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Nightsoul Distortion chapter 12 . 7/24
Wait what? i am so Damn Confused ._.
Nightsoul Distortion chapter 11 . 7/20
Wow That just... Cheeky, But Nice :)
Admirer Boy chapter 11 . 7/20
Trixie is next. Man, I forgot about her really.
But great chapter my friend. After Trixie, I may have another idea for you.
Nightsoul Distortion chapter 10 . 7/17
Chrysalis Huh... well i'll be Back for a Second *Walks out*
Impressionsguy chapter 10 . 7/17
My advice for Chrysalis? Evil. It'd be more fun that way.
Guest chapter 8 . 4/11
I still have a suggestion that I'm still hoping you can fit in. Underneath Admirer Boy's review on the review page is an apology review from a day after you deleted my first one. And I still really kind of think this Maud Pie thing needs considering and dealing with. As said before, only a few people after watching ''The Maud Couple'' think Maud secretly hates Pinkie all this time because of her constant emotionlessness. Please do consider this. I know an accusation fic/fixfic calling out Maud may not be anything to do with THIS fanfic even though it says ''alternate universe'' but no one else but me and others as said before consider this. I can assure you. It's not an theory agrument thing. Haven't you read my nice apologetic review that underneath Admirer Boy's recent one?
Impressionsguy chapter 8 . 4/11
Brilliant! Perhaps at some point you could give either one of my OCs Ivory or Sunny Side one?
Admirer Boy chapter 8 . 4/11
I'm glad you liked this my friend. She (Humming Bird) was in my mind for a long time now. I'm so happy that now she finally has her place in a story.
Keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/9
But it wasn't even a theory ARGUMENT to begin with. All I merely said was that I'm not a Maud Pie fan as much as I used to be because of her possible ''hatred'' behaviour toward Pinkie and that because this fanfic says ''alternate universe'' I thought maybe you'd care to listen to my idea of an alternate version of Maud's recent episode, consider my theory as to whether Maud's monotone behaviour means stuff I already said before that I don't want to have to repeat again, and see if it's true via fanfic/chapter. Trust me, me, Youtuber Moliminous, and the people on 4chan are the only ones who think Maud and everyone secretly hates Pinkie. No one else considers this. That's pretty much why I've been asking people to see if it's true. Now I think the only possible way you saw this as a ''theory argument thing'' ,as you put it, is because of the review you got after you deleted my nice one which had some negative stuff because I thought it was gone because you didn't like guest reviewers (kind of like other fanfic writers I've reviewed their stories on), or because I thought you were the type of fanfic writer who liked to get reviews but only ones that weren't future story/chapter ideas because people who normally constantly request things or story ideas to others often are often demanding or annoying (whereas I wasn't but this thing about Maud Pie really needs sorting out and because this site only allows you to post reviews without signing in or giving away personal information and not MAKE fanfics without signing in so that's different). So yeah, because of my assumptions, that was why my other review had a teensy weensy (yeah right) bit of ranting and raging but not because it was a theory argument or some paparazzi wanting attention like other reviewers and people who demand/request stuff to others, but because I thought maybe you didn't just didn't care no matter how polite my story idea was or that maybe you were one of those people who like Maud being expressionless and not caring if this actually meant she hated her own sister like I do. And it's true when I said I spent the whole of last year asking people to see about my Maud possibly hates Pinkie theory after watching season 7's episode ''Rock Solid Friendship'' that showed Maud and Starlight getting ''annoyed'' at Pinkie's usual antics that wouldn't normally ''hate'' her for. So again, the review you deleted wasn't a theory argument thing, it was an idea for a future part of this alternate universe/adaptations of episodes thing. Sure, the review you got shortly after you deleted my first one may have seemed like it was an argument judging by the ranting and raging but again, but that wasn't for the reason YOU thought I was *sigh* ''yelling'' about (I regret doing that now you responded but before you delete reviews, try to actually care about what the person who made said review thinks before doing something that will unintentionally hurt him/her the same way you did to me). And I only recently discovered your updated profile that said not to ask for future chapters because you don't know yourself when they'll be made (which I'm guessing is a response to the review that's now gone?) and not because you didn't care for others like I thought. Well, your sorry for inconvenience? I'm sorry for making you think this was an argument thus deleting reviews and making me rage and stuff. It's just that, I really care for Pinkie. I mean come on, me, Moliminous and everyone on 4chan can't be the ONLY ones who think Maud hates Pinkie secretly, right? All this is a harmless request for an alternate version of ''The Maud Couple'' or at least something that takes place afterwards to see our theories on Maud are true for the possible next chapter. Nothing more, nothing less. Please be fair? For everyone? I can assure you it's NOT a theory argument. It really isn't.
Nightsoul Distortion chapter 7 . 4/10
Great to be in service Friend
The Terror of Dimensions chapter 1 . 4/9
Someone sent a review asking why I deleted his guest review. Well, because I can't reply directly, I'm gonna say it in this review of my own story.

I did it, because I don't want to get into any of those theory argument things. It had absolutely nothing to do with whether you're a guest or not. So please forgive me if it's inconvenient for you, but I just don't want to go there. Sorry.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/7
Um, why did you delete my review/idea for an alternate version/adaption of Maud Pie's recent season 8 episode that actually indicates that she hates Pinkie and prefers Mud Briar more? It's because I'm a guest reviewer, isn't it. It's because you can't stand story ideas/requests from any and possibly reviewers no matter how nice they are, isn't it. It's okay. I can take it. I know when I'm not wanted. Why should you care if it took me the entire of last year to find someone to find out if my theory about Maud hating Pinkie via fanfic/story for me? It's not like you deleting my nice idea will upset me or anything. You know what? FINE! Go ahead! Hate me! Harass me! Troll me! Accuse me for being a troll even though I'm not! Bully me just because I'm a guest or because I'm the only one who thinks Maud hates her own sister! It's not like you'd care about their relationship or what others think about they're relationship anyway after recent episodes! It's not like this recent episode of season 8 has a scene showing Maud telling Pinkie that she dislikes/hates her parties/her and makes her cry and move back to her rock farm or anything (because it so DOES! See for yourself! Search watch?vVxxhqXM6fdc). And it's not just me who thinks Maud/everypony else in existence hates Pinkie/gets annoyed with her whenever they're around her. Even youtuber Moliminous thinks everyone/Maud pretends to like Pinkie when he made a ''Everything Wrong With'' parody of this episode. Search watch?vqhTSCkzKstc! Just please! This recent episode completely proves Maud hates Pinkie really! Go ahead! Hate me all you want! Hate me because you think my theory on Maud is stupid! Why don't you watch Moliminous's recent ''Everything Wrong With'' video on Youtube and ask HIM if Maud really hates Pinkie considering the fact somewhere in the video he asked to himself if everypony was just pretending to like Pinkie? I know people say there are things that are better left unanswered but Maud Pie here? Dear god, I spent the entire of last year asking people if I'm right about her hatred toward Pinkie and they dismiss me like a bunch of bullies and racist people! Don't. Delete. Anyone's. Reviews. Please?!
Admirer Boy chapter 6 . 4/2
I like this pairing. Starlight is my fevourite of reformed villains. Maybe that's because her unique attitude. Anyways a well done chapter. "Thumbs up"
Nightsoul Distortion chapter 6 . 4/2
i'm glad to help
Nightsoul Distortion chapter 5 . 3/31
interesting yet Great Chatper
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