Reviews for Marvel at this Shinobi's Tale
HI chapter 30 . 3/2
thanks for updating wandavision had me in a marvel mood
Beastyd22 chapter 30 . 3/3
Cool chapter man keep it up thanks.
itzgatt chapter 30 . 3/3
Ah, Naruto got KCM now huh? That makes thing very much different and it's going to be hype when he engages Thanos or I guess Thanos will send the Black Order first and they get their asses handed to them. One thing I really like is how you added the X-men and other mutants into this. I also see that you have actually planned something after Thanos' eventual defeat which is going to be Galactus.

Well, I'm interested in seeing how your going to handle that guy and how you're going to bring Natasha back? Actually, is she coming back? I hope so because her and Naruto's relationship was nice and I don't want it to end :_:

Keep it up man, can't wait to see the reactions of others to Naruto's new form.
demon87 chapter 30 . 3/2
very super
NinjaFang1331 chapter 30 . 3/2
Excellent job
NaruLemon Stories chapter 30 . 3/2
Hehe nice chapter but i wanted to see good conversation between kushina and naruto and maybe some jutsu about how to use chakra chains
Darth revan1998 chapter 30 . 3/2
I can't wait to read more about this awesome story
Roseta12 chapter 30 . 3/2
I don't know what it is, maybe the fast paced of the battle, the dialogue, or both, but I did not like this chapter.
uchihaclan27 chapter 29 . 2/26
Another Awesome Chapter keep up the good work
Guest chapter 21 . 2/24
Nothing like turning a franchise that's like 4 days of watching into 3 hours of reading great job
Guest chapter 29 . 2/24
Bro the only thing that's been bothering me is, where is Steve at? Is he dead or will he return?
Guest chapter 29 . 2/24
Please add a warning: crak-fic. I don’t have a problem with them, but it would be nice to know that before i start reading it.
Jalon chapter 29 . 2/22
keep it up bro
Shadow chapter 29 . 2/21
Loved it!
idk3 chapter 28 . 2/21
great job keep it up
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