Reviews for Growing New Wings
goddess7533 chapter 27 . 5/9/2018
AMAZING CAKEY! YOU UPDATED YAHOO! I LOVE YOUR WORK! (sorry 4 too many exclamation marks XD)
*squeals happily* I've set up my account to email me whenever you update, I'm usually one of the first to read *grins*
Thanks for being an amazing person!

xx goddess7533
P.S. I wasn't bothered to log in, that's why this is a guest review XD
Guest chapter 27 . 5/9/2018
KAILEX! KAILEX! KAILEX! *cheering crowd*
Guest chapter 27 . 5/9/2018
AWWWW! This is so amazing! I’m having a really crap day and you just made it all better, so thank you so much!
child of dionysus chapter 26 . 5/3/2018

I am a loyal TMC FanFiction follower for life
Seagull88 chapter 26 . 5/3/2018
Ohmygodihateyousomuch! You better not leave this cliffhanger for long or I swear I’ll hunt you down!
Seriously though, it was phenomenal as per usual.
goddess7533 chapter 26 . 5/3/2018
Gimme chapter 25 . 5/2/2018
Gimme more
Guest chapter 25 . 5/1/2018
I am obsessed with this story! I relate to bear so much even down to the job!
child of dionysus chapter 25 . 5/1/2018
Can you write a fanfic Karter POV? That would be cool, especially because Declan and Kaiden are trying for apprenticeship with him.
Kailex chapter 25 . 4/30/2018
I want- NEED a kailex chapter, you’re the first story on daaysss. Please write some more it’s sick, and remember if you don’t wanna die, don’t break kailex up! :D
Seagull88 chapter 25 . 4/30/2018
Ooooooooooh, what a great chapter! And stironnigan too, YAY! My life is complete!

Maybe in your other fic a chapter from Kaiden about the anniversary of his parents death?
goddess7533 chapter 25 . 4/30/2018
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! CAKEY THIS IS SO GOOD!
BigBear chapter 1 . 4/28/2018
Bro, you haven’t written one in a while.
I’ve been waiting and I’m so excited to see your next piece.
Hope all is well and that the next chapter comes through soon,
From a very anxious fan of your writing.
child of dionysus chapter 24 . 4/26/2018
Omg I love your writing! I have been following your chapters and I love your twists and unique way of EVERYTHING .

Have you read Noni’s new book, Whisper? It’s a different series, but it was amazing! I read it in just over 6 hours, but don’t worry— it is just as long as any of the TMC books. You should read it!

If you have, then I expect some fan fiction pronto!

- - Sir Camden
child of dionysus chapter 14 . 4/24/2018
Very... engaging. I like it, but why did you have to kill Jack and Rachel? Those conniving match makers should live a long life full of mummy and old dead people. (wow, that sounds weird)
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