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niktmare chapter 13 . 11/19/2018
I finally read all the chapters and must say I'm in love! Everett's great, I enjoy reading about him and his moments with Cal are just priceless! From the girls I like Bella and Kalee the most, but all of them are interesting (I hope Lena'll make it far, I wanna see what else she has in mind :D). Can't wait for next chapter!
Princess of Ash and Snow chapter 13 . 11/17/2018
I love this story! It's so well written and so interesting! Please update soon!
dreamerdash chapter 13 . 11/17/2018
Maggie and Eleanor are such a sweet pair of girls. I’m glad they found comfort in each other. Hopefully Eleanor could feel her mother’s warmth and have a great journey in this selection too. Her mother’s journal sounds interesting. I like how you incorporated an entry there. Good work!

Celia and Callum seems like an interesting pair. I’m interested to see more of them. Though it’s only a small scene, but I think they have potentially good chemistry there ;)

I see drama coming from Isla and Bella! I can’t wait to see Everrett’s reaction to that. That would be interesting to see!

Thank you for your update! I’m excited to see how you bring this story further. Please don’t feel pressured to do your story in a certain way. Follow whichever creative direction your instinct is telling you :)
Slytherwitch chapter 13 . 11/16/2018
I truly am blessed with how much you are writing Bella. She is my favorite girl I've ever submitted and she is getting a ton of screen time.
I can't wait to see what the press says and what Magdalena (Is that her name? I'm terrible at remembering names.) does for revenge.
tyozzie123 chapter 13 . 11/16/2018
I liked this chapter. Although, feeling a little threatened for Cal and Kalee. But I like the little understanding between Isla and Bella, I think that will be interesting.
a singular dream chapter 13 . 11/16/2018
Hahaha you did it. xD Gg on including the line.

Are we getting a love triangle between Callum, Celia and Kalee? I love it. :) Especially Celia figuring stuff out. Uuuh.

So, yeah, I. Want. More.
Doctor Kay Strange chapter 12 . 10/20/2018
OMG I've been caught up with BA, I just keep forgetting to review. My bad! Anyway, love this chapter! The girls getting ready together kinda reminds me of prom-ish when you get ready with your friends. It's super fun. Lena being condescending is my fav, those are my kind of characters hahah. Kalee's so cute and her interaction with Cal in this story is so sweet. I just love it. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU PUT IN THE NATIONAL ANTHEM THING OMG HAHAH IT'S AMAZING! Props to you man. Barton overstepping kinda makes sense, since he'd technically be a journalist (right?) but there are some things that shouldn't be revealed to the public. I'm not gonna get to technical, though. Love the story and can't wait for the next update!
Abizeau chapter 12 . 10/20/2018
i loved this chapter!
i really love how you write your story with some different POV's and so much drama! some people (me included) just ramble off the report with simple questions, but you really brought that deeper! i'm impressed!
and damn, that's already the last chapter updated. can't wait for the next one! don't be too long
Abizeau chapter 11 . 10/20/2018
the first part was fun with Cal, Ev and Kaylee! and i'm glad the brothers made up!
Jonathan is really an abusive father and husband. I hope he gets dethroned haha.
Abizeau chapter 10 . 10/20/2018
that first scene was so sad, but i'm glad Cal was there to pick his brother up... and the date with Bella was really sweet and fun!
Abizeau chapter 8 . 10/20/2018
i loved the interviews! it was so creative and funny! and the scene between Kalee and Cal was great, too! I wish i had a library like that with princes just showing up! XD
dreamerdash chapter 12 . 10/19/2018
Loving Fallon’s way of thoughts here. She’s being so positive and mature about the whole thing. She’s such a cool girl. Kalee seemed like a sweet girl. She seemed a bit fragile in this chapter. I hope she survives well. I might be reading a bit too much in here, but her thoughts and self doubt makes me worry about her. And I know it’s terrible, but I’m loving the drama and intensity of the report! If I were Barton, I’d fear for what’s coming from Jonathan’s wrath afterward. He better brace himself. I’m curious to see what you planned next. Yeay! Can’t wait! I hope you keep getting inspired!
IndianaNovak chapter 12 . 10/19/2018
I loved the girls helping each other get ready! And I love the respect and understanding Fallon has for all the girl no matter what (but I guess I’m bias). But poor Fallon, she was clearly an easy target for the Report, a world where everything she does is public is something she’ll have to get used too. I doubt she’ll ever forget this new but harsh lesson on being careful which how she says things and who she says them too.

And for Kalee and Cal whatever is blooming between them I’m in love with.
tyozzie123 chapter 12 . 10/19/2018
I liked this chapter, lots of juicy drama! I like Fallon and Alise, they both seem very sweet. AND is Kalee crushing?! Ahhh! I love it! And yes, Barton certainly did bounds. Keep up the good work!
Abizeau chapter 5 . 10/19/2018
i really love how you portray the girls! they're all so different, and you really showed their differences ;) and on another note, i love your writing style! it's fluid, and i really like reading it! :) bravo!
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