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Himawari Ash 07 chapter 28 . 9/9
Sorry, really busy RN. I'll update as soon as I can

Guest chapter 18 . 6/17
I'm for Itacest personally, or Romerica. Canmano has never made sense sice even Romano forgets Canada the only Italy to remember his name is Veneziano. So CanIta, or PrusCan. But I say leave it only at hints, and no official thing. Oh and GerBela.
Candace Thompson chapter 18 . 6/17
Thank u
Guest chapter 17 . 6/11
I like both Ameripan and AmeRuss I'm also for Canmano
And Yeeeeees SpUk at last
Himawari Ash 07 chapter 15 . 5/26
SORRY, that was a typing error.
It was supposed to say "Ameria-san" with just the l-r thing.

As for the rest, it takes about two more weeks in the story for some things to happen. Don't know how many chapters that'll take though. But I won't spoiler much more than that ;)
EloquentLady chapter 15 . 5/26
I have this sneaking feeling that Amelia will only get worse towards Lovi. Not to mention Amelia is very clearly in need a firm hand to put her back under control. Her "Pranks" might be harmless right now but what about later?

The red head you brought up when mentioning Alice's Older brother was that Scotland? Do you intend to give him a bigger role? Possibly slowly but surely fixing their realtionship?

I do hope Antonio reveals to Lovi the truth of who her mother is. In the long run, while it might bruise their realtionship bruises heal given the right amount of time.

I know it will take awhile before Matthew gets to see his mother again, but I hope the reunion will be on good terms rather then hostile.

Also, somewhere in this chapter you had Kiku call Amelia "America-san".

Can't wait to read, what is to come next.
beckyhilly chapter 14 . 5/19
I'm really enjoying this, keep updating!
Just a note about your authors note, the Royal Wedding was in St Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle, not Westminster Abbey unlike Prince Williams. Windsor is out of London, where Westminster Abby is, and most foreigners don't know much about Windsor but its beautiful there! Completely agree about the preacher though!
Himawari Ash 07 chapter 13 . 5/14
Thank you for your review!

Sorry, I’m kind of leaving you guys with more questions than answers ’ I’ll clear some things up within the next chapters. Plus I’m also still trying to figure some things about Amelia out... But she doesn’t mean bad.
EloquentLady chapter 13 . 5/13
I just love the realtionship forming between Alice and Lovina. It is nice to see that Alice is definitely not tryung to replace her children but simply forming a new bond.

Can I just say Amelia there are moments I love and hate her with this fanfic. I think her "Spy" moments are amusing with other things. But she can come off as a disrespectful brat towards her own mother. Not to mention selfish sure she would be happy if her parents got back together but Alice and Francis desire two different things and the only thing holding them together again would be there kids.. In the long run to two would be miserable. So I do hope jn the long run Alice and Amelia's realtionship is fixed because I am sure both of them have things they want to say so I hope they can work it out.

"Amelia's going to get revenge." You know Amelia your kind of jumping head first into this instead of evaluating the situation. This is going to crash and burn for you or you know completely hurt your mother's feelings whatever comes first.

I do hope eventually Matthew gets to see Alice again. Although I am a but confused as to why Matthew doesn't have a phone. Like is that ever explained somewhere in this fanfic and I read over it?

Other then that. I am excited to read the next chapter when it comes out.
Himawari Ash 07 chapter 11 . 4/29
Dear Guest

Honestly speaking, this is my first FF and thus the plot isn't to complicated... It's more about the relationship between the characters.
Some coments from my side:

Did I write something about the Italians being 2 years appart? If so, I'm sorry. They are the same age. I'll try to find the mistake and correct it.

As for the birth-certificates, maybe Lovi already checked that. But I don't think she would behind her father's back. And they wouldn't help her either.
You don't know that yet, but Lovina's papers state "Antonio Fernandez Carriedo" to be her father while her mother is labeled as "unknown".
"Roderich Edelstein" and "Elizaveta Héderváry-Edelstein" are written on Feliciana's. :P

And thanks for the feedback about the translating. I hope it's better like this. Because I really like to use the different languages in the story. If it's a longer conversation however, I'll start to translate it at the end of the chapter.
Guest chapter 11 . 4/29
It's kind of obvious why he doesn't want to talk about that topic with Lovina, and Feliciana looking remarkably like her... Lovina, you're adopted or were given to Antonio. Feliciana is your little sister, though how you are in the same grade when you are 2 years apart is beyond me, and for whatever reason you two don't know if or court ordered against informing them. You could have also requested your birth certificate which has your parents name on it.

But, Antonio doesn't want to risk losing your love.

I actually got lost in the translation. One way to fix that is to write the English translation in italic, like "Hello Papa" Matthew greeted in French. That way those who don',t speak it can understand and know that it was spoken in another language.
Bee chapter 4 . 3/27
Hello, I just found your story and found it to be immensely enjoyable :)
I can't wait to read the continuation to this fic.
As for the song, I don't know what type you exactly have in mind, but I think it might be fitting to pick something on the hardrock/punk/metal, since you mentioned wildly attacking drum beats at the start. What crossed my mind, especially considering Alice's age and Lovina's shocked reaction, is something metal like Iron Tusk by Mastodon. It has a really amazing drum intro, do give it a try.
If you want a softer one, I recommend D'yer Mak'er by Led Zeppelin.
Have a nice day!
Guest chapter 4 . 3/20
Okay,what about Idina Menzel's Queen of Swords? I think it fits perfect for her situation right now between her ex, Amelia, and herself.

Loving the story so far.
TheSilentLilac chapter 3 . 3/20
Aaaah can’t wait for more of this!
Guest chapter 3 . 3/18
Just thought you should know that this chapter is in code.
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