Reviews for Easier than Falling Asleep
OmnipotentHeroPauk chapter 19 . 3h
I really enjoy this story, since it focuses in-depth on the characters, instead of the plot. The entire story is you fleshing out everyone's character. The story is awesome!
Aprion chapter 10 . 3h
*snicker* that bit with harry running screaming down the corridor with the quill had me in stitches. Totaly hilarious XD
Marj123 chapter 32 . 9/19
I very much enjoyed this story. I thank you.
Qoheleth chapter 1 . 9/19
Dear Jacob:

Just thought I should mention: it should be "their intact, non-rubble quality". Rubles are Russian currency units.

FFX2player chapter 24 . 9/18
For someone who says they don't write action, this feels pretty intense!
TheFlowerOfTheCourt chapter 1 . 9/18
At this point in canon Harry and Luna had never met or talked to one another. There’d not be much of a reason for Luna to stop Harry in the halls and Harry shouldn’t yet know her name. Just some FYI.
FFX2player chapter 13 . 9/17
Oh well done! I love my hurt/comfort, because it's always hopeful to feel black clouds have SOME silver lining. Also yeah, Harry's level of trauma is terrifying at times...
FFX2player chapter 12 . 9/17
Dark true but the ending is awesome.
FFX2player chapter 9 . 9/17
As long as everything moves to better eventually, I don't mind sad parts. I've suffered from serious depression myself and have a wife with PTSD. Sometimes someone needs space.
walters1 chapter 32 . 9/17
This was amazing. Thank you for sharing and I hope you publish your own book someday as well.
soshulakkount chapter 14 . 9/15
LOVED the greater good line!
Luv2ReedHP chapter 32 . 9/15
Great series! Love the concepts. Nice development, nicely done. I'm dyslectic as well :). Well meet!
N Umbra chapter 32 . 9/14
That first review was meant to be for chap. 32, by the way. Great story!
N Umbra chapter 32 . 9/14
Oh my god I wrote an essay.
N Umbra chapter 28 . 9/14
Beautiful. Thank you. I've recently basically fallen in love with Luna Lovegood and this fic really brought out the best of her. I enjoyed how the story was intricately woven without being overwhelming and minimalist whilst still keeping a beautiful layer of detail.

I found myself enjoying the twists and turns of the story, though nearer the end it felt as if you'd moved on from what the original story was about and were writing something different. If you imagine your story as pieces of thread.

The first piece if thread encompasses the story until Luna comes into it. The second is Luna and her relationship with Harry. The third is the part with Voldemort in it at the end. Each of these pieces were wonderfully written but they don't link up properly. If they were were thread, they would have been hastily tied together with clumsy knots. Ideally, a story should be one long, flowing piece of thread.

The story was beautiful, yes, it just felt segmented. And I feel sentimental. I don't criticise bad fiction, by the way, I only criticise good fiction that could go even further. I nitpick and pull at every hole. It's probably the worst part of me. Anyway, apologies for blabbering. Your story was beautiful and I hope you know this and continue to write more in the future. This story is truly amazing and has touched my heart.

-N Umbra
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