can’t wait until the next one!
Paradigm of Writing chapter 52 . 5/9/2019
Alrighty, I have half an hour before I need to work, so I am going to get this thing started - and there will be a ton of typos so just go with it; if I don’t have any, it’s a blessing. Okay, Night 7, Night 7, Top 8... and my heart is hammering in my chest because it’s been awhile since we’ve seen these tributes and shit is hitting the fan.

I wanted Cassia to kick Weiss’s ass. Cassia, while we proven her to be extremely strong, has taken on that maiden stance in the arena a bit, since she hasn’t done a whole lot of killing since the Cornucopia, was injured for a few days, and then her time with Nate has been a pipe dream of expected love, which we all know will end tragically.

This part of the arena really makes things super bloody. Just reading this fight, with nails being scratched in their faces, and knives trying to puncture livers, the amount of cuts and scrapes and bruises they must be experiencing via, well, tumbling down the side of a rocky cliff, yeah... that’s gotta hurt. Oh Cassia... Nate isn’t coming. This isn’t the novel Hunger Games, where we a tribute we’re rooting for calls out someone’s name and they appear... that just isn’t happening.

I don’t know if I would call him a coward though, to be fair. I don’t know about that assessment. And ooh, big error there. You have Esme written as shifting on top of Cassia to get a better angle at killing her, when it should be Weiss moving. It is in the paragraph right underneath when Weiss believes Nate to be a coward. The money you mentioned Weiss getting, uh... lustful, I was like “no way, she’s having an orgasm right now!” xD Yeah, uh, totally the right train of thought there. I’m an idiot. Nothing as funny as the Caiden and Alexandra friendship t-shirts though; that’ll be forever iconic.

I’m eating breakfast and I just read the line on Cassia spitting into Weiss’s mouth... urp I nearly choked on my waffle. Grossssssss but smarttttt. You have to fight dirty in the arena, and when you’re about to lose, kick sand in people’s face, spit on them, go for the crotch, go for the head... do something!

I audibly gasped when Weiss went flying and lo and behold you mentioned the trident. For a second, I was like, who uses a trident? Carolyn does. And I completely forgot about her, I forgot about her and now I find it incredibly odd that I forgot... because I don’t like her and she’s probably going to win, isn’t she? Even though I dislike her, she’s more compelling than Weiss to me as a potential villain - there aren’t villains in the Games, just tributes you root for and don’t root for, doesn’t make them inherently evil unless they, well... torture, but I digress - and this is something I’ve wanted for awhile. Honestly, they should kiss, haha, as that is what sent the group spiraling out of control in the first place, right?

I also feel like an idiot when you mentioned cone shaped mountains and smoke billowing out of them. Uh... 9th year Earth/Space science is failing me because thats a volcano... your arena is a dormant volcano, jungle hybrid, like Hawaii, just not as lush. That. Is. Sick. It’s amazing!

Adrenaline and rage does a lot for someone, like uh... well, Weiss pulling a freaking trident out of her arm like holy freaking hell! These tributes are so damn hardcore, my god I can’t keep up with them. Her having that lasso of rope with a rock tied to it reminded me very heavily of The Witch King from Lord of the Rings, where he has this gigantic mace that can break someone’s hand if it touches... that’s what I immediately thought of, and it helped make their fight a bit more intimidating. Also... Drusus is the last name of Milor, that male tribute from Two in Sheep Led to Slaughter... we’re just getting all sorts of connections here!

Take back what I said about villains. I think she’s a villain - Carolyn - and Blake was as well; god these District 4 tributes are vile. Weiss was going to simply stabby stab Cassia and be done with it, but Carolyn, who throws away her weapon of choice, wants to prolong Weiss’s suffering, one of the only Careers in the alliance that has honestly done nothing to her; she’s simply jealous and oooooh I want to watch Carolyn burn in these volcanic eruptions.

Oooh, nasty head wound. That’s a concussion to Weiss, and a new kill - ANOTHER kill for Carolyn; how nah does she have now? Four? Five, maybe? Willow, Nirvana, Weiss, and I think two from the Cornucopia, but it might have been just one. Anyways... Weiss is dead. Killed by the villain of the arena, who is pretty unstoppable right now. She isn’t injured, except for the minor head wound that knocked her out, and everyone else besides Esme is seriously disabled or injured in some way. She might win this freaking thing.

