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GuesT chapter 41 . 4/2
Rats! of course it is Hades. You've made him out to be very similar to Itachi being an Older brother with the mindset of protecting his Greek Family. Making Hades maybe sympathetic to Itachi seeing himself as someone very much like him. Still though, can't help but feel there might be a touch bit of Danzo's mindset in Hades (Eery feeling). Still though maybe a theory but you are making it out that Hades will be manipulating Itachi for his own goals yet at the same time, I would say God of the Bible foresaw this and countered Hades' plans not stopping it but doing something else to make things not go the way Hades wants them to (Probably). Also good take on Hades. Not many stories about him and the ones that are, mostly show him in a good perspective (except Persephone's abduction but later stories said they came to love and then rule together also yes, not much is known about him but it's all about "those who live to tell the tale".
Also Hades being the Unseen one was also discoverable via Google. All this talk about being able to destroy Entire countries, planets and Universes makes me feel you are going DBZ or Saint Seiya with this. The deal with the Nine Realms is and understandable but it feels weird that None of them have bothered to go out into the cosmos of space or another dimension and make their own cities, domains whatnot as since you are talking about Universal destruction capabilities, it would feel like space travel is involved somewhere in that. personally iT feels weird like how in the DR Who concept, he can go anywhere in time & space but is always obsessed with modern day London (flaw). If it ain't Hades then you are just making a very similar person to him with his Invisibility Helmet (Unseen One)
Anyway, very compelling writing you are doing and great improvisation on the lore.
DarkReaderSeiin chapter 41 . 4/2
Que capitulo tan increíble, nunca decepciona leer tus historias. Todas las peleas fueron muy buenas, pero que puedo decir Damian es de mis favoritos y su pelea fue mi favorita. Sentí como si fuera una referencia su último ataque, fue muy el estilo de Simon. Espero el próximo capítulo con muchas ansias, sin duda esa pelea final será lo mejor. Ya quiero ver qué pasará porque no tengo idea de quién pueda ganar, confío en Itachi pero se ve muy difícil.

Mucha suerte en todo Bro, espero te vaya muy bien hasta la próxima actualización.
velniar341 chapter 41 . 4/1
really? you drop 2 bombshells f a chapter only to end it with another big cliffh? are you having a sadistic period right now? well, thanks for the chapters though. my favorite scene was the bits with Damian making all men and gods of culture saluting. I even unconsciously saluted as well shedding tears from laughing too much.
RAIZARO chapter 41 . 4/1
let him use mangekyo power
accel47 chapter 40 . 4/1
Part 2 plisssss ️
Pandorawriters1605 chapter 41 . 4/1
great chapter! thank you for gor double update!
RazerGamer501 chapter 41 . 4/1
RazerGamer501 chapter 40 . 4/1
Bro let him cook
Guest chapter 39 . 3/24
update please
Jxgod chapter 37 . 3/17
police brutality is going to reach a whole new level once officer itachi sitri, a devil god with the power to create universes joins the ranks isnt it lmao. nah fr tho im still not over that, this is honestly like a scientist finding the cure to cancer using his skills to work in retail. if he wants to be a police officer he couldve taken it to the next level and strong armed his way into creating a force that monitores the entire supernational world. make sure that the peace he intends to create is kept by everyone, as there will always be troublemakers. working in one small town in one small country of a single HUMAN realm when thesers and entire multiverse is absolutely insane.
Jxgod chapter 37 . 3/17
if behemot isnt satan class then pretty much all the sins should be superior or at least be equal to him in power. why is he running his mouth?
Jxgod chapter 36 . 3/17
rinnegan is not impossible. oh hell yes! this is why I love ANs.
Jxgod chapter 36 . 3/17
honestly I dont see itachi taking up a job in the human world. seems weird to me. none of what he would do acting as a human would actually matter in any shape or form. not to mention that hes a pretty much immortal devil/god hybrid hed have to change jobs every decade simply because he dosent age. Dont see this being sustainable after a couple centuries. honestly he should just embrace the ways of the house husband. acting the family man and raising the numerous children hell end up having with his harem.
Jxgod chapter 35 . 3/17
so its either destruction for the gods or for the devils? honestly good ridance for the gods. like 98% of the fucking suck ass. the greek pantheon are all monsters and the norse in this story arent much better. at least the devils here have the capacity for change. cant say the same for the gods
Jxgod chapter 34 . 3/17
damnit I though this couldnt get any more badass and then bob comes around and completely steals the show. making mjolnirs twin his bitch. honestly atp damian needs some sort of buff too, all other peerage memebers have real potential and ability to reach godly levels of power. I dont see damian being able to get up there just yet.
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