Reviews for Lights of Remnant
sonicflash78 chapter 68 . 9/15
Hey Quillion it sonicflash78 here Impress that u manage to snag mercury form cinder or is it an undercover gig,can't really tell also quick question How will Sakura(Daughter) fair in her future battles and can u give a hint to her weapons/or Semblance.
Lelouch of Zero chapter 68 . 9/15
Every time the Order makes a move on Cobalt, I wonder if they will succeed in bringing him before his mother. Will they ever succeed? Or will he continue to push through each attempt? Only time will tell, but in the meantime I look forward to seeing how this little “game” plays out.
Lelouch of Zero chapter 67 . 9/15
I knew Mae was acting weird! It was too suspicious that she suspected a traitor yet not only did nothing to deal with them, but also gave said possible traitor guard duty over their only way out. Not to mention that the Order conveniently grabbed ONE more villager in order for her to find there hideout. I can’t even say it’s Cobalt’s fault for being too trusting, cuz how could he have possibly known, although her ignoring the runes was another red flag.
AshuriIncarnate chapter 67 . 9/13
Nice little nod to 'merlot industriesClever little Easter Egg for those who know of Grimm Eclipse.
Lelouch of Zero chapter 66 . 9/10
Well, if nothing else, Port died fighting like a hunter, I can’t imagine he’d rather go out any other way. On the other hand we got to learn a bit more about Calem’s origins, he’s certainly makes for an interesting villain.
Hades chapter 64 . 9/8
I just wanted you 2 see this when I read the chapter when coco wanted to keep coalt did you get that from the true gingershadow?
Lelouch of Zero chapter 65 . 9/10
I really enjoyed how this chapter hammered home, that you should never be complacent with the skills you have and that you should always keep growing. Leave it to Cobalt to change the views of those he meets, for better or worse. I loved the family moments with Jaune and his sisters, regardless of how short they were. Another awesome chapter! I look forward to the next one.
Lelouch of Zero chapter 64 . 9/8
The last few chapters have been really good, both the happy and the sad were all well written. I think Mars and Weiss would make a pretty sweet couple. It’s been really interesting watching Merc going through the process of learning what real friends are and how much that seems to make him question himself. Honestly I’m kinda in the same position as CR in terms of how I feel about Yatsuhashi’s sacrifice, simply because he’s not a very prominent or flushed out character. I loved seeing Jaune’s legendary seven sisters, they certainly are a colorful bunch. Awesome chapters!
Guest chapter 12 . 9/5
Are you aware that Schnee is literally the German word for snow? That confused me up there with Mr. Snow.

And we got pink haired Sakura, silver haired dude with Chidori as well. Well, at least Cobalt didn't shout that he want's to become 'the strongest huntsman ever, believe it'.
Then there's Ichigo with his bandaged sword.

I like your references, although they ain't subtle. :D
D3F4LT chapter 64 . 9/7
so I got a question for you... and I do believe that I speak for a good bit of your viewers or readers when I say how many parts do you PLAN on having for this arc by that I mean how many chapters do you have in mind for this part of the story?

also i am happy knowing I motivated someone too keep on writing so...thanks for making someone depressed feel good about themselves.

see ya later (or in the next chapter)
D3F4LT chapter 63 . 9/6
how you write these chapters never ceases to amaze me somehow and to keep this short I will just say this...never change your format (if you have a format) and keep on writing
Guest chapter 8 . 9/5
A great read so far, I'm enjoying it quite much. And with the double-sized katana, I think you mean an odachi, no?
AkzMoMo chapter 62 . 9/5
You did it, you're the first ons to make me cry over the death of a character
Lelouch of Zero chapter 61 . 9/5
I didn’t expect Cinder to practically hand Mercury over to the good guys like that, she obviously overestimates his fear of her. I wonder how Cinder plans to disguise Adam so that Blake and Cobalt won’t recognize him, Neo’s semblance maybe? Awesome chapter, though I admit that Cobalt’s final attack is quite the mouthful.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/1
But... grimm dont only attack in hordes, its more they randomly wander in most of the time, until an intellligent one rounds then up that is. How does one guard coming back blooded immedately mean grimm horde anyways, it could be just one grimm, or maybe he killed them all already, or maybe its bandits, or maybe a dust accident and he fell down a cliff.
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