Reviews for Eternal
Zoe Daughter of Artemis chapter 23 . 7/26
Guest chapter 23 . 6/19
Syenous chapter 12 . 6/20
i dont like how they taking advantage of his loyalty fatal flaw to get him to do sh*t
Syenous chapter 7 . 6/20
like that ares is pog and not sh*t
Syenous chapter 3 . 6/20
so is percy zombieman from opm?
TheDesertFox12 chapter 23 . 6/19
I quite enjoy your stories and you writing and would like to know if you have a discord server. If so, how can I join or what is the link/code? If not, I recommend you make one or join a fandom/community discord server, such as The Emerald Library, as they are a great way to reach out to and converse with readers and fellow writers.
MaverickHunter18 chapter 20 . 6/12
Ah, there you go again, teasing me with the Pertemis. You cruel (but brilliant) author
Tilty.bbb chapter 23 . 5/26
This was a fantastic read well done
chriskidd2001 chapter 23 . 5/14
Man alright love the story
chriskidd2001 chapter 22 . 5/14
Well just take your time
chriskidd2001 chapter 21 . 5/14
That is so cute and adorable Percy and Sally finally meet she knew of him and they all three had dinner Percy cooked it and have Theseus a Phone Lined with Celestele bronze to keep monsters away and he needs to deal with a Immoral on the roof
chriskidd2001 chapter 20 . 5/14
Yeah Percy Kick some Ass as a Teacher don't tolerate anything
chriskidd2001 chapter 19 . 5/14
Well that was interesting Percy explained why he loves her as a daughter never hurt her and Artemis he loved her and Hestia he was lying to make sure she is in the right head space
chriskidd2001 chapter 18 . 5/14
Well that is nice to see and hear Percy cares for Both Athena and Artemis that is cute and he has a Butler named Jonathon
chriskidd2001 chapter 17 . 5/14
Oh boy this isn't gonna be good Theseus visited Percy to talk Annabeth ease dropping Hebe asked him to see if her Naiad friend is alright Chiron send Theseus to bed confront Annabeth finds out about the Prophecy and is pissed off about it
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