My man Jerry! How much he has grown on me! I am so lucky and so happy that I found a good home for him in this SYOT, where you have done extraordinary things for him. Every time I see a POV of his I get extremely nervous because we’re down to the wire of the Final 8, now 7 - bye Weiss, I don’t think I’ll terribly miss you - and although Jerry has been in and through some things, he hasn’t died yet and this might be the time he dies, on this day, by something like Thor’s hammer falling from the sky. Maybe. Maybe.

I nearly just choked on air when Nate went running by. Had he crushed his hands, which could’ve broken his fingers and then Jerry would be screwed... Nate, in his haste, might have simply thought that the sound was twigs or branches snapping, nothing too incidental, but it would be Jerry’s cry of pain that would’ve definitely alerted him. My boy is luckkkkyy, and that hardly covers it all.

Esme and Ace... and I have to say, I think Ace has overstayed his welcome and he’ll be the next to go. All I really have to say here is that I found that scene touching, quite visibly. They really do care for each other in a platonic sort of way - it’s only been like, what, fourteen days total of their life? - and I found that means one of them just might live to name their child either Ace - not a District 6 name at all - or Esme. My only knowing of a woman named Esme is from Series of Unfortunate Events, books I desperately love, and this portrayal of a completely different person, completely different human being is quite touching. I’m sensing either a Carolyn or Esme victory now, someone I couldn’t even stand to now whom I really care for... and that means poor Jerry will be out of there.

Cassia simply has me heartbroken, and since she ya she heartbroken, that means she’ll die.

I feel pity for Callum, if nothing else. Pure pity and I know there’s nothing I can do, and he’s definitely going to die soon. My body tensed up reading this section, because oh my god the way you describe what dying feels like... well, it looks like Jerry’s poison might have been a 48-minute working clock, given the strange number (or was it like 24?, I’ll have to reread it) and he’s in so much pain, the passing will be painful. I’m sad about his demise, when it happens, even though my tribute did it... so should I be happy my tribute has one or two less enemies, yeah? I mean, the Careers can keep on killing each other and Jerry can save their lives via poisoning them.

How... how is Callum not dead? That seemed to me like a running to the light sort of deal and I think he should be dead lol.

My Tribute: Jerry Kapper (D6)
Rooting For to Win: Esme* (D6)
Love: Ace (D1) / Nathaniel (D2) / Esme (D6)
Like: Cassia (D2)
Neutral: Callum (D3)
Hate: Carolyn (D4)

So, my update is that Esme is now who I am tooting got to win, as she has warmed my good ole heart like crazy, and I didn’t think that was possible. I am so, so, so happy that Weiss’s plan didn’t work and instead she got inured and died - that’s pretty horrible to think about, forget I even said that - and she has now had this conversation with Ace that gives her a possible future to look forward to. Even if it means getting over Jerry’s dead body... :(

Okay, my death predictions are going to be kinda all over the place but when am I ever right about them as it is? Callum is surely dead, if not soon, so that might be the first prediction I actually get right. Beyond that, Ace is more than likely not surviving, and I am marking Cassia as good as dead. All of that will most beyond sadden me. This was a tense chapter and I’m expecting whatever is beyond that to be even more stressful.

Wonderful chapter and I’ve missed this story desperately. Can’t wait for the next one! Keep it up!

~ Paradigm
Team Shadow chapter 51 . 4/17/2019
okay hold up what now? Did Aetius just become president? Did he just kill Ziva? Wow, I can't believe it. I'm shocked. I don't know how you manage to make this story so good, but my goodness it's just so good.
All the interviews were incredible, I loved seeing different peoples perspectives on each tributes, especially Rubie and Blake interviewing for Weiss. It just made me so happy to read.
Fantastic chapter! Keep it up!

Mine: Weiss Forge (D1F)
Rooting For: Callum Lennon (D3M)
Love: Nathaniel Mattingly (D2M)
Like: Cassia Slander (D2F), Jerry Kapper (D6M)
Neutral: Esme Layton (D6F), Ace Platinum (D1M)
Dislike: Carolyn Aquana (D4F)
Team Shadow chapter 50 . 4/17/2019
Dang girl, that was a lot of unexpected. I knew their plan wouldn't go completely to plan, but like this? This shocked me. Bastion captured, Aetius alive and escaped from prison, the train leaving...ugh I wanna know what happens next! Update soon!
